Yuletide Prisoner

"Presents? Now surely isn't the time for such things."
"It's BECAUSE we live in uncertain times that things
like this are necessary. We need to live without regrets."
"...Maybe you're right. I haven't gotten a single gift for
my wife since coming here."
"Right? Stuff like this is surprisingly good for morale."
"I mean, sure, but..."
"Ugh, why are you always so stubborn? Just forget it.
I didn't have high hopes you'd play along anyway."
"No, it's just... I wonder what my wife would like..."

Yuletide Weapon

"Red, white, green. Lights. Fir tree. Star."
"Did everyone have fun decorating?"
"Did everyone enjoy looking at all of this?"
"What part of this brought everyone joy?"
"I...don't understand."
"Maybe I'd understand if I had a family."

Abyssal Werebeast

Gah hah hah! Liar! Your bright red hands are proof!
Your ugly state is a reflection of your heart.
Live by your whims.

Despite knowing nothing you do will earn you what
you seek...

F-H Swordmaster

One slice. Another. Sundered flesh, splattered blood—her arms
delight as she wields her blade like an extension of her body.
Those radiant days, the moments she spent with the girl—
quashed like a child's toy and shattered before their prime.
A killer protecting the life of another? A foolish notion.
She stares with clouded eyes and bloodied kimono at her cold
body, reminded of the downpour on the night she met the girl.

"How cruel God is, teasing us with a fleeting dream."

Abyssal Pupil

"My suffering is nothing compared to my father's."
But how much longer can you keep this up?
"I will protect our life together. No matter what."
Your father would be absolutely crushed if he
knew what you've been doing.
"I'm happy with how things are. I can keep going."
Please... Somebody please save me.

Shadowbound Belle

I divine my own fate and see an unwavering future.
I see a glistening castle upon which night never falls.
I see the smiles of my chamberlains, my visage
covered in gemstones, and my husband's fiery eyes.

I divine my own fate and see a future of despair.
A castle from which there is no escape. A fake smile.
A stone to which I am bound and eyes that inspire disgust.

I divine my own fate and curse what I see.

Guardian Pupil

Hn12:25 - Guardian of Beauty

The woman believed there was nothing more balanced than this
world. Not only was she outwardly beautiful, but she was also
blessed with foresight and a fine personality, and she built up
considerable wealth as the head of an organization. She gave
her thanks every day to those who did nothing.
"I want to be more beautiful." "I want to be more wealthy."
"I want to be more powerful," she would always say.
Everything that once belonged to those who had given up
eventually found its way into the hands of the chosen few.
Such is the providence of nature.

Divine Boor

I can't stop.
I can't turn back now.
For there is only sand that will swallow you whole.


If only I could see her again.
If only I could see her smile.
Trivial, immutable wishes that sink silently
to the bottom of the sea.

Abyssal Student

"I wish I had the strength to help my mom."
Do I have any hope of ever being strong enough to save her?
"I don't have to listen to anyone else."
It's not like anyone talks to me.
I have nothing to be sad about.

"I will risk all that I am in order to achieve my goals."
But will my efforts ever be rewarded?

Oathbound Belle

I will surely never smile so long as I am playing my
role as the queen's daughter. The cold expression
upon my face is armor with which I protect myself.

But a thought has made its nest in a corner of my heart:
What if I were to one day strip myself free of that armor
and smile as a normal girl might?

If only I could be born again... I am unable to discard
such wild dreams that will never come to pass.

Oathbound Exile

Why can we not stop strife among people?
We draw lines in the sand based on things
like our place of birth, appearance, or status,
and use them as excuses for hatred. For war.

If every last person looked different and was unique
in their own way, maybe we could all work together
for the sake of a common goal... Or maybe such
an idea is nothing but idle fancy.

In any case, my mission is to preach peace in all
the places within my reach, and I will see that done.

Frozen-Heart Convict

The man was born to fight the Flowers. He did not believe his
life had meaning apart from this—until the day he met her.
On that day, thoughts of freedom began rolling about his mind,
even though there should have been no need for such a thing.

So the man chose a new life. He took her hand, and together
they abandoned the old world. What he felt as they ran was not
despair, but hope. Together, they would walk the path of a life
they chose of their own free will.

"Even if all of my feelings prove to be a fabrication,
I still want to live my life with you."

Oathbound Songstress

If only I could cast light upon places smothered in shadow.
If only I had the power to fight. Then I would be like a hero
of legend, standing up against a lord of darkness.

Then I could join hands with you.
Then I could fight by your side.

Instead, I will sing.
Instead of a sword, I will hold a microphone...
So that at least my heart can be with you always.

Divine Ruler

She gives form to her people's hopes and dreams.
She presses on with her duties, that she might fulfill
her life's purpose.


She cannot understand her people's pain and sadness.
How, then, could she give life to their wishes?

Guardian Student

Yk24:27 - Street Guardian

Hundreds of thousands of people cross the massive intersection.
The young man who watches the crowds ebb and flow daily has
learned to intuit their worries, of which there are many:
monetary conflicts, mental trauma, love affairs. And as he comes
to know their weaknesses, he arrives at a conclusion: he is a
superior being, better than these faceless masses. Once more,
he stands on the streetside, watching the people come and go.
Not once does the possibility of his inferiority cross his mind.

Abyssal Witch

"All I wanted was to be with my two friends."
Maybe it was me who destroyed that future.
"I thought we'd be together forever."
But I only ever cared about my own feelings.
"I just wanted to live in peace and harmony."
Like the hero in the story...

Mechanical Weapon

I possess no emotions. No soul. A created being like myself
carries nothing but the weapon placed in my hands.
Our fate is to fight, fight, fight, fight, fight, fight...
And then ultimately die.

But I won't let it end. I don't want it to.
I won't let them get away with it. I can't.
I want to be with you, touch you, feel you,
enjoy simply being alive at your side.

For we are already free.

Mechanical Hunter

Woman A: Are you YoRHa? Or are you a machine lifeform?
The woman with prosthetic limbs takes a quick glance at
her own mechanical arm and leg, and then responds.

Prosthetic Woman: ...Machine? I'm human.
As though perplexed, Woman A covers her own mouth.
Woman A: ...Human? But... No... That can't be...
The conversation pauses as Woman A thinks.
Woman A: Then...could you tell me about something fun
I've never heard of? All I've ever done is kill machines, so...
The woman with prosthetic limbs sighs, then softly speaks.
Prosthetic Woman: Human... Now that I think about it,
maybe I'm...

Mechanical Captain

I kill our enemies to protect our future.
I kill my own beliefs for the sake of a duty I cannot defy.
I kill my dreams for as long as war persists.
I kill my hopes as I feel the end approaching.
I kill my emotions as I watch my subordinates die.
I kill my soul and become as a puppet.

And yet light remains all the same.