Abstract Savior

God and angels are said to reside somewhere above the sky,
watching over us. But why create people and simply observe them?

I am allowed to do nothing here on the moon but observe, because
once the people realized there was no God, they burdened me with
the duty of becoming their makeshift mechanical angel.

But if I must take this role, then... Please.
Speak of me. Paint my likeness.
Write about me. Carve me into stone.
Sing of me. Call for me.
Please. Please realize...that I am here.

Festive Witch

For me, it must be "obtaining power." I rather enjoy dominating
others with power, so I will work as hard as I can to do so!
More importantly, with power, I can protect those precious to me.

Festive Exile

People's laughter, clear skies. Learning new things, tinkering
with machinery... Heh heh, I'm just listing things as they come
to me, aren't I? But...I doubt I would ever actually be allowed
any of these.

Festive Assassin

What an odd question. How about when I'm eating dango?
I'm not joking. Or perhaps when I learn a new recipe,
or when I'm gazing at the sky? "Simple pleasures," then,
I suppose. Not that such things are commonplace these days.

Festive Ruler

"Frivolous things," perhaps? That said, it is not
for the sake of such that I carry out my duty.
But if I can overcome that, then maybe...

Frozen-Heart Adventurer

The man was an adventurer.
Never did he stay in one place for long—not even
the home where his family awaited his return.
The man was a bit awkward.
He loved his family deeply, but he was never able
to find a way to express himself.
The man lost his life on a mountain.
But his regrets bound him to the land... Was he vexed
to have lost to the mountain, or perhaps stopped by
his feelings for his family? Not even he himself knew.
All the same, he was an adventurer.

"All right, then. Where to next?"

Frozen-Heart Inmate

The woman was born to fight the Flowers. No matter how
painful her days, not once did she release her weapon.
Eventually, her base was destroyed, herself and her husband
the only survivors.
Optimistic in spite of the hopeless situation, they stumbled upon
a grave secret.
A truth that subverted the history of the war and its prisoners.
But in the darkness of their despair, they found a ray of hope.
Hand in hand, they carried out a mission to put an end to it all.
They quietly waited, dreaming of the new world to come.

"Together, you and I—we will be freed from this false world..."

Sentinel Savior

A healer android affiliated with YoRHa.
Independently stationed at a base built on the moon,
this unit's primary duties include the adjustment and
repair of mechanical objects under her purview.
Though lazy and rough around the edges, she feels
profound appreciation toward the weapon memories
that have provided her with support throughout the
many long days she's spent in the base.

Reborn Warden

There was once an android girl who sought the truth.

She spent her days carrying out menial tasks with her support
unit, a Pod. One day, she learned that her Pod was betraying her.
But its betrayal was ultimately a misunderstanding born of love.
When they tell each other their true feelings, they decide to
walk hand in hand. A year soon passed since the girl took up
her post. The Pod discovered a red artificial flower at the base.
It was the very same kind of flower children were said to give
to their mothers long, long ago.

Abyssal Songstress

"I am an AI."
That's right. You aren't human.
"I was born to help people."
Your mission is a fabrication.
"I want to sing so I may bring light to the people's hearts."
And in the end, those feelings are a fabricated sham as well.

Divine Girl

God, hear my plea.
Please make Mommy and Daddy happy.
That's all I need. Please, make them happy.


i don't need god
i'm a bad girl so i don't believe in god
it's not like bad things would stop happening if i did, right?

New Year's Captain

Dark memories replay in my mind
And I hide in the shadow of loneliness
When I realize my life still goes on
Noticing that you remain at my side
Surely we will reach our fated end

New Year's Boor

So close, yet I cannot reach
And my tears are as dry as the sand
No miracle greater than the morning sun
Death may come for me, sudden and swift
Such is the price I pray for that smile

New Year's Belle

Dreams are bubbles I so desperately cling to
Even though I lack the strength to break myself free
Perhaps if I had eyes that reflected the truth
Though I am envious of the sighing wind
How I fold into myself, my screams reaching no one

New Year's Gunman

Yet the machine does not understand these emotions
One day I will break, still ignorant
Until the junk protects the noble
Reaching for warmth, for softness
So that I may spend all my days with you

Frozen-Heart Has-Been

A meeting with a compatriot brought destruction to the man.
No matter how hard he fought, no matter how hard he tried to save
them, no matter how he was lauded as a hero, no matter how his
name would live on in history, his sin of sending his companions
to their deaths would forever be a part of him.
A meeting with a compatriot brought salvation to the man.
The only way he could escape this hell was death.
If he closed his eyes to hope, he would find himself in the light.
He bore the same sins, and he taught this to the man.

"I do not want forgiveness. I chose my end."

Yuletide Ruler

Presents for the citizens, you say?
Could we not just give everyone money?
...No? But then they could buy whatever they want.
What do you mean 'that's not the point'?
The time spent thinking about that person while
picking a present for them is important, is it?
...How terribly inefficient. In any case, I do not
see the value in burdening state finances simply
to give everyone presents. Proposal denied.

Yuletide Songstress

Even if you never know the warmth of a good
roasted chicken shared with family, or the weight
of presents you'd so looked forward to getting,
or the sweetness of a cake bursting with cream,
or the brightness of a tree decorated with lights...

Even if you never know any of these things...
Holding a prayer to my heart, I hope this song
fills any hole that exists in your heart so you might
never contend with the bitter cold of nights spent alone.

Yuletide Soldier

"Hey, so we're talkin' about pooling together to get a present
for the captain."
"Whaddya suppose he'd like?"
"And you're asking me...why?"
"'Cause he's always lookin' out for you."
"Like hell he is. He's just nosy."
"Sure. Never mind, then. We'll figure something out on our own."
"...He'd probably like food. Maybe a cake, or some meat..."

Yuletide Prisoner

"Presents? Now surely isn't the time for such things."
"It's BECAUSE we live in uncertain times that things
like this are necessary. We need to live without regrets."
"...Maybe you're right. I haven't gotten a single gift for
my wife since coming here."
"Right? Stuff like this is surprisingly good for morale."
"I mean, sure, but..."
"Ugh, why are you always so stubborn? Just forget it.
I didn't have high hopes you'd play along anyway."
"No, it's just... I wonder what my wife would like..."

Yuletide Weapon

"Red, white, green. Lights. Fir tree. Star."
"Did everyone have fun decorating?"
"Did everyone enjoy looking at all of this?"
"What part of this brought everyone joy?"
"I...don't understand."
"Maybe I'd understand if I had a family."

Abyssal Werebeast

Gah hah hah! Liar! Your bright red hands are proof!
Your ugly state is a reflection of your heart.
Live by your whims.

Despite knowing nothing you do will earn you what
you seek...

F-H Swordmaster

One slice. Another. Sundered flesh, splattered blood—her arms
delight as she wields her blade like an extension of her body.
Those radiant days, the moments she spent with the girl—
quashed like a child's toy and shattered before their prime.
A killer protecting the life of another? A foolish notion.
She stares with clouded eyes and bloodied kimono at her cold
body, reminded of the downpour on the night she met the girl.

"How cruel God is, teasing us with a fleeting dream."

Abyssal Pupil

"My suffering is nothing compared to my father's."
But how much longer can you keep this up?
"I will protect our life together. No matter what."
Your father would be absolutely crushed if he
knew what you've been doing.
"I'm happy with how things are. I can keep going."
Please... Somebody please save me.

Shadowbound Belle

I divine my own fate and see an unwavering future.
I see a glistening castle upon which night never falls.
I see the smiles of my chamberlains, my visage
covered in gemstones, and my husband's fiery eyes.

I divine my own fate and see a future of despair.
A castle from which there is no escape. A fake smile.
A stone to which I am bound and eyes that inspire disgust.

I divine my own fate and curse what I see.

Guardian Pupil

Hn12:25 - Guardian of Beauty

The woman believed there was nothing more balanced than this
world. Not only was she outwardly beautiful, but she was also
blessed with foresight and a fine personality, and she built up
considerable wealth as the head of an organization. She gave
her thanks every day to those who did nothing.
"I want to be more beautiful." "I want to be more wealthy."
"I want to be more powerful," she would always say.
Everything that once belonged to those who had given up
eventually found its way into the hands of the chosen few.
Such is the providence of nature.

Divine Boor

I can't stop.
I can't turn back now.
For there is only sand that will swallow you whole.


If only I could see her again.
If only I could see her smile.
Trivial, immutable wishes that sink silently
to the bottom of the sea.

Abyssal Student

"I wish I had the strength to help my mom."
Do I have any hope of ever being strong enough to save her?
"I don't have to listen to anyone else."
It's not like anyone talks to me.
I have nothing to be sad about.

"I will risk all that I am in order to achieve my goals."
But will my efforts ever be rewarded?

Oathbound Belle

I will surely never smile so long as I am playing my
role as the queen's daughter. The cold expression
upon my face is armor with which I protect myself.

But a thought has made its nest in a corner of my heart:
What if I were to one day strip myself free of that armor
and smile as a normal girl might?

If only I could be born again... I am unable to discard
such wild dreams that will never come to pass.

Oathbound Exile

Why can we not stop strife among people?
We draw lines in the sand based on things
like our place of birth, appearance, or status,
and use them as excuses for hatred. For war.

If every last person looked different and was unique
in their own way, maybe we could all work together
for the sake of a common goal... Or maybe such
an idea is nothing but idle fancy.

In any case, my mission is to preach peace in all
the places within my reach, and I will see that done.

Frozen-Heart Convict

The man was born to fight the Flowers. He did not believe his
life had meaning apart from this—until the day he met her.
On that day, thoughts of freedom began rolling about his mind,
even though there should have been no need for such a thing.

So the man chose a new life. He took her hand, and together
they abandoned the old world. What he felt as they ran was not
despair, but hope. Together, they would walk the path of a life
they chose of their own free will.

"Even if all of my feelings prove to be a fabrication,
I still want to live my life with you."

Oathbound Songstress

If only I could cast light upon places smothered in shadow.
If only I had the power to fight. Then I would be like a hero
of legend, standing up against a lord of darkness.

Then I could join hands with you.
Then I could fight by your side.

Instead, I will sing.
Instead of a sword, I will hold a microphone...
So that at least my heart can be with you always.

Guardian Student

Yk24:27 - Street Guardian

Hundreds of thousands of people cross the massive intersection.
The young man who watches the crowds ebb and flow daily has
learned to intuit their worries, of which there are many:
monetary conflicts, mental trauma, love affairs. And as he comes
to know their weaknesses, he arrives at a conclusion: he is a
superior being, better than these faceless masses. Once more,
he stands on the streetside, watching the people come and go.
Not once does the possibility of his inferiority cross his mind.

Divine Ruler

She gives form to her people's hopes and dreams.
She presses on with her duties, that she might fulfill
her life's purpose.


She cannot understand her people's pain and sadness.
How, then, could she give life to their wishes?

Abyssal Witch

"All I wanted was to be with my two friends."
Maybe it was me who destroyed that future.
"I thought we'd be together forever."
But I only ever cared about my own feelings.
"I just wanted to live in peace and harmony."
Like the hero in the story...

Mechanical Weapon

I possess no emotions. No soul. A created being like myself
carries nothing but the weapon placed in my hands.
Our fate is to fight, fight, fight, fight, fight, fight...
And then ultimately die.

But I won't let it end. I don't want it to.
I won't let them get away with it. I can't.
I want to be with you, touch you, feel you,
enjoy simply being alive at your side.

For we are already free.

Mechanical Hunter

Woman A: Are you YoRHa? Or are you a machine lifeform?
The woman with prosthetic limbs takes a quick glance at
her own mechanical arm and leg, and then responds.

Prosthetic Woman: ...Machine? I'm human.
As though perplexed, Woman A covers her own mouth.
Woman A: ...Human? But... No... That can't be...
The conversation pauses as Woman A thinks.
Woman A: Then...could you tell me about something fun
I've never heard of? All I've ever done is kill machines, so...
The woman with prosthetic limbs sighs, then softly speaks.
Prosthetic Woman: Human... Now that I think about it,
maybe I'm...

Mechanical Captain

I kill our enemies to protect our future.
I kill my own beliefs for the sake of a duty I cannot defy.
I kill my dreams for as long as war persists.
I kill my hopes as I feel the end approaching.
I kill my emotions as I watch my subordinates die.
I kill my soul and become as a puppet.

And yet light remains all the same.

Abstract Student

Another day of studying in the library.
After that, I'm off to work.
With each passing day, I get closer to my goal.
Things are going great, Mom. My mock exam scores
are only getting better and better.

Who knew life was so full of pain?
I'm going to ■■■■ her.

When I speak to my mother as she sleeps,
I choose trifling topics because I no longer have
pleasant, genuine sentiments to share with her.

Festive Monster

Hmph. "Eat dreams," obviously—but I suppose that wouldn't
be the only thing. Now is she here yet or not?

Festive Weapon

The answer is that I don't know.

But oh, how I wish I did.

It is why I travel.

To the very ends of the earth.

Because I know I will find something there.

Festive Captain

For me, the answer is "the safety of my squadmates."
I don't need anything so long as everyone comes back alive.
...Even if wishing for that might not absolve me of my sins.

Festive Hunter

I might have something more trivial, but all I can think of
is that I have no answer. I mean, if I could hold my sister
in my arms again, then maybe...

No. That asks the impossible.

Festive Girl

Hmm... Maybe "chatting with my favorite person"?
Because there's sooo much I want to talk about with
Mister Monster. So much! I don't even know where to start.

F-H Warlady

The world is gentle moonlight beneath a starry sky. There lies
the end of a long journey—the final stop on a distant road.

She thinks back to how the ground felt beneath her feet.
The scent of the wind that caressed her cheeks.
The sights upon the back of her eyelids.

The girl's final wish has been granted, and as she slips into
eternal sleep with a smile, the same flowers from that day
bloom within the brilliant white crystal.

"Allow me to say this on her behalf: I am home."

Divine Prisoner

O, God
And our dear son, who now rests at God's side
Watch over us in this endless war



Abyssal Boor

"I will get the princess to smile, no matter what."
For what? Just steal what you need.
"Shut up! You know nothing! Once I set my heart on a thing,
I will pursue my prey to the furthest edge of the desert."
That treasure is too good for you. Leave it be.
"I obey myself alone. I let no one else bind me."
Yet you don't see how such bindings tighten around your neck.

Summer Weapon

A girl in a swimsuit stands alone on an empty beach.
White-haired girl: But the people in the photo look like
they're having so much fun...
She stands there, photo in one hand, ice cream in the other.
White-haired girl: I still don't understand,
even when I try it myself.
White-haired girl: But since I went to all the
trouble of making it...
She bites into the ice cream and faintly furrows her brow.
White-haired girl: ...My head hurts.

Summer Gunman

A man stares into the distance.
Boy: Is something the matter?
Man: No. There were outlaws here, but they have left.
Boy: Heh heh. You should be relaxing today.
There's an unusually mischievous twinkle in the boy's eyes.
Boy: Or are you scared?
Man: Scared? Of what?
The boy points at the sea that lies glittering in the sun.
Man: No. I am waterproof.
The man steps into the water, as if to prove his point.
Except he does not float. Instead, he continues to walk along
the sea floor until the boy finally stops him.

Summer Ruler

Two swimsuit-clad soldiers chat on the beach.
Soldier A: Didn't think we'd get leave like this.
Soldier B: It was even her suggestion we hit the beach.
Soldier A: I think she's looking out for us, y'know?
Soldier B: We're more effective if we have time to relax!
Soldier A: Hell yeah!
Their devices beep.
Soldier A: An emergency alert? Man, this is our time off!
Soldier B: Uh, weird. The location's right near here.
Soldier A: No way...

Summer Songstress

Fan A: Did you see Marie's new music video!?
Fan B: No, but I heard the song. The lyrics are SO good!
Fan A: Oh. Uh...
Fan B looks at Fan A doubtfully.
Fan A: Sorry, her swimsuit was hot. I sorta missed the lyrics.

In cyberspace, the girl checks comments on her new video.
Girl: Did my swimsuit need to be THAT frilly? I guess it's cute,
but considering its original purpose... Oh well! If they're
all happy, then I'm happy!

Frozen-Heart Truant

There was once a boy who lived for naught but vengeance.
After many long years, he earns victory in battle with his
comrades and achieves his revenge. But his wounds are deep,
and he feels his life slipping away. Having achieved his goal,
the boy should welcome death—yet his outstretched hands
are desperately grasping to life. Only then does he realize
he has come to live for things besides his own satisfaction.

I must survive and carry my comrades' hope into the future.

Summer comes to an end. The boy's dawn fades. Now he lives
for a day when he is glad he chose the path of survival.

Abyssal Belle

"I finally found the one I've been waiting for."
So has he. You're no different from other people.

"How I've longed to see him in the moonlight.
Please take me away from this place."
Ah, but this is quicksand. You cannot escape it alone.

"Which is why I long for a hand to pull me out."
Then why don't you trust him?

Phantasmal Witch

The girl has absolute confidence in her abilities.
Children look to her with awe, trying to curry her favor.
Adults bow their heads, hoping she might help them.

Though she knows not the depths of her latent power, she keeps
honing her skills, confident she can reach ever greater heights.

"Tch. You're just going to get hurt one day."

She brushes off such heartless words and sore attitudes
with a smile. But hiding behind that confidence and power
is an almost impossible loneliness.

Phantasmal Soldier

The boy walks a path of revenge. All the power he holds is for
his own sake; everything in his way is cut down with his blade.

He has no intention of assisting wounded comrades.
But once in a while—once in a rare, rare while—his true
personality manages to shine through.

"C'mon. You know now's not the time to be hurt."

He helps his fellows in a blunt manner, complaining all the
while that he would never have to do any of this if the
support soldiers would just do their goddamn jobs...

Phantasmal Boor

The sword I carry at my hip slices through the air,
seeking unseen evil. I move from city to city,
traveling wherever wind and whim take me.

Whenever I find evil, I cut it down without hesitation—
even if it means I must one day dispose of someone I love.

Though others chide me for being selfish, my conviction never
wavers. For I have chosen this life: the life of a samurai.

False Guardian Captain

Gr6:9 - Captain Protector

Fear not the trigger. Fear not the gun.
Walk the path of sin for your convictions.
Be prepared for consequences of action.

Your path will always continue. Even in a hail of bullets.
Even if you lose your home, so long as you hold gun in hand,
neither death nor sin shall be the end of you.

So do not stop. Move on. Endure.
Continue until the day the light shines on your conviction.

Shadowbound Werebeast

I ask questions with no answers. Over and over and over.

What if I was more like⁠...
What if my friends were more like⁠...
What if the world was more like⁠...

I think of theoreticals. I never change. Over and over and over.

I can never be truly happy. Not even in my dreams
I sit alone in endless time, rewriting a past I cannot cleanse.

All I do is think. Over and over and over.

Abyssal Ruler

"If they wanted me gone, why not delete my emotions?"
Because of them, I remember everything—and feel fear.

"I know. It's because I'm nothing more than a tool for
people to drown in their fantasies."
Their eyes hold no blame. No hate. The meaning goes unknown.

"I understand that no one understands me."
But when I do, who am I supposed to be?

Abstract Pupil

I go to school. I study. I laugh with friends.

I tell Dad every single thing that happened today.
My life is so much fun. I'm a normal high school student.

I break the law to make money. I hate him so much.
I want him to ■■■.

I hide so much of my life from Dad. Everyone has secrets.
I'm a normal high school student, after all.

Guardian Boor

Yu13:0 - Pure Guardian

In all turns of his life, he lives in sin. In a life lived
upon rocky seas, upon sand-chafed lands, he chooses
to survive by dirtying his own hands.

But perhaps his heart is as smooth and pure as silk.
He lives life following his wants, choosing to drown
himself in the brilliant darkness of his own avarice.

Divine Assassin

How many times have I heard. Have I seen.
How their words fade into the air. Drown in fresh blood.
Is someone there. Is someone present. Yes.
If so, there is no reason for me to exist in the same space.


May salvation come to those who wait for it.
May punishment come to those who need it.
We worship. We pray.
We believe she who sits on the heavenly throne is listening.

Mechanical Pupil

The girl dreams.

She dreams of a far future where she is an android soldier on
a ruined Earth. She vows her loyalty to humanity, wielding her
blade beneath the blazing sun. Her sole purpose for existing is
to fight. She acknowledges this. And yet, she hopes for a future
that does not involve battle, a distant day she can spend with
the person she cares for above all others.

If she is not to show emotion, she never needed a heart in
the first place. If her sole purpose is to cut down the enemy,
all she ever needed was a blade.

Frozen-Heart Beast

The boy takes the hand of the injured girl and runs.
They run and they run, all so he might take her away
from everything that causes her hurt.

He believes there is a place she can live without pain.
But a child's destructive urges are nothing before an adult.
They scream for help. They yell in rage.
But none of it reaches the adult's ears.
Now, alone in a dark room, the boy's imagination runs wild.
He sees himself as a monster that destroys everything.

"I'll be reborn into a monster strong enough to save my friends."

Mechanical Student

The boy dreams.

He dreams of a far future where he is an android soldier on a
ruined Earth. His soft skin is warm like a human's. His delicate
heart is full of human emotions. Yet his life is a far cry from
what humanity's once was. He dies over and over and over again,
yet always comes back to life and continues to fight.

He would be willing to give his life for what he cares about
above all else. But an android's life is cheap currency,
one that can purchase nothing of value.

Abstract Belle

Shock. Sadness. Despair.
Memories of that day will stay with her forever.
Never will she be free of them.

No one notices her tears as they gush forth.
Like a river. Like a spring. Like the endless ocean.
Creating tiny pinholes in the desiccated earth below.

Guardian Songstress

Ma4:16 The Recordkeeper

Those praised and sung of. Those swindled and spoken of.
Stories and truths are not always suited to the person,
be they fool or sage. Perhaps it is an sad misunderstanding.
Perhaps an elaborate scheme. But those left behind are free
to interpret what information remains as they wish.

We cannot pry the truth from the dead, and so records fade.
Pieces of history vanish. People begin to recount them as
heroic tales and fables. They do so that their glory might be
everlasting—and so their sins will never repeat.

Alternate Lad

The meaning of life. Ecstasy for all. Delight.

Such things exist only at the end of the fight with the Shades.
This is why I kill them. I kill, and I kill, and I kill.
I will kill them all so I might live alone in this empty world
in all of the tomorrows to come.

Flowers bloom at my feet, white and beautiful.
I feel I've seen them before, but can't remember where.

Yet my heart clenches. It remembers for me.

Alternate Battler

There is a party in the Bunker today. We are celebrating
our great victory over the machine lifeforms.

We YoRHa are not allowed to have emotions, yet we
are celebrating a victory? I find this very strange.

...Hmm? You need to speak with me, 9S?
You want to leave this boring, stupid party?
I agree. Let's go.

Abyssal Captain

"I never want to lose a comrade again."
Is that meant to be your atonement?

"I will protect them all—no matter what."
Struggle all you like; the lost will never return.

"What life I have left I give to my comrades."
Yet nothing will ever release you from this hell.

Reborn Prodigy

This is the story of a girl who fought in a divergent reality.

This girl belongs to an important organization. She boards
a warship that is transporting precious cargo, but on the way
to their destination, the ship is attacked by abominations.
The girl uses all the battle techniques she knows as she fights
to protect her allies, but to no avail.

She is injured. Her allies perish. Water fills the ship.

As the vessel sinks to the sunless depths of the sea,
she and her exposed secret drown in the delight of battle.

Reborn Reject

This is the story of a boy who fought in a divergent reality.

The boy belongs to an important organization. He heads out
on a mission with a squad of other rejects, and despite facing
enormous monsters and terrible disease, he is somehow
rescued from the jaws of death.

But when he returns to the organization, he learns a terrible
truth: the harrowing circumstances of their mission had all
been a part of the their plans—their deaths included.

As the moon shines above in a cool, brilliant blue, the boy—
now ruler of the monsters—begins his quest for revenge.

F-H Contractor

An eldritch white tower pierces the heavens.
The woman is greeted by the sight of her late sister.
How long has she prayed for a dream that can never come true?
Yet here she is. Her quiet voice. Her precious face.

But fate will not let the woman indulge in dreams.
Instead, she is given a choice of the most extreme kind.
In her melancholy, she grasps her sword tightly.
For she will not permit this tragedy to repeat itself.

"I will forsake my happiness—and my pain—to become a weapon."

Fractured Songstress



Celebratory Student

A strange and sudden question. But I suppose that would be...
my older sister. She's brilliant. I close my eyes and see her
on the back of my eyelids. And no matter how much I try to
keep up with her, I never can.

Guardian Belle

Sar3:0 - Guardian of Secrets

The people came in droves to confide in one woman their troubles.
They complained, spoke of love, and confessed their hopes—all
while the woman listened in silence. She listened to every heave
and groan the people kept secret in their hearts, and because of
it, they looked to her with expectations of their own salvation.
And when she gave it to them, it fulfilled her own desires.
For only she knew the delight of the people's annihilation.

Celebratory Captive

I suppose if I had to answer, I'd say, "The entire life I've
lived." I've had very few moments I'd genuinely call happy,
but there was definitely some light there.

Celebratory Pupil

Wow, talk about sudden. But, well, I guess that would be...
my little brother. Sometimes I think back on how my dad and
brother would smile at each other when they liked the same stuff.
Gee, maybe I wasn't the one who made Dad happy...

Celebratory Prisoner

Will I look like an idiot if I say "family" despite everything
I know? Well, I don't care if you make fun of me for being
a hopeless fool. That's just my truth.

Shattered Battler

An all-purpose combat android belonging to YoRHa. She is adept
at all forms of close-quarters combat, and can also attack from
range with the Pod support system.

Her equipped skirt is occasionally damaged, revealing the white
leotard she wears underneath. This also occurs when she activates
her self-destruct mode—a sacrifice she sometimes makes in
order to ensure the success of her mission.

Celebratory Monster

That would be "dreams." Human dreams shine; they are
undeniably there. It's like they want us to eat them.

Is that enough of an answer? Because I'm not interested
in conversing any longer.

Celebratory Belle

My answer is "things I've lost sight of." My path has been set
for me, and I forgot what it means to hesitate. When I look out
my window at night, I don't see stars. Just...little dots.

Celebratory Boor

That is a stupid question, and my answer is, "I'm not interested."
It's easier to get by if you don't think about things like that.
You'd get it if you lived here.

Bloodless Gunman


Guardian Werebeast

Pr16:7 — Guardian of Secrets

If you saw, you would have to keep it secret.

Holding a secret means you must keep secret that you hold
a secret in the first place. You can't smugly drop hints to
others, or drop heavy, leading sighs.

So can you do it? Can you keep a secret?

If not, then give me your blood.

Abyssal Hunter

"Maybe I could have saved my sister."
But she died. You can't change the past.

"I will never forgive the kingdom and its soldiers."
Waste of time. Killing them changes nothing.

"They will atone for their crimes with their lives."
You merely seek purpose in a world without your sister.

Chained Belle

There is a woman who lives a princess's life in a kingdom
wreathed by sea and sand. Having grown weary of a life
where everything is decided for her, she has lost the will
to smile. She exists now in a partial state of solemn defeat,
spending her days idly. She also hides her face behind a veil,
even within the palace, and no one can say what she looks like.

But there is another side to her: a fortune-telling side.
She transforms into this as night falls, wandering the dim
streets of the city in search of something she cannot name.

Reborn Monopolist

This is a story of when the princess could once smile.

A woman left her home town and married a foreign king for the
sake of her beloved mother. But the king was a terrible person
who stained his pure and beautiful country red with blood.
When the new queen realized she was to be killed by her husband,
she slew him first and escaped to her country of birth.

But when she came home, she saw only her mother's disappointed
face. The mother has longed for the former queen's death,
and she would be forced to go on living as her pawn.
Thus did the former queen lose the will to smile.

Devoted Husk

So this is the choice you made, is it? A bit of a surprise,
but still within the realm of expectation.

This boy was ready to give up his own heart for his mother.
But no matter what sort of tragic life you lead, you must
never let hatred lead you to patricide.

Still, it seems he felt rather indebted to his sister,
so maybe he's happy with his decision—even if it does
mean wandering The Cage, broken, for eternity.

Dedicated Husk

So this is the choice you made, is it? A bit of a surprise,
but still within the realm of expectation.

This girl shattered her own soul for her father. But no matter
what sort of tragic life you lead, you must never let hatred
lead you to matricide.

Still, it seems part of her wanted to protect her little brother,
so maybe she's happy with her decision—even if it does
mean wandering The Cage, broken, for eternity.

Reborn Usurper

This is a story of when the boy made his fame as a thief.

A young thief sneaks into the Thieves' Graveyard, defying
the wishes of his companions. There, he encounters a terrifying
woman who sees straight through his past. When they escape
and cross the desert beneath a sea of stars, the woman continues
to lay his past bare. Unable to stand it anymore, he brandishes
his knife—but he is no match for her.

When he wakes, he is naked in the sand. Though the woman stole
everything precious to him, he came to learn of something more
important than fine clothes or thievery.

Shadowbound Traveler

When I come down
I go right back up

As if penance
As if fate

I may lose my way
Lose sight of it all
Lose myself entire

But I continue to climb
And descend once more

New Year's Assassin

Delicately they steal away our hearts
Reaching for mine, I know I am too late
Everyone here is an empty husk
Ashen moonlight captures my gaze
Mesmerised by an image of false flowers

New Year's Girl

Basking in winter's wind, I await spring
Lonely though I am, sad though I am,
Oh, but I smile through it all
One day this storm will pass
Maybe we will travel my dreams together

New Year's Songstress

Real warmth will never reach these hands
Heavy blankets of snow hide scars
Yet in idealism, I speak and pray
May the fleeting last forever
Ever-searching for my soul

New Year's Ruler

Of no account is the powerless hand that grasps nothing
For thick curtains of night hide my wounds
For the tapir has no right to dreams of its own
Ever isolated, the hologram floats in the dark
Relentlessly searching for my soul

Abyssal Captive

"Truth yet exists within lies."
And so you would demand we remain ignorant?

"The only reality is my love for my family."
Even though it was false?

"No matter what happens, I will keep moving forward."
Even though I no longer wish to face the future.

Yuletide Captain

"Hmm... I can't decide what to give the squad."
"They'd definitely be happy with food, so maybe cake? Or steak!"
"Cake... Steak... Cakesteak? Is that even a thing?"

"Still, once they eat the food, it's gone. That's kind of sad..."

"No, I'm overthinking it. This is no time for indecision;
It's the most special day of the year, and I want them
all to be happy!"

F-H Automaton

A memory comes to the boy.

There is a prince in the woman's tale who journeys for peace,
accompanied by his mechanical attendant. Despite his incomplete
memory, recollections that stirred the boy's heart so vividly,
so violently, suddenly burst to life. And now that they
have returned to him, he can remain a boy no longer.

Finally, he arrives at the forest where he and the prince sleep.

"I will remain by your side until the flames of hope are
snuffed out forever."

Yuletide Hunter

"What, for me? You didn't need to give me a present.
I'm happy enough watching you grow every day—but thank you.
...Oh, did you make this hairpin? Wow, that's a lot of work."
"Hm? You'll help me put it on."
"It's wonderful. I haven't thought about my hair in years.
I hated it when my hair went white, but thanks to you, I..."

"...Huh? ...Oh. It was just a dream."
"I guess it's about that time of year, isn't it?
I thought I was over thinking about that kind
of thing, we are, I guess."

Yuletide Werebeast

"The church is splendidly decorated."
"Lit by soft candlelight."
"A delightful little cake."
"A luxurious meal."
"With grape juice in hand."
"we turn to one another."
"I hope you like your present..."
"A thin ring."
"A glimmering silver band."
"Oh, if only..."

Yuletide Witch

"I made star-shaped cookies!"
"Everyone likes cookies."
"I made tons, so everyone can have come."
"...Hm? You're wondering what these bags are?"
"Those are special—they're for my best friends."
"They're matching socks. I knitted them myself."
"It's going to get a lot colder, you know."
"Do you think...they'll like them?"

Yuletide Traveler

"What should we get her this year?"
"Waaay ahead of you. I already got her a rock!"
"...Sorry. A rock?"
"Yeah! I found it near the mouth of a volcano way down—"
"What!? Why!?"
"You honestly think she'd be happy to get a rock!?"
"What kid doesn't want a rock!?"
"...At least find her a jewel or something. Please."

Abyssal Soldier

"I will never forgive the man who took my parents."
Will I be alone forever?

"I will kill him. That is the reason I live."
But even if I get revenge, there's no going back.

"Kill. Kill. Kill. I will take everything from him."
All I want is to see my parents again.

Fabled Witch


To bind one and steal their freedom.

The girl tilts her head as she gazes at the grim letters.
It is a painful, distressing, abominable word. But she still
doesn't understand, for she receives it daily. These things
protect her daily. And occasionally, the word feels...sweet.

She struggles the dictionary closed, places it back on the shelf,
and leaves the room. When next she opens this book—after she
has grown a touch—what impression will she get from the word?

Fabled Assassin


"What is justice to you?"

She would ask me, of all people? Me, the one who kills as ordered.
Regardless, she looks at me most earnestly and says,
"We both fight for our masters. I would like to hear your thoughts."

"If justice exists," I reply, "it is not my place to name it.
Still, perhaps fighting for another against evil is justice?"

"I see. Thank you. I think I understand you better now."

Fabled Weapon


(noun) Without contaminants. Ignorant of the world.

1. I don't know. Is that really the purest?
2. The purest gaze always hurts people's hearts.

 ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ 

"Why not wear red? It'll make those stains invisible!"

"I don't know... Can't I just wash it?"

Abstract Boor

Faster than an arrow.
More precise than clockwork.
I pilfer the fruit I desire and add it to my feast.
I cling to the people, towns, and sand before me.

Why, you ask?
Because I have lost my past.

Guardian Ruler

Yu7:12 - Protector of the Masses

Perfection means flawed. Limitless means restricted.
Knowledge means ignorance. Purity means taint.
Adoration means hatred. Governance means rebellion.
Good means evil.

Yet people hope for such so they might change how things are.
They have long since forgotten what they are wishing for,
and now wish only that they might go on wishing forever.

F-H Revolutionary

On that day, the boy discovered his light anew.
He faces the tragedy his own mistakes wrought
and the foolishness of the ideals he held.
He knows the intentional, organized cruelty
of the societal structures humans establish.
Consumed by despair, the boy lost his light.
Many sneered at his dream, calling it unattainable.
But no amount of ridicule could convince him to give
up on his dream, or saving those who need help.
Rising to his feet, he flings open the door before him.
"If conflict breeds conflict...
then surely dreams must breed dreams."

Abyssal Weapon

"I didn't know about myself. I didn't know what happened to me."
But now you do.

"My eye had turned red, but it's the same as ever now."
But that doesn't mean it's back to normal.

"Things that were not me before are now becoming me."
I'm afraid to learn about the voice, and yet,
I'm the only one who can.

Abyssal Prisoner

"Family is my everything."
Only because you have been made to think that.

"I will give everything for them, including my life."
So you might face your enemy without question.

"I seek to win a happy future where we can live together."
Even though you know that day will never come.

Pilfering Boor

In a kingdom surrounded by sand and sea resides a boy who makes
a living as a thief. His skills in skullduggery are excellent, and
he has the strength to wield a greatsword despite his thin frame.

Though his overconfident attitude often invites disaster and
causes friends to abandon him, his fellow thieves acknowledge
his superior technique, as well as his unusual attachment to his
targets. Having established a hideout on the outskirts of the city,
in recent days he has made a habit of venturing toward the
palace in the middle of the city, his eyes fixed firmly on a
most magnificent prize.

Shadowbound Exile

Is it hypocrisy to make company with pain?
Is it arrogance to seek it?

The boy thinks on this as he walks his path.
But he will not stop. Not now. Not ever.
For he is burdened by more than his dreams and future.

After all, some have given their lives for dreams.
And it would be hubris to rid himself of that sin.

Guardian Witch

Sa14:3 - Reverie's Guardian

Gaze upon the magnificent weave of the night. Though night is
home to all shades of darkness, tonight I have created for you
a robe of the deepest black. Have you the courage to don it?
Are you prepared for the trial of keeping your sense of self
beneath its folds of dark? With your conviction, the weave of
night will permit your soul to shine as brightly as it ought to.

Abstract Ruler

That day comes to mind.

I always see it when I close my eyes:
the ominous way they all stared at me.

All was warped. I could trust nothing. No matter the results
I achieved, no matter the recognition I earned, I could never
shake the vision from my mind's eye.

Even after all this time—and even though I cannot see it—
the essence of that moment is unchanged. As such, I seek
to prove myself so I might enact my role—and my justice.

Abyssal Assassin

"...What do I even say about myself now?"
You are the demon who knows only death, yet you ran.

"And now she's involved. She certainly got the wrong idea!"
Think of all the lives you never touched.

"Yes. I only know how to kill."
Which means there is one thing I must do...

Scheming Justice

A wise boy who can manifest Robin Hood, a persona that
carries a greatbow. A good young man with a gentle demeanor,
he wields his deductive reasoning and high intelligence as his
true weapons. While he doesn't fit in with the rest of the Phantom
Thieves, he seems to be working with them for the moment.
His true intentions are shrouded in mystery, and his kind words
occasionally betray an edge that never misses the mark.

Caged Rebel

A boy from another universe who leads the Phantom Thieves of
Hearts and wields the power of the Wild Card—an ability that
lets him use multiple Personas. A quiet sort, he tends to leave
a calm, aloof impression, and yet his heart is home to strong
conviction. Joker is his codename when operating with the
Phantom Thieves; his true name is something else entirely.

Virtuous Priestess

A girl from another world who rides the motorcycle persona,
Johanna. With her stoic personality and strong sense of
responsibility, she acts as the reliable brain of the
Phantom Thieves. Her crude style of fighting serves as a
stark contrast to her usual calm, respectable disposition.

Insightful Emperor

A handsome boy who controls Goemon, a persona with debonair,
eye-catching clothes. Despite his looks, Fox has rather unique
sensibilities, and often confounds those around him by always
marching to the beat of his own drum. But the members of the
Phantom Thieves place their unwavering trust in him, and he
responds by making earnest, calculated decisions for his friends.

Lacrima Monster

Become human. Can I exist for that alone?
Eat dreams. Is this my only reason for living?
If this was instinct, then brush this
just I could off
hunger. But I
W more that want her.
h I than see
y have now.
to ?

Abyssal Exile

"Many name it evil to take the life of another."
They use their dreams and ideals to justify themselves.
"But clashing justice brings that about as well."
Someone will shed tears over it regardless.
"Then what is the difference between justice and evil?"
They're the same. Same as why blood runs in battle.
...Same as what I did.

Celebratory Werebeast

To me? Oh, that would be her.

She's the reason the world is so bright. It's because of her
that there is so much warmth. But the longer I watch her,
the more my heart aches...

Celebratory Ruler

Well, that is certainly abstract. But if this is to help
one find their path in the dark, then I would say "numbers."
Taking risk-benefit ratios and necessary time into account,
I always choose the most efficient path.

Celebratory Songstress

It must be..."a smile"?

I'm sorry, that isn't a particularly interesting answer.
And yes, I get upset like anyone else in my line of work,
but that doesn't change my answer. When I see people smile,
I'm always glad that I started doing what I'm doing.

Celebratory Assassin

Good question. I don't know. Can't say I'm familiar with
the concept—but if I had to answer, I would say "wounds."

Ah, but it's all so far out of my reach; much too bright
for me to look at, or even think about for too long.

Frozen-Heart Princess

On a distant spring day, at a ruin in full bloom,
a strange monster appeared before a little girl.
He was an illusion born from her lonely mind, and a true friend.
Though the world hated them, they had each other always,
and together they danced atop the brilliant blossoms.
These treasured memories have all vanished from her mind now.
Occasionally she is drawn to the ruin where she met the monster.
When she goes there, waves of a feeling she does not understand
wash over her heart. It is a thing somewhere between warmth and
utter loneliness, and she is ever swayed by its tides.

"Even though I'm alone, I sometimes feel like I'm not."

Bloody Captain

I wanted to see you.

I thought I would never have to turn back.

I screamed, fearing the approach of dawn,
but could not escape the midnight sun.

I looked away from the brilliant future,
choosing a shadowed path no other can see.

I prayed this place might be my eternal hell,
so the fear I felt that day could be with me always.

Guardian Soldier

La 23:1 - Guardian of the Front

Here and now, a warrior's life ends.
I know not his name.
I know not his reputation.
I know not his wealth.
I know not the path he trod.
I know not why we have met.
But I know he had love, and that he fought for it to the end.
And I am the only one who knew this love.

Abyssal Monster

"I hate the thought of dealing with others."
Ugh. The vermin laughing as they pass hurts my ears.

"I have power. And with it, I can eat all the dreams I want."
I eat and I eat, but it's never enough. Why am I so irritated?

"I will eat dreams and become human. That is all."
Will that even happen? What am I looking for?

Reborn Pillar

This is a story from when she still ruled the country.

She did her duty for the betterment of her people. She was ever
kind, ever passionate; playing her part so her subjects might
live in happiness. But she made a mistake, one which stemmed
from her own compassion. Afterward, the right to rule was taken
from her, as was her title. She was, by all accounts, a failure.
Yet still she set her mind to a singular goal—and made a vow.

Reborn Leader

This is the story of when she was first activated.

She was born into pain.
A pain created by the very people who would cling to her.
It stemmed from her missing right eye.
From how her people depended on her utterly.
From how no one understood her desire.

So she began to walk in the long, long dark.
She did not understand what she was missing.
Nor did she know why her people looked at her as they did.

Obsessed Ruler

An artificial intelligence who rules over a scientifically
advanced country. She uses her vast knowledge and superhuman
computing power to led them to prosperity. Though known for
her cruelty, she wields such methods not for sadistic pleasure,
but for efficiency. This trait has led her people to many
favorable outcomes, and she has earned their trust as a result.

Summer Witch

Witch: Yeah, I think I'm showing too much skin.
She stands before the mirror, studying her swimsuit.
Witch: Ugh. I'm really embarrassed now.
She uses her hat to hide her stomach.
Best Friend (M): Hey! Are you done changing yet!?
Best Friend (F): Hurry up, or we're leaving you behind!
Rushed voices come from outside.
Witch: Wait! I'm coming!
She hurriedly throws a cardigan over her shoulders and leaves.
Forgetting her embarrassment, she rushes to the beach with a smile.

Summer Prisoner

Prisoner: The beach, eh? I think I'm too old for... Hmm?
He sees men surrounding his wife and he rushes to her.
Prisoner: Hey! Stay away from my wife!
The men are bewildered by the prisoner's sudden appearance.
Prisoner: Oh. You just...needed directions.
His wife smiles as he scratches his head in embarrassment.

Summer Captive

Captive: I love the beach, but all the UV rays...
A large man suddenly appears next to her.
Captive: Babe, can you shade me for a second? Thanks.
As she says her thanks, she pulls something out of a bag.
Captive: Did you put sunscreen on? You'll pay later if you didn't.
He leans down as she smears the cream across his head.

Summer Hunter

Hunter: How long has it been since I've visited the beach?
She checks her prosthetics, which are burning in the summer sun.
Hunter: God, it's so hot...
She goes to buy an ice cream to cool down.
Hunter: One ice cream, please.
But the heat from her prosthetic causes the ice cream to melt
the second she makes contact with it.

Hunter: Damn.
She catches a drop on her finger and licks it off.
Hunter: Right. I'm going home.

Abyssal Girl

"I have scary dreams every night."
But waking up is even scarier.
"I hope Mister Monster will be my friend."
No one cares about me anymore. Not even Mommy or Daddy.
"I want to help Mister Monster if he's ever in trouble!"
I feel so small. So crushed. Will someone please help me?

Bloody Soldier

If this is hell,
I have nothing to fear.
But it is filled with endless light,
so I fear the shadows of a happy future.
So why do I wait for morning
on this path of endless night?
I told myself to never look back,
but I miss you so, so much.

Guardian Monster

Le1:7 - Slumber's Guardian

The age of gods ended in the distant past. Humans grew arrogant
and prideful, and no longer feared their gods. They are more
brutal than any beast, more repulsive than any insect, and at
times cause even monsters to quiver in fear. These poor humans,
having forgotten how to pray, seek salvation not from gods,
nor from nobility. Perhaps the realm of monsters, said to exist
somewhere in the world, is their last true hope for salvation.

Bloody Traveler

I thought my acts just.
When had that idea taken hold?
A lonely prayer, understood by none.
But who is this prayer for?
I sinned by acting as though I never noticed.
So I seek atonement, as well as this dream's end.
But as the moment approaches, I finally understand:
Wishes and reality have long since drifted apart.

Fractured Weapon



F. Guardian Assassin

Ak6:17 - Guardian of Divine Work
This is why. This is why through blood we sharpen our claws
and polish our fangs. We bathe in bottomless pools of blood
in battle, drain our blood in the jaws of death, and pass on
our knowledge of blood to the next generation as we continue
to hone ourselves. This is all so we can accomplish our roles
within our lifetimes, and so we might thrust the blade of
conviction upon the traitors who turned their fangs on us.

Guardian Captain

Gr6:8 - Guardian of Wisdom

Entrust your fate to one who knows you well. Let past regrets be
the starting point of all action. Human emotions are full of
contradictions, so embrace failures that stem from greed. Use the
will of the masses as your standard to determine what is right.
For it is you who controls your actions and emotions—though how
you act on this wisdom is ultimately up to you.

Abyssal Gunman

"I swore to make his ideals reality."

But I couldn't.

"I swore to protect him with my life."

But I couldn't.

"Yet I shall remain by his side."

Even though I know it's not what you want.

Fractured Assassin

i am false
my identity a sham
i imitate others and kill
such is the way of things

all i know is how to take life
yet i know nothing about how to live

Praying Songstress

A girl works as a singer in a technologically advanced city.
Her lovely appearance, polite personality, and courage in
singing for all those who are troubled by war have earned her
the respect and admiration of many. But because she performs
mostly in virtual spaces and is otherwise a very private individual,
some wonder if she is instead a fabrication forged and maintained
by multiple creators.

Abstract Songstress

I think back on the day I lost everything.

I didn't know what to do without my freedoms, and because
of my vows, I didn't even know what I could do.
But then, I heard a certain song. And the next thing I knew,
tears were streaming down my face. Perhaps the lyrics just
happened to resonate with my battered heart at the time,
but that was the moment I realized songs hold an
intangible power that can set people's hearts in motion.

So this is why I sing—because I trust in that power
to help me do what I must.

Guardian Gunman

Di6:13 Church Guardian

The world itself a darkness; only specks of light flicker through
the black.

Ah, look. One vanished just now. The light's screams echo around
me; I feel it decaying. So I walk forth in search of the next light,
all so I might protect the one speck of light that shines a bit brighter
than the rest.

Phantasmal Weapon

The one-eyed dragon roars. Blood splashes over azure armor.
Yet the flames of enmity grow wilder still, and dark wings rise
to blot out the sky.

This battle has raged for a millennium; the hatred also.
Days once spent with family now serve only to fuel revenge.

It is a strange resemblance—perhaps the girl is not so very
different after all.

Phantasmal Prisoner

"Why do you fight, Dad?"
"To kill Flowers and keep you and your mom safe."
"But it's hard. You should stop. I saw you cry last time."
"Sorry, but that's the one thing I can't do."
"All you do is get hurt. What keeps you going?"
"The idea of spending time with you and your mom."
"That's why we see can still see each other even though
I'm gone, right? ...Still, do you mind if I just keep watching
you for now?"
"Of course. I want nothing more than to have you in my
heart, Son."

Phantasmal Exile

"Though I lack stamina, I will do all I can to support you,"
says the boy before they venture into the cave

Long had he dreamed of being a knight—a protector
of the people—but his condition forced the surrender
of this hope. Instead, he settled on assisting others
by way of his wits. But this day, exhaustion takes him.

"P-please try not to run around too much...
I cannot support you...if you get too far away..." *cough*

Bloody Witch

Spirits of this land, gather at my power.
In the name of our dark contract, show yourselves.
What are you? Who is your father?
Who is your mother? Where is your god?
O bonds, change form as you answer my challenges.
In the name of our crimson contract, become my kin.

Become my eyes. My nose. My ears.
Now you must follow in the target's steps.
I tell you now, the target's name is...

Bloodless Captive

Nuchiru bezodagerogam a irreplaceable mirowtesku gagerio
Reraugo mekurodam nuiterote arina i give to you ki
Sogaozuji feelings ganksu gaigubokoto baganusuketa
Daari relief rusakegunu abigebaa furerukinus kamichidolge
Mubake schianikzu bliss ikizouji borimla resgakrado
Ngishi yougaiwo kaketegusagashigo nezubanesto gechirobonof
Ibaria bittersweet kagoia numeumarim kestojim abo
Tetonuram rikengri suruga blossoming petals gonuraru renka
Iotohado shiyugasanu respiru grow warm mesutauji renga
Torn cask drips taada renbonushiga bousure nuasu

Fractured Captain




Fractured Hunter



Lacrima Girl

I wish I could wear pretty clothes and eat cake with my friends.
I want to dance ballet and have nice meals with Mommy and Daddy.

God will me my if I'm a good
grant wishes girl.
I think is
But God
think busy, forgot
so he already
about me.

False Guardian Gunman

Di5:11 - Dark Guardian

The skyborne hunter and its black wings brought naught to the
world. It bestowed pain, took lives, was feared and loathed,
and was eventually cast into the blackened depths of oblivion.
Yet the creator loved it all the same, and one bird shared in
this affection. When all is horror in the face of ignorance,
acceptance of goodwill absolves one of all sins, and even
the most sullied of lives might be saved.

Bloody Weapon

Time flows unmarked
looming behind me

It melts into shadow
encumbers legs
creeps up spines and into throats

I have little time left, so little

So little time before all fades to white

Guardian Prisoner

069:9-Journey's Guardian

I walk across a land fallen victim to devastation,
recording what life I encounter. The first thing
I see are small bugs skittering among rubble.
Soon thereafter, I find small fish swimming in
a dirtied lake.

They are such fragile things, these lives.
Will they be snuffed from this world in a day
or two? And after I record their lives, will any
traces of my life remain?

Bloodless Assassin

Kick decapitate emoboromoaninuwakonomajiha
Karawaagara moibekurushiduru bemenaeodu
Take life sotsuzaohoroji tanne wora kini suffocate
Romuro fuzudutadaki hesunome kuwana kill
Gaabioga henchi tavbushita hoguheki kizejitoba
Nshia yofuhiteno befukeyuchianigiden warigabiwaradaraki
Nemato kill yogado tahishuke meibidisuure zowave
Soaked blade hoojini nokezafushiba kill
Kawodamukenetaoni dried tears ra kouyaniyawani
Guonin oayuminirogikunimokozeimezuureni
Sakechizue wobasoberionuyo no peace kazegaduekina

Bloody Monster

He is conflict itself. Born of darkness.

Evil spirits resemble him, but he crushes them
regardless, leaving behind a horizon bathed in blood.
As pitch-black gates happen upon one another in the
abyss of solitude and despair, the nightmare-eater
sets off on a fool's errand.

His darkened innocence befits a gambler toying with
eternity, and he prays for hope and redemption at the
sad and empty towers. Alas, our beloved souls become
dust and are scattered to the winds.

Guardian Girl

Fi3: Dream Guardian

One ship sinks to the ocean floor; two shellfish play in a sunny
shoal; three dolphins swim south against the waves; four directions
are distinguished by a lighthouse glow; five great seas whose names
are known across the world. The little fish, big fish, swimming fish,
and eaten fish all dream the same. It is the story of the benevolent
goddess of the sea.

Lacrima Soldier

Rend, slice, crush, break.
All I could do was kill my enemy. Push forward to revenge.

It wasn't I anything
like had else

I have
no friends
no family
no money
no dreams

Reborn Fiend

The bespectacled girl made secret wishes.
She wished the silver-haired girl she loved would gift her a present.
She wished to spend time alone with
the silver-haired girl she loved so.
And she wished that she and the silver-haired girl she loved would...

The world was swallowed by darkness when
the sun fell below the horizon.
And in that stillness, the hideous beast still yearned for
a reunion with its best friend—a reunion that
could only happen in a dream.

Verboten Werebeast

A subhuman creature covered in a white cloth lives deep in the wood.
It detests how it looks beneath the cloth,
and was once spotted speaking human words in an alien voice.
According to the sighting,
the tone sounded like a mix of anger and sadness,
but little else is known of the creature,
including what it thinks or what its goals might be.

Abstract Werebeast

I do want to look good sometimes, you know.
Hee hee! What do you think she'll say when she sees
how beautiful I am?

I cannot wait for her to see. I cannot wait! I cannot wait
I cannot wait I cannot wait I cannot wait I cannot wait I
cannot wait to see I cannot wait I cannot wait I cannot wait
I cannot wait I cannot wait I cannot wait her I cannot wait I
cannot wait I cannot wait dead I cannot wait dead see her
dead I cannot wait

Reborn Sorceress

After returning home for the first time in a long while,
the adolescent girl found that her sickly mother no longer knew her.
However, she still spoke hazily of the love and worries
she harbored for her daughter.

For so long, the girl had thought her mother hated her,
but now she reached out and
gently grasped her the other woman's hand.
And on her birthday, she found herself clad in
a white dress and making her way to the church to
say goodbye to her mom for the last time.

Fractured Traveler

i think
what i see on the mountains is ambition
what i see on the peaks is hope
i think
what i see in the mirage is anxious yearning
what i see in the depths of death is despair

Celebratory Exile

The answer to that question is "hope."

Hope is the future people wish for, and they reason they
can turn their attentions ahead and dream of tomorrow.

And I will fight to protect that hope until their dreams
become reality.

Celebratory Witch

Well, I guess that'd be "time with my friends"?

Like when me and him were joking with each other
and she started giggling? I only realized how important
those insignificant moments were after they were gone.

Celebratory Gunman

My answer to your query is "will."

Even if I am confined to the darkest dungeon for
ages on end, I can protect him so long as I follow
the fire in my chest.

Celebratory Soldier

I know the answer already. It's "what I've already lost."

The things I'll never get back, even after drowning myself
in blood. And yet, that's the only thing I can do...

Bloodless Monster

sobanahapasuto funekufugimo obsession manupomerizo
padugichisoyu envy piguewowa moruponupu malice
hidukaripazo midukoriau sochinagi shame
zupopiaojitawaka kabofuripikobero rot
gosonnzopotsusoku satodusorurinzuepajiuyuyagifu
wapokojikitohaarezogipaso cog sutegoouvukinisoku
anuhohepogo reaction desire godudusonayoruibo
heagikaifuwonuwa bosutekuiawogigo become human
aahobodi vuaromojida take eat dream shiafufuono
boupiasomodzide friend mihakoreigaruzon
pajikokirasorudoshin yuwaeripohiudosutsutean
wouvumo despair duaopinarirudoshi

Fractured Gunman

I fire bullets of darkness.
I don an overcoat black as night.

All is done to crush skin and bone.
All is done to bathe in fresh blood.

Bloody Captive

The sunlight glinting off your smile?
How you once were.
The flame of hatred in your eyes?
How you fight now.
The last puzzle piece that forms reality?
Gone. Long gone. Only emptiness remains.
I know we can never return to the past.
I consider all this and I know.
I know I cannot smile as I once did.
So instead, I lean into the cold, cold weapon.
The one that now covers my mouth.

Bloodless Weapon

garakiagashinihiu i nikarashimakavu who are you
ninoruimeramadewakaji this body ruibirakashi
sleep akekirismuchimifuriheniburubikisujiminodzuyagu
dream sarutareimaokazumidorushijiribinemu voices
terisuta songs ibenepo hear bidahikarabushi
someone himirebagami
awaken hanikitagamenareha must go
back memoyukinikanebuashiumi
girenashitorasuwatadahemawoyurou red
dzuhigihekeworedoh irekurahomebhehitsu
i don't understand himirebagamemoyukini

Lacrima Captain

A soldier must fear nothing in his mission.
A soldier must not fear taking a life.

He not risking his for his
must fear life
is ified at
He terr ing his
look men's

New Year's Exile

Smiles of happiness are key
To a tomorrow without war
All we need to do is this...
Reach out to those in need
So they might stand and pass it on

New Year's Weapon

The road stretches ever onward, and I am alone
Reward for traversing it eludes me yet
All I focus on is the path ahead
I know not what waits for me
Lone vow in my heart, I go where I am meant to

New Year's Hunter

Another night breaks into dawn
Lingering rust clings to my sword
Once I stand, I breathe in cool air
Now begins another hunt
Even though I am still forlorn

New Year's Prisoner

Precious blossoms bloom and one day wilt
Everyone knows this fact of life
To live, to die; but he was so young
And too young yet to leave this earth
Let these hands pluck those blooms bare

Yuletide Assassin

"Gifts, you say?"
"Yes. Apparently an old man clad in red places them by
one's pillow in the night."
"Hmm. Foreign culture is indeed strange."
"But does it not sound mystical, in a way?"
"Indeed, that old man must be no ordinary fellow."
"Why do you say that?"
"Passing through defenses while carrying gifts is no easy feat."
"Ah, perhaps you're right, at that..."

Abstract Witch

I sit and watch the stars.

They shine with different colors. Different brightnesses.
They glow in different spots.

If one were to disappear, most people wouldn't notice.
They'd only notice if the brightest star disappeared.

Three stars sit against the wintery sky in a triangle.
In reality, they are so, so far away from each other.
If one were to disappear, would the other stars notice?

Avowed Witch

A girl who was brought to a school after her
magickal aptitude was discovered.

In the great hall where other children of similar
circumstances gather, she meets people she
would soon come to call her best friends.

And in this strange place so far from home,
she begins her life of training.

Bloody Assassin

I was to bring down this land, and so removed his head.
Rest now, great enemy lord, along with the era you built.

When a good king passes, some rejoice.
Some despair.
But every single time I snuff out a life,
I learn just how terrifying people can be.

Yuletide Exile

"Did you find a disguise, My Prince?"
"Yes, but...what is this?"
"A sealed package? I see.
The wrapping suggests it is a gift."
"Perhaps the sender was unable to deliver it
due to the recent skirmish in the area."
"...Or perhaps an emergency occurred
and they simply left it behind."
"Let us leave it in a spot out of the rain."
"Yes. A fine idea."

Yuletide Girl

"Ooh, ooh! Can I ask you a question?
See, I want to get a present for my mommy
and daddy, but I don't know what grown-ups like.

...Huh? Money? Oh. I don't have any money.
I guess it was a silly idea, huh?

I'll never make Mommy and Daddy happy..."

Yuletide Monster

"Why's your body so pale?"
"Dunno. I ate a human's dreams and then
it just sort of...happened."
"Huh. Weird. What kind of human?"
"Old guy. Red outfit."
"So you ate his dreams, but didn't become human?"
"Couldn't eat 'em all—apparently the guy burdens
himself with other humans' dreams."

Lacrima Captive

I continued my vengeance for you.
I slaughtered with power that consumed me.
B u t m a t ter I k i l
n o h o w m u c h l
I s l l e y u
t i l o s o
A I k e e p n g .
n d s o g o i
A l l I m n d
s o a y f i
a t r e i y o u.
f u u w t h

Bloody Gunman

I know they are just signals.
I know they are just impulses.

Why am I so confused?
Why am I in such agony?

I committed another sin.
I did so simply because I understood.

Guardian Weapon

No10:1 - Letter Guardian

A square sky. A crucified life. Though she cannot see the flames,
she wastes away in bed as the quagmire of disappointment slowly
swallows her whole. Her mother's letters and her father's search
for a cure are all that keep her going, and yet even their love now
feels like a curse. Eventually the letters stop. Her father vanishes.
And one day, eyes of a different color open in her once-familiar face.

Guardian Assassin

Ak6:16 - Guardian of Her House

Cross not the line. Undo not the knot. Step not into the light. Leave
not the shadows. To abandon a path that has been determined for
you from the very beginning is arrogance.

Be ready to have all taken from you if you betray your place—your
role. For a leaf can never forget its flowers or flee its branch.

Fractured Soldier

Behind the anger lies sorrow.
Behind the hatred lies weakness.

There are two sides to me.
There always has been. And I've always known it.

Abstract Monster

"I." "Me."

There is a constant yearning inside me. A thirst that will never be
quenched. It is a worm on the parched earth begging for rain; a
mole in the deepest abyss straining for the sun.


I wish I could say it aloud. But I never will.

Dark Monster

A type of monster that devours human dreams in order to become
human itself.

What drives this desire to become human, you ask? Though he had
once assumed it was a compulsion born of simple instinct,
he has since discovered an answer to that question that is all his own.

Reborn Princess

This is the story of before the pitiful girl was born.

In a faraway land, a princess from a neighboring country
bore her husband, the prince, a baby girl. But others sought to
take the child's life, so she fled the castle with her baby before
collapsing and dying in a strange town. And though the young
couple who took in the baby held little love for her, she became a
kind girl all the same.

Reborn Beast

This is the story of when the monster was yet human.

There was once a young businessman dissatisfied with life.
But though he was awkward and made mistakes at work, he shone
brightly when playing games online.

One day, he found a new job at a game company—the first step to
becoming his ideal self. Sadly, a jealous coworker ended his life.
But his desire to change—his need to change—still wanders
aimlessly, even after death.

The Girl of Light

A girl who lives in a country with a strict class system governed by
the Nobility. Though she used to be a Commoner, changing national
policy labeled her a lowly Goat Person, subjecting her to
discrimination from all other classes.

Her collar and bindings serve as proof of her base status.
When she sleeps, she is taken to a place called The Cage and
shown terrible nightmares.

Intoner Girl

Fio: *yaaawn* Huh? What are these clothes?
The girl wakes to find herself in an unfamiliar place, wearing
unfamiliar clothes, surrounded by unfamiliar people.

Two: Hmmm? Did you get smaller, One?
Four: Rude, Two! You can't say that out loud!
Three: ...... (Probably asleep)
Five: My, my! It seems she's stopped growing in all the wrong places!
One: I'm right here, you know.

Progenitor Sister

A beautiful, silver-haired woman with a flower growing from her eye.
Her elegant appearance hides superhuman power and otherworldly
swordsmanship. She is an Intoner—a being that can use the power
of song—and is known as "the betrayer" for her desire to kill her five
sister Intoners. The woman is violent, lazy, unyielding, and has a
horribly short temper—and is said to have sexual relationships with
many men.

Intoner Assassin

A rain of tears. Sharpened steel. A mound of corpses.

The blue-haired girl disguised herself, burned herself, shattered
herself. But the one she loved was always at her side. Together
they lived, cooked...and strayed from the righteous path. Was
that how it was to be with one who understood her? With a lover?

Alas, I know not; an assassin must never attempt to understand
the hearts of others.

Divergent Sister

Hey, One? Why do I have to wear this dress? I don't need it to
get guys—I'm good in that department. ...Huh? The government?
Who cares!? Feed 'em to the dragons.

Me, gussied up. The laughing of my sisters. Days of health.
I prayed this divergence might last forever.

Abstract Weapon

Sometimes I don't understand.

I don't understand the sights I see, the sounds I hear, or the scents
I smell while I sleep. They are someone else's memories—but if I
acknowledge them, they start to intermingle with my sensations,
and I gradually lose track of what senses are truly my own.

Lately, I've found it difficult to keep them distinct even when I am
awake. "Whose sensations are these?" I wonder this to myself
as I make my way back to the facility.

Guardian Exile

Ri5:30 - Philosophical Guardian

If god existed, it would mourn this world of endless war and blood.
If god existed, it would send messengers to those who await salvation.
If god existed, it would use people to save the world.

But what is salvation to a god? If war is born in the differences
between people's beliefs, how can salvation deny the very paths we
walked—especially when we mistake our own justice as divine?

Dissenting Weapon

Date: ____ What I Picked Up

I found a diary, so I'm trying my hand at writing. I don't know the
date, so I left it blank. I also don't know when today started or when
tomorrow starts. I'm thinking of using this diary to record my dreams.
Honestly, I have no idea how people used to use diaries.

Patriotic Traveler

September 10th

Hello from a small inn I stumbled across! The view of the
coast is just lovely.

How's the girl doing? Is she still talking to that boy? If he ends up
being a weirdo, I'll turn his guts inside out! ...If I were there.
But I'll entrust that to you. Look, just make sure she doesn't get
any weirdos chasing her.

Bloody Hunter

Lose one thing, gain another.
That's how life works.
Everyone experiences partings,
but it's how one reacts to that pain
that marks where your paths diverge.

The path I chose is one of eternal darkness.
I can never again return to the world of light,
so I wander in search of revenge for all I've lost.

This is my life—the life of a drifter.

The Aerie Warrior

A silver-haired woman who lives in a remote village called The Aerie.
The left side of her body is possessed by a Shade, and she wears her
distinctive outfit in order to keep its encroachment in check.

Her foul mouth and crude personality were greatly influenced by
her grandmother, who also gave her a hairpin made from a legendary
Lunar Tear, which she cherishes dearly.

Divergent Oddity

Hey! You like my new clothes? Preeetty nice, right?

Yeah, I tried going for a sorta fancy look 'cause we're
heading out on the town today. I mean, it's just the tavern in
Seafront, but...

Huh? WHAAAT!? N-no! What are you even talking about,
Kainé!? This isn't a d-d-d-date!

Puzzling Oddity

A strange creature that looks like a floating skeleton. He used to
be a handsome young boy who lived in a manor, but was transformed
into his current shape while trying to save his sister.

Specializing in magical attacks, he can also live on as just a head,
and has even been known to hop about and hold conversations in
this form.

Soulful Lad

A young man on a journey to save his sister, Yonah,
who is afflicted by a disease called the Black Scrawl.

Traveling with a talking book named Grimoire Weiss,
a foul-mouthed woman named Kainé, and a stout-hearted
lad named Emil, the group has overcome countless ordeals
and forged bonds of unshakeable trust.

The young man cares deeply for his friends and would do
anything to save those he cherishes. Anything.

Divergent Warrior

Pick your damn jaw up off the floor already. You really that shocked
I'm wearing something new?

...Heh. Shoulda known you'd say that. I don't need to wear those
clothes anymore now that the damn Shade is gone.

Grandma actually used to wear this when she was young. I'm seeing
someone important today, and well... I hope he likes it, I guess.

Divergent Lad

I make money doing small jobs for the villagers here.

We don't have parents, so this has been our life for as long as
I can remember. But we still have some happy times—in fact,
Yonah was cured of her sickness five years ago today! I'm so glad
she's healthy now. Maybe one day, she'll meet someone and...

Actually, I haven't seen Yonah around for a while.
...What? She went to find ingredients for a stew!?
Noooooo! Why didn't you stop her, Emil!?

Fractured Prisoner


Guardian Captive

F610:10 - Sanctuary Guardian

In the depths of a temple where sunlight does not reach, a solemn
ritual takes place. Five priests carry treasures of the sanctuary: a
golden compass, a phoenix feather, a sage's ring, an angel's scales,
and a god's diary. As they walk, the temple doors close, never to
open again. No one knows of this ritual—this blessing.

They cannot. They must not.

Dissenting Captain

November 7th. The day of an infiltration mission.

Today, like any other day, I point the muzzle of my gun at my target.
Eyes fearful, body shivering, mouth open in protest, yet I send him to
the grave all the same. His only crime was of being an inconvenient
existence in the eyes of the military.

For as long as I serve the military—and for as long as I bear the
burden of my wrongdoings—this fate is one from which I cannot
escape. Perhaps I too, like them...shall one day...

Abstract Captain

Crunch, crunch, crunch.
The sounds of gravel grinding against earth.

Thud, thud thud.
The sounds of bootheels plodding on asphalt.

There's something utterly nostalgic about those sounds—they remind
me of the land where I was born and raised.

When I hear them, I understand anew why I spend my days locked in
battle—I do so for the land I'm from, and the precious feelings
I left there.

Celebratory Captain

Light is warm, reassuring, and filled with hope. It is given equally to
all living things, and grants them its blessings without reserve.

That's why I reject the light. It doesn't suit a man soaked with sin
like me.

Celebratory Girl

Hmm... That's a toughie, but for me, I think it's the sun. Whenever
I'm sad, I always get happy again when I look up into a bright sky,
so I want to make other people happy just like Mr. Sun!

Hidden Weapon

One of a countless number of girls who was created by a research
facility to be a living weapon. Her eyes glow a ghastly red during
battle, revealing her true nature.

She now follows the voice in her head as she moves through the
world cutting down strange white specters.

Reborn Warlady

This is the story of before she awoke.

An eddying spiral. Repeated death. So many lives were made,
awakened, and vanished. So many hopes crumbled without
taking form.

Only one girl was freed from this cruel struggle. She alone carries
hope's burden, crossing the earth to fulfill her vow of finding the
place the first girl dreamed of.

Celebratory Hunter

I'll be frank: It is but a tool for learning just how deep the
darkness is.

...And it is something that I will never have.

Celebratory Traveler

Long ago, I would've said "treasure." But now, my answer would be
the starry sky as seen from the mountain peaks, or nature in all of
its shining glory...

No. I know what it is: "The place I yearn to return to."

Celebratory Weapon

I was not sure how to answer the question I was posed. But I think
the answer, for me, is "My older sister's desires."

For that is what lights my way forward, even though I know not what
may happen next.

Harmonious Captain

A young captain whose subordinates call him a coward due to the
amount of withdrawal orders he issues and his rather timid composure.

He once rejected a boy who offered to serve on a strike team
before an operation; when the boy vanished soon thereafter,
he found himself worrying about him.

Was this because of his fearful personality, or did something else stir
deep inside his heart?

Reborn Has-Been

This is the story of when the ambitious young man was
yet a footsoldier.

He had long dreamed of a medal of honor, so he ignored orders and
struck out for glory—and the price of his actions was the lives of
his comrades.

But the medal was given to him despite the fact his actions had
killed dozens. When this happened, he no longer knew the meaning
of honor, and so began a desperate search for the answer.

Summer Assassin

Assassin: I am not used to such thin clothing.

As the woman dons her disguise, she attempts to wrap a pareo
around her waist. As she does, a hidden weapon clatters to the floor.

Assassin: I really need more places to hide things.
She takes her hat in hand and pauses briefly in contemplation.

Assassin: I wonder why they use both an umbrella and a hat?

Summer Traveler

Husband: You think I'm headed to the mountains again, huh?
Well, I'm not! I'm going to the beach to find the white whale of

Huddled in the corner, his wife ignores him.

Husband: That woman does not understand adventure at all...

The wife walks to him with something in hand.

Wife: Here. It's a light coat and loincloth for the beach.

Husband: Oh, thanks. Right, then! I'm off! Bwa ha ha!

The wife watches as her husband departs.

Wife: I hope that fool is all right. He can't even swim...

Summer Girl

Girl: Yay! The ocean!

As the girl plays in the water, her parents watch from the beach.

Dad: Don't know why she has to be this excited...
Mom: How long since we've been able to drag you out here?
Dad: Sorry. I've just been so busy with work.
Girl: Mommy! Daddy! C'mon, let's play!

As the father stands up, the mother whispers to herself.

Mom: I don't know what true happiness is, either...

Summer Exile

Men dressed for summer stand and chat.
Man A: Hey, how 'bout that one!? I like 'em small and waif-like,
and she fits the bill exactly.
Man B: Yeah, I dunno. I prefer 'em more mature.
Man C: Say, who's that guy over there?
Man A: Dammit, she's already got a fella. Better look elsewhere,
I guess.
Man C (whispering): That's not what I meant, but...whatever.

Abstract Girl

Put on clothes. Take off clothes.
Put on clothes. Take off clothes.

I'd love to try on all sorts of different stuff, day in and
day out! Frills, lace, headdresses, shoes... All sorts of cute
things you'd think only existed in storybooks or in dreams.

But you know what? I think I feel most like myself when
I'm wearing the same old clothes as always.

Abstract Assassin

Seasons change. Spring to summer, summer to autumn,
autumn to winter, and winter to spring once more.

As the colors change, so, too, do we grow old.

Was I ever able to feel the days?
In spring? Summer? Autumn? Winter?
I can't tell. Maybe I couldn't ever tell.

Could someone tell me, what is the color of my heart?

Sickly Exile

A young prince who travels with a bandaged, taciturn man.
Due to his royal lineage, he is often targeted by both bounty hunters
and common citizens dissatisfied with the current state of affairs.

Given these dangers, why does he continue this journey?

Divergent Attacker

These hands grasped pride. These hands grasped a vow.
These hands grasped a wish.

What was I so proud of? What did I promise to do?

What did I wish for?

All the people I met that day? In that time and place?
I can't remember anything about them anymore.

Isolated Scanner

A YoRHa Scanner-type android. Scanners specialize in survey
missions, and can gather information and intel via hacking.

While they typically offer support for more battle-oriented androids
during combat, they can also seize control of nearby mechanical
equipment and even machine lifeforms.

It's amazing how much they can do!

Guardian Hunter

Fr5:17 Aria for an Empty Night

The darkness in my heart gives me the strength to wield a sword and
pluck evil from the world. But on nights when it envelops my soul,
I'm seized by a fathomless emptiness. No matter how many times I
swing my sword, the precious things I have lost will not return.
And that being so, what is the point of everything?

I grit my teeth and ignore it. Precious lives are being stolen again
today, which is why I wield my sword.

Reborn Swordmaster

This is the story of two people who surpassed fate.

It was a warm and peaceful time, like rays of light peeking
through the clouds after a long rain. The two of them finally
earned a new life—one innocent and pure, and filled with
limitless possibilities.

Reborn Truant

This is the story of when the lonely boy arrived at a certain truth.

The boy finally fulfilled the revenge he had long been seeking,
but the truth he earned as his reward snatched away all he had
trusted in thus far.
Family, love, effort, hatred, sadness, anger, trust, hope—all were
swallowed up by somber reality.

Dissenting Prisoner

10/09. juSTice

What is justice?
Enacting retribution upon those who do evil?
Giving food and money to the poor?
Protecting those you love with your very life?

People sometimes mock such acts, decrying them as hypocritical in
nature. Even if it is hypocritical or self-sacrificing, I believe justice is
nothing more than holding true to your morals until the bitter end.

Vengeful Attacker

An Attacker-type android that deserted YoRHa. Attacker types mainly
specialize in close-quarters combat, and served as models for the
B-types which were later formally deployed.

All A-type models can access a special function called Berserker
mode that offers an explosive increase in attack power at the
expense of defense.

This mode was not part of the loadout package for later B-types.

Reborn Adventurer

This is the story of when the loutish man was yet alive and well.

The man acted the part of a terrible father so his family would
not worry after him, for death stalked him around every corner.

But the morning he left on his adventure, his daughter gave him a
gift. After taking it, he turned his back on her and walked away—for
if he were to embrace her, he might never leave on
another adventure.

Praying Battler

A standard YoRHa combat android. This model uses swords to
engage machine lifeforms at close range, and a support system
called a Pod for long-range strikes.

While YoRHa are forbidden from having emotions, each model has
its own personality, and 2B is relatively cool and collected when
compared to other B-type models.

Dissenting Captive

10/10. lOVe

What is "love"?
Is it feeling positive about one you're interested in?
Is it how you feel towards your own child?
Is it pity toward someone weaker?
Love comes in many forms, and all are wonderful.
A well of love can grant exponential strength.
Even if it is biased, sexual, sympathetic...or hateful.

Reborn Contractor

This is the story of the woman from when she was yet young.
She had a normal family, mundane routine, and common happiness.
But the smallest spark—the tiniest misalignment of gears—caused it
to come crashing down.

How was she to live in such a world?

In her darkness, she made a vow that grew to become her only hope.

Dissenting Exile

May 1st. The military parade.

I've been thinking about the significance of this ceremony all day.
Soldiers march to the music while clockwork men show off their
marksmanship, and the crowd roars through it all.

Demonstrating our might brings peace of mind to the people,
but also serves as a check for other countries. It's painfully obvious
that all of this is simply another tool of war.

Dissenting Girl

XX/XX. Morning clouds, afternoon showers.

It looked like rain today, so I stayed home and finished the book I
borrowed from the library! It was an adventure story that took place
at sea. I've never seen the sea, but the book says it's salty.
I know I'm just a kid, but there's still so much I don't know—maybe
I'll go borrow an ocean encyclopedia if it's sunny tomorrow!

Reborn Revolutionary

This is a story of the prince before he was discarded by the king.

As he donned his regal garb, the prince thought about the truth that
vanished in a pool of crimson, what the girl was about to say,
and what he would have to say ere long.

That was the first time he ever doubted his father—and now,
the celebrated royal regalia merely represented his own sins.

Reborn Inmate

This is the story of when the imprisoned woman was yet human.

There was once a genetic engineer who sought to fill the world
with life. But instead of creating lush green plants, her research gave
birth to the Flowers—horrid creatures that multiplied throughout the
world by devouring humans. Eventually, she adopted a plan to atone
for her sins—and though it was a fool's errand, it was the only one
she had left.

Dissenting Gunman

11-13 10:23:16 MN023941

He fought against evil and embraced what was good.
He prayed to unite the world in everlasting peace.
But the ideals he wished for vanished without a trace.
I will never forgive the world for neglecting him so.
Yet I doubt I will ever retaliate so long as proof
that he once lived remains ever in my memory.

Dissenting Soldier

XX/XX. A frigid dawn.

Hope is always just out of reach.
Is that why people long for it?

It is something I fear to reach out my hand for.

Indulging in the frigid pleasantness of solitude,
I gaze upon the sliver of sky I see beyond the window frame.

Dissenting Hunter

XX/XX. Can't sleep.

Killed another man today, which made me realize there are countless
ways to take a life. That's useless knowledge for people who
live normal lives, but for me, it's all I know. That's why I don't count
sheep to fall asleep, but victims.

Reborn Automaton

This is a story of when the obedient soldier was discarded.

The man thought back on his orders to guard the royal boy,
of the boy trying to save the lives of his men, of the secret promise
they made as they fled the battlefield, and of the boy's unchanging
mercy in the face of war.

One by one, his memories vanished, leaving behind only darkness—
and a fleeting feeling in his chest he could not identify.

Reborn Convict

This is the story of an empty man who gained a reason to live.

There was once a man who watched over his unconscious wife after
she had been injured in a battle with the Flowers. The man cursed
himself for his allowing her to be wounded so, and swore to gain the
strength to prevent such a thing from ever happening again—no
matter what tragedies might arise from such a decision.

Guardian Traveler

Ar2:8 Mountain Village Guardian

The man was born to poor mountain people; theirs was a simple life
spent in nature before returning to the earth.

Bored with his lot, the man left home for the city,
where he discovered people ruled by coin—a value system unfamiliar
to him. And because of his youth, the power of greed slowly
overtook him.

Dissenting Traveler

December 29th. Heavy snow.

I fight for what I seek. I will fight tomorrow, and the day after,
and the day after that.

I don't know if what I'm looking for is at the end of my battles,
but I will fight for it tomorrow, and the day after, and the day
after that.

For the fight is the only proof I still live.

Dissenting Assassin

July 7th. Cloudy.

I shoulder the regrets of others.
I make true wishes of others.
I beseech the prayers of others.

But to do so is to earn the hatred of others, and I will never escape
the pressure of my crimes.

Yet I've no choice but to forward one slow, careful step at a time.
For should I stop, I shall be swallowed up by what follows behind me.

Spiteful Soldier

A boy who spent his childhood amidst the flames of an endless war.
Such days cast a dark shadow over his heart, so his room in the
manor was thoughtfully decorated with lovely trinkets in an effort to
shine some light onto the constant eclipse of his soul.

Yet despite his care, the boy was ridden by anxiety and soon grew
to loathe his own weakness. More than anything in the world,
what he wanted was to become a strong man.

Distressed Captive

A woman who lives with her husband and son in a futuristic world.
After becoming a prisoner, she learned that she was being used in
an experiment conducted to gather combat data from battles against
monstrous flower creatures.

Yet she and her husband stood together and fought, seeking to
destroy the Flowers and gain revenge for their son's death at
their hands.

Stalwart Prisoner

A man who lives with his wife and son in a futuristic world. One day,
his happy, uneventful existence is shattered by the sudden
appearance of flowering monstrosities that claim the life of his child.

After that, his feelings of vengeance towards the Flowers became his
sole reason for living.

Human Monster

The dream-eating monster ate a girl's dreams and became human.
Aside from the color of its garments, it looked exactly like the
little girl. But the monster lost so much in exchange for taking
on this form.

Apex Traveler

A mountain-loving man who has conquered several peaks and climbs
in order that he might ""find his life.""

Though nature has risen up against him many times, he overcomes
each challenge placed in front of him.

Perhaps he will finally find the life he seeks if he can reach the
summit of one last mountain...

Twilight Assassin

An assassin who serves a lord of some renown. She is efficient in her
work, and none can claim to be her equal in the way of the sword.

The better she does, the more her lord comes to rely on her—yet she
also yearns for a normal life, and can often be found enjoying the
simpler things.

Departed Gunman

The first model of clockwork soldier built as a weapon of war.
When it proved unable to carry out vital orders, it was deemed
defective and tossed in a storehouse.

One day, a young and sickly prince was also brought to the
storehouse in an attempt to hide his worsening disease. It was a
day that changed the soldier's fate forever.

Wounded Hunter

The woman was a hunter in a village surrounded by woods.
She was not yet an adult when she lost her parents, and her little
sister was too young to realize anything had even happened at all.

So she worked on her skills, day in and day out, that she might be
able to support her sister.
She would not give up—could not give up—and so instead she kept
her eyes focused squarely on the future.

Despite her hard life, she was a gentle, reliable soul,
and her younger sister cherished her like a mother.

Abstract Prisoner

Steal from the one who steals from you.
Kill the one who would take your life.
Hate begets hate. Revenge brings revenge.

Trapped in chains of negativity, I no longer have the ability to walk a
righteous path.

But that's fine with me, because I have grown used to the path I now
live on.

Mechanical Exile

I was uneasy. I was alone. My orders determined whether my people
would live or die—and as they looked at me with frustration and
doubt, I knew I was alone amidst the fires of war.

But then I met you—the clockwork man. I thought you were nothing
but a cold-hearted machine, but you weren't like that at all.

Abstract Gunman

Anger. Jealousy. Resentment. Regret. Sadness. Hate.
I surmise the emotions in the bullets enemies fire at me.

Fear. Anguish. Emptiness. Resignation. Remorse. Despair.
I surmise the final emotions of those who face my guns.

Divergent Battler

I was assigned to kill machine lifeforms, so I do.

It is my fate to be perpetually trapped in a never-ending spiral of
life and death.

...But what do I fight for now? I should be free,
but I feel like I've forgotten something—some vital goal.

Mechanical Assassin

The women don garments that speak to their role;
leaders in white and killers in black.
The women attend others to whom they are joined;
the units they supervise and other assassins of their house.
The women give their lives in the name of duty;
all is for the benefit of those they assist.

That is correct. These women exist only to serve those
above them. Though given titles such as commander
or lord, they too are but pawns in the end.

Simulacrum Girl

There were two colors, each equally mysterious.

White is a scary color.
It blots out all other colors, after all.

Black is a hopeful color.
We're all born from the darkness, after all.

Which is real, and which is a lie?
When all is said and done, which color am I?

Mock Machine

A replica android wrought by machine lifeforms. Created to mimic
the combat models of the YoRHa squadron, this unit in particular
was made based on the YoRHa unit that was shown to have the
greatest viability.

This replica android has a desire to go on existing, transmitting
information while increasing its numbers just as the humans of
the past once did.

Abstract Traveler

Take up your spear. Track your prey. Take its life.
They provide nourishment for my existence, just as I might
one day provide nourishment for theirs.

It is not something to be feared.
Life is a circle, and it continues on for eternity.

Abstract Exile

I seek what is long gone, and I seek what is to come.

But as I cling desperately to the past and future,
I lose sight of the present.

Will there ever be meaning to my life?
Will there ever be answers on my path?
Will there ever be salvation for this world?

Abstract Captive

I pray.
I pray that I might save at least those in front of me.

I pray more.
I pray that I might save everything in this world.

I pray. And pray. And pray.
And what do I have to show for it?

Mechanical Girl

Pod 042: Report: YoRHa android of unknown type detected.
Pod 153: Proposal: Identify black box signal.
Pod 042: Report: Unable to identify signal. It may be a new type of
machine lifeform imitating an android.
Pod 153: Proposal: Eliminate unidentified individual so as to alleviate
risk factors.
Fio: Aw, these are so cute! Can I pet you guys?
Pod 042: ...
Pod 153: ...
Pod 042: Report: I feel happy.
Pod 153. Affirmative. Elimination order rescinded.

Divergent Scanner

We went there together, she and I. To the most beautiful place I've
ever seen.

We spent time there together, she and I. A time more precious
than anything.

Hmm... This is data saved by an old version of myself. I'd love to
know who it was talking about, but right now I have to get to work.

Oh, and I heard that I have a new partner today! I think her
name is...2B? I wonder what kind of person she is.

Abstract Soldier

Somebody once asked if I believed in our country's justice.

I fall silent and wield my sword with an empty mind.

I kill the enemy. Kill the enemy. Kill the enemy.

But where is my true foe?

Abstract Hunter

The one most loathsome. The object of my revenge.
I turn anger into strength, hate into might.
I am painted in brown and dirtied blood.
My hollow heart is slowly fulfilled.
The darkened armor that protects me grows ever blacker.

I am now...a splendid killer.