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    Abyssal Ruler thumbnail

    Abyssal Ruler

    "If they wanted me gone, why not delete my emotions?"
    Because of them, I remember everything—and feel fear.

    "I know. It's because I'm nothing more than a tool for
    people to drown in their fantasies."
    Their eyes hold no blame. No hate. The meaning goes unknown.

    "I understand that no one understands me."
    But when I do, who am I supposed to be?
    Abstract Pupil thumbnail

    Abstract Pupil

    I go to school. I study. I laugh with friends.

    I tell Dad every single thing that happened today.
    My life is so much fun. I'm a normal high school student.

    I break the law to make money. I hate him so much.
    I want him to ■■■.

    I hide so much of my life from Dad. Everyone has secrets.
    I'm a normal high school student, after all.
    Guardian Boor thumbnail

    Guardian Boor

    Yu13:0 - Pure Guardian

    In all turns of his life, he lives in sin. In a life lived
    upon rocky seas, upon sand-chafed lands, he chooses
    to survive by dirtying his own hands.

    But perhaps his heart is as smooth and pure as silk.
    He lives life following his wants, choosing to drown
    himself in the brilliant darkness of his own avarice.
    Divine Assassin thumbnail

    Divine Assassin

    How many times have I heard. Have I seen.
    How their words fade into the air. Drown in fresh blood.
    Is someone there. Is someone present. Yes.
    If so, there is no reason for me to exist in the same space.


    May salvation come to those who wait for it.
    May punishment come to those who need it.
    We worship. We pray.
    We believe she who sits on the heavenly throne is listening.
    Mechanical Pupil thumbnail

    Mechanical Pupil

    The girl dreams.

    She dreams of a far future where she is an android soldier on
    a ruined Earth. She vows her loyalty to humanity, wielding her
    blade beneath the blazing sun. Her sole purpose for existing is
    to fight. She acknowledges this. And yet, she hopes for a future
    that does not involve battle, a distant day she can spend with
    the person she cares for above all others.

    If she is not to show emotion, she never needed a heart in
    the first place. If her sole purpose is to cut down the enemy,
    all she ever needed was a blade.
    Frozen-Heart Beast thumbnail

    Frozen-Heart Beast

    The boy takes the hand of the injured girl and runs.
    They run and they run, all so he might take her away
    from everything that causes her hurt.

    He believes there is a place she can live without pain.
    But a child's destructive urges are nothing before an adult.
    They scream for help. They yell in rage.
    But none of it reaches the adult's ears.
    Now, alone in a dark room, the boy's imagination runs wild.
    He sees himself as a monster that destroys everything.

    "I'll be reborn into a monster strong enough to save my friends."
    Mechanical Student thumbnail

    Mechanical Student

    The boy dreams.

    He dreams of a far future where he is an android soldier on a
    ruined Earth. His soft skin is warm like a human's. His delicate
    heart is full of human emotions. Yet his life is a far cry from
    what humanity's once was. He dies over and over and over again,
    yet always comes back to life and continues to fight.

    He would be willing to give his life for what he cares about
    above all else. But an android's life is cheap currency,
    one that can purchase nothing of value.
    Abstract Belle thumbnail

    Abstract Belle

    Shock. Sadness. Despair.
    Memories of that day will stay with her forever.
    Never will she be free of them.

    No one notices her tears as they gush forth.
    Like a river. Like a spring. Like the endless ocean.
    Creating tiny pinholes in the desiccated earth below.
    Guardian Songstress thumbnail

    Guardian Songstress

    Ma4:16 The Recordkeeper

    Those praised and sung of. Those swindled and spoken of.
    Stories and truths are not always suited to the person,
    be they fool or sage. Perhaps it is an sad misunderstanding.
    Perhaps an elaborate scheme. But those left behind are free
    to interpret what information remains as they wish.

    We cannot pry the truth from the dead, and so records fade.
    Pieces of history vanish. People begin to recount them as
    heroic tales and fables. They do so that their glory might be
    everlasting—and so their sins will never repeat.
    Alternate Lad thumbnail

    Alternate Lad

    The meaning of life. Ecstasy for all. Delight.

    Such things exist only at the end of the fight with the Shades.
    This is why I kill them. I kill, and I kill, and I kill.
    I will kill them all so I might live alone in this empty world
    in all of the tomorrows to come.

    Flowers bloom at my feet, white and beautiful.
    I feel I've seen them before, but can't remember where.

    Yet my heart clenches. It remembers for me.
    Alternate Battler thumbnail

    Alternate Battler

    There is a party in the Bunker today. We are celebrating
    our great victory over the machine lifeforms.

    We YoRHa are not allowed to have emotions, yet we
    are celebrating a victory? I find this very strange.

    ...Hmm? You need to speak with me, 9S?
    You want to leave this boring, stupid party?
    I agree. Let's go.
    Abyssal Captain thumbnail

    Abyssal Captain

    "I never want to lose a comrade again."
    Is that meant to be your atonement?

    "I will protect them all—no matter what."
    Struggle all you like; the lost will never return.

    "What life I have left I give to my comrades."
    Yet nothing will ever release you from this hell.
    Reborn Prodigy thumbnail

    Reborn Prodigy

    This is the story of a girl who fought in a divergent reality.

    This girl belongs to an important organization. She boards
    a warship that is transporting precious cargo, but on the way
    to their destination, the ship is attacked by abominations.
    The girl uses all the battle techniques she knows as she fights
    to protect her allies, but to no avail.

    She is injured. Her allies perish. Water fills the ship.

    As the vessel sinks to the sunless depths of the sea,
    she and her exposed secret drown in the delight of battle.
    Reborn Reject thumbnail

    Reborn Reject

    This is the story of a boy who fought in a divergent reality.

    The boy belongs to an important organization. He heads out
    on a mission with a squad of other rejects, and despite facing
    enormous monsters and terrible disease, he is somehow
    rescued from the jaws of death.

    But when he returns to the organization, he learns a terrible
    truth: the harrowing circumstances of their mission had all
    been a part of the their plans—their deaths included.

    As the moon shines above in a cool, brilliant blue, the boy—
    now ruler of the monsters—begins his quest for revenge.
    F-H Contractor thumbnail

    F-H Contractor

    An eldritch white tower pierces the heavens.
    The woman is greeted by the sight of her late sister.
    How long has she prayed for a dream that can never come true?
    Yet here she is. Her quiet voice. Her precious face.

    But fate will not let the woman indulge in dreams.
    Instead, she is given a choice of the most extreme kind.
    In her melancholy, she grasps her sword tightly.
    For she will not permit this tragedy to repeat itself.

    "I will forsake my happiness—and my pain—to become a weapon."
    Fractured Songstress thumbnail

    Fractured Songstress


    Celebratory Pupil thumbnail

    Celebratory Pupil

    Wow, talk about sudden. But, well, I guess that would be...
    my little brother. Sometimes I think back on how my dad and
    brother would smile at each other when they liked the same stuff.
    Gee, maybe I wasn't the one who made Dad happy...
    Celebratory Captive thumbnail

    Celebratory Captive

    I suppose if I had to answer, I'd say, "The entire life I've
    lived." I've had very few moments I'd genuinely call happy,
    but there was definitely some light there.
    Guardian Belle thumbnail

    Guardian Belle

    Sar3:0 - Guardian of Secrets

    The people came in droves to confide in one woman their troubles.
    They complained, spoke of love, and confessed their hopes—all
    while the woman listened in silence. She listened to every heave
    and groan the people kept secret in their hearts, and because of
    it, they looked to her with expectations of their own salvation.
    And when she gave it to them, it fulfilled her own desires.
    For only she knew the delight of the people's annihilation.
    Celebratory Student thumbnail

    Celebratory Student

    A strange and sudden question. But I suppose that would be...
    my older sister. She's brilliant. I close my eyes and see her
    on the back of my eyelids. And no matter how much I try to
    keep up with her, I never can.