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Abyssal Assassin thumbnail

Abyssal Assassin

"...What do I even say about myself now?"
You are the demon who knows only death, yet you ran.

"And now she's involved. She certainly got the wrong idea!"
Think of all the lives you never touched.

"Yes. I only know how to kill."
Which means there is one thing I must do...
Scheming Justice thumbnail

Scheming Justice

A wise boy who can manifest Robin Hood, a persona that
carries a greatbow. A good young man with a gentle demeanor,
he wields his deductive reasoning and high intelligence as his
true weapons. While he doesn't fit in with the rest of the Phantom
Thieves, he seems to be working with them for the moment.
His true intentions are shrouded in mystery, and his kind words
occasionally betray an edge that never misses the mark.
Virtuous Priestess thumbnail

Virtuous Priestess

A girl from another world who rides the motorcycle persona,
Johanna. With her stoic personality and strong sense of
responsibility, she acts as the reliable brain of the
Phantom Thieves. Her crude style of fighting serves as a
stark contrast to her usual calm, respectable disposition.
Caged Rebel thumbnail

Caged Rebel

A boy from another universe who leads the Phantom Thieves of
Hearts and wields the power of the Wild Card—an ability that
lets him use multiple Personas. A quiet sort, he tends to leave
a calm, aloof impression, and yet his heart is home to strong
conviction. Joker is his codename when operating with the
Phantom Thieves; his true name is something else entirely.
Insightful Emperor thumbnail

Insightful Emperor

A handsome boy who controls Goemon, a persona with debonair,
eye-catching clothes. Despite his looks, Fox has rather unique
sensibilities, and often confounds those around him by always
marching to the beat of his own drum. But the members of the
Phantom Thieves place their unwavering trust in him, and he
responds by making earnest, calculated decisions for his friends.
Lacrima Monster thumbnail

Lacrima Monster

Become human. Can I exist for that alone?
Eat dreams. Is this my only reason for living?
If this was instinct, then brush this
just I could off
hunger. But I
W more that want her.
h I than see
y have now.
to ?
Abyssal Exile thumbnail

Abyssal Exile

"Many name it evil to take the life of another."
They use their dreams and ideals to justify themselves.
"But clashing justice brings that about as well."
Someone will shed tears over it regardless.
"Then what is the difference between justice and evil?"
They're the same. Same as why blood runs in battle.
...Same as what I did.
Celebratory Ruler thumbnail

Celebratory Ruler

Well, that is certainly abstract. But if this is to help
one find their path in the dark, then I would say "numbers."
Taking risk-benefit ratios and necessary time into account,
I always choose the most efficient path.
Celebratory Werebeast thumbnail

Celebratory Werebeast

To me? Oh, that would be her.

She's the reason the world is so bright. It's because of her
that there is so much warmth. But the longer I watch her,
the more my heart aches...
Celebratory Songstress thumbnail

Celebratory Songstress

It must be..."a smile"?

I'm sorry, that isn't a particularly interesting answer.
And yes, I get upset like anyone else in my line of work,
but that doesn't change my answer. When I see people smile,
I'm always glad that I started doing what I'm doing.
Celebratory Assassin thumbnail

Celebratory Assassin

Good question. I don't know. Can't say I'm familiar with
the concept—but if I had to answer, I would say "wounds."

Ah, but it's all so far out of my reach; much too bright
for me to look at, or even think about for too long.
Frozen-Heart Princess thumbnail

Frozen-Heart Princess

On a distant spring day, at a ruin in full bloom,
a strange monster appeared before a little girl.
He was an illusion born from her lonely mind, and a true friend.
Though the world hated them, they had each other always,
and together they danced atop the brilliant blossoms.
These treasured memories have all vanished from her mind now.
Occasionally she is drawn to the ruin where she met the monster.
When she goes there, waves of a feeling she does not understand
wash over her heart. It is a thing somewhere between warmth and
utter loneliness, and she is ever swayed by its tides.

"Even though I'm alone, I sometimes feel like I'm not."
Guardian Soldier thumbnail

Guardian Soldier

La 23:1 - Guardian of the Front

Here and now, a warrior's life ends.
I know not his name.
I know not his reputation.
I know not his wealth.
I know not the path he trod.
I know not why we have met.
But I know he had love, and that he fought for it to the end.
And I am the only one who knew this love.
Bloody Captain thumbnail

Bloody Captain

I wanted to see you.

I thought I would never have to turn back.

I screamed, fearing the approach of dawn,
but could not escape the midnight sun.

I looked away from the brilliant future,
choosing a shadowed path no other can see.

I prayed this place might be my eternal hell,
so the fear I felt that day could be with me always.
Abyssal Monster thumbnail

Abyssal Monster

"I hate the thought of dealing with others."
Ugh. The vermin laughing as they pass hurts my ears.

"I have power. And with it, I can eat all the dreams I want."
I eat and I eat, but it's never enough. Why am I so irritated?

"I will eat dreams and become human. That is all."
Will that even happen? What am I looking for?
Reborn Leader thumbnail

Reborn Leader

This is the story of when she was first activated.

She was born into pain.
A pain created by the very people who would cling to her.
It stemmed from her missing right eye.
From how her people depended on her utterly.
From how no one understood her desire.

So she began to walk in the long, long dark.
She did not understand what she was missing.
Nor did she know why her people looked at her as they did.
Obsessed Ruler thumbnail

Obsessed Ruler

An artificial intelligence who rules over a scientifically
advanced country. She uses her vast knowledge and superhuman
computing power to led them to prosperity. Though known for
her cruelty, she wields such methods not for sadistic pleasure,
but for efficiency. This trait has led her people to many
favorable outcomes, and she has earned their trust as a result.
Reborn Pillar thumbnail

Reborn Pillar

This is a story from when she still ruled the country.

She did her duty for the betterment of her people. She was ever
kind, ever passionate; playing her part so her subjects might
live in happiness. But she made a mistake, one which stemmed
from her own compassion. Afterward, the right to rule was taken
from her, as was her title. She was, by all accounts, a failure.
Yet still she set her mind to a singular goal—and made a vow.
Summer Witch thumbnail

Summer Witch

Witch: Yeah, I think I'm showing too much skin.
She stands before the mirror, studying her swimsuit.
Witch: Ugh. I'm really embarrassed now.
She uses her hat to hide her stomach.
Best Friend (M): Hey! Are you done changing yet!?
Best Friend (F): Hurry up, or we're leaving you behind!
Rushed voices come from outside.
Witch: Wait! I'm coming!
She hurriedly throws a cardigan over her shoulders and leaves.
Forgetting her embarrassment, she rushes to the beach with a smile.
Summer Prisoner thumbnail

Summer Prisoner

Prisoner: The beach, eh? I think I'm too old for... Hmm?
He sees men surrounding his wife and he rushes to her.
Prisoner: Hey! Stay away from my wife!
The men are bewildered by the prisoner's sudden appearance.
Prisoner: Oh. You just...needed directions.
His wife smiles as he scratches his head in embarrassment.
Summer Captive thumbnail

Summer Captive

Captive: I love the beach, but all the UV rays...
A large man suddenly appears next to her.
Captive: Babe, can you shade me for a second? Thanks.
As she says her thanks, she pulls something out of a bag.
Captive: Did you put sunscreen on? You'll pay later if you didn't.
He leans down as she smears the cream across his head.
Summer Hunter thumbnail

Summer Hunter

Hunter: How long has it been since I've visited the beach?
She checks her prosthetics, which are burning in the summer sun.
Hunter: God, it's so hot...
She goes to buy an ice cream to cool down.
Hunter: One ice cream, please.
But the heat from her prosthetic causes the ice cream to melt
the second she makes contact with it.

Hunter: Damn.
She catches a drop on her finger and licks it off.
Hunter: Right. I'm going home.