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Bloodless Gunman thumbnail

Bloodless Gunman

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Guardian Werebeast

Pr16:7 — Guardian of Secrets

If you saw, you would have to keep it secret.

Holding a secret means you must keep secret that you hold
a secret in the first place. You can't smugly drop hints to
others, or drop heavy, leading sighs.

So can you do it? Can you keep a secret?

If not, then give me your blood.
Abyssal Hunter thumbnail

Abyssal Hunter

"Maybe I could have saved my sister."
But she died. You can't change the past.

"I will never forgive the kingdom and its soldiers."
Waste of time. Killing them changes nothing.

"They will atone for their crimes with their lives."
You merely seek purpose in a world without your sister.
Chained Belle thumbnail

Chained Belle

There is a woman who lives a princess's life in a kingdom
wreathed by sea and sand. Having grown weary of a life
where everything is decided for her, she has lost the will
to smile. She exists now in a partial state of solemn defeat,
spending her days idly. She also hides her face behind a veil,
even within the palace, and no one can say what she looks like.

But there is another side to her: a fortune-telling side.
She transforms into this as night falls, wandering the dim
streets of the city in search of something she cannot name.
Reborn Monopolist thumbnail

Reborn Monopolist

This is a story of when the princess could once smile.

A woman left her home town and married a foreign king for the
sake of her beloved mother. But the king was a terrible person
who stained his pure and beautiful country red with blood.
When the new queen realized she was to be killed by her husband,
she slew him first and escaped to her country of birth.

But when she came home, she saw only her mother's disappointed
face. The mother has longed for the former queen's death,
and she would be forced to go on living as her pawn.
Thus did the former queen lose the will to smile.
Reborn Usurper thumbnail

Reborn Usurper

This is a story of when the boy made his fame as a thief.

A young thief sneaks into the Thieves' Graveyard, defying
the wishes of his companions. There, he encounters a terrifying
woman who sees straight through his past. When they escape
and cross the desert beneath a sea of stars, the woman continues
to lay his past bare. Unable to stand it anymore, he brandishes
his knife—but he is no match for her.

When he wakes, he is naked in the sand. Though the woman stole
everything precious to him, he came to learn of something more
important than fine clothes or thievery.
Dedicated Pupil thumbnail

Dedicated Pupil

A high school girl who lives in Tokyo.

She is an excellent student, with grades that put her at top of
her class and earn the trust of her teachers. She spends her days
laughing with her friends; her life the very picture of those
carefree high school years.

The most important thing to her is her father—a man whose
spirit has been badly broken. She would face any hardship
and do anything to stay with him. Anything.
Devoted Student thumbnail

Devoted Student

A high school boy who lives in Tokyo.

He doesn't fit in at school, and spends his days studying in the
library. He eschews both entertainment and friends by pretending
that he enjoys being alone.

The most important thing to him is his
mother—a woman hospitalized
due to chronic illness.
He would give everything to save her. Everything.
Shadowbound Traveler thumbnail

Shadowbound Traveler

When I come down
I go right back up

As if penance
As if fate

I may lose my way
Lose sight of it all
Lose myself entire

But I continue to climb
And descend once more
New Year's Songstress thumbnail

New Year's Songstress

Real warmth will never reach these hands
Heavy blankets of snow hide scars
Yet in idealism, I speak and pray
May the fleeting last forever
Ever-searching for my soul
New Year's Ruler thumbnail

New Year's Ruler

Of no account is the powerless hand that grasps nothing
For thick curtains of night hide my wounds
For the tapir has no right to dreams of its own
Ever isolated, the hologram floats in the dark
Relentlessly searching for my soul
New Year's Girl thumbnail

New Year's Girl

Basking in winter's wind, I await spring
Lonely though I am, sad though I am,
Oh, but I smile through it all
One day this storm will pass
Maybe we will travel my dreams together
New Year's Assassin thumbnail

New Year's Assassin

Delicately they steal away our hearts
Reaching for mine, I know I am too late
Everyone here is an empty husk
Ashen moonlight captures my gaze
Mesmerised by an image of false flowers
Abyssal Captive thumbnail

Abyssal Captive

"Truth yet exists within lies."
And so you would demand we remain ignorant?

"The only reality is my love for my family."
Even though it was false?

"No matter what happens, I will keep moving forward."
Even though I no longer wish to face the future.
Yuletide Hunter thumbnail

Yuletide Hunter

"What, for me? You didn't need to give me a present.
I'm happy enough watching you grow every day—but thank you.
...Oh, did you make this hairpin? Wow, that's a lot of work."
"Hm? You'll help me put it on."
"It's wonderful. I haven't thought about my hair in years.
I hated it when my hair went white, but thanks to you, I..."

"...Huh? ...Oh. It was just a dream."
"I guess it's about that time of year, isn't it?
I thought I was over thinking about that kind
of thing, but...here we are, I guess."
F-H Automaton thumbnail

F-H Automaton

A memory comes to the boy.

There is a prince in the woman's tale who journeys for peace,
accompanied by his mechanical attendant. Despite his incomplete
memory, recollections that stirred the boy's heart so vividly,
so violently, suddenly burst to life. And now that they
have returned to him, he can remain a boy no longer.

Finally, he arrives at the forest where he and the prince sleep.

"I will remain by your side until the flames of hope are
snuffed out forever."
Yuletide Captain thumbnail

Yuletide Captain

"Hmm... I can't decide what to give the squad."
"They'd definitely be happy with food, so maybe cake? Or steak!"
"Cake... Steak... Cakesteak? Is that even a thing?"

"Still, once they eat the food, it's gone. That's kind of sad..."

"No, I'm overthinking it. This is no time for indecision;
It's the most special day of the year, and I want them
all to be happy!"
Yuletide Witch thumbnail

Yuletide Witch

"I made star-shaped cookies!"
"Everyone likes cookies."
"I made tons, so everyone can have come."
"...Hm? You're wondering what these bags are?"
"Those are special—they're for my best friends."
"They're matching socks. I knitted them myself."
"It's going to get a lot colder, you know."
"Do you think...they'll like them?"
Yuletide Werebeast thumbnail

Yuletide Werebeast

"The church is splendidly decorated."
"Lit by soft candlelight."
"A delightful little cake."
"A luxurious meal."
"With grape juice in hand."
"we turn to one another."
"I hope you like your present..."
"A thin ring."
"A glimmering silver band."
"Oh, if only..."
Yuletide Traveler thumbnail

Yuletide Traveler

"What should we get her this year?"
"Waaay ahead of you. I already got her a rock!"
"...Sorry. A rock?"
"Yeah! I found it near the mouth of a volcano way down—"
"What!? Why!?"
"You honestly think she'd be happy to get a rock!?"
"What kid doesn't want a rock!?"
"...At least find her a jewel or something. Please."
Abyssal Soldier thumbnail

Abyssal Soldier

"I will never forgive the man who took my parents."
Will I be alone forever?

"I will kill him. That is the reason I live."
But even if I get revenge, there's no going back.

"Kill. Kill. Kill. I will take everything from him."
All I want is to see my parents again.
Fabled Witch thumbnail

Fabled Witch


To bind one and steal their freedom.

The girl tilts her head as she gazes at the grim letters.
It is a painful, distressing, abominable word. But she still
doesn't understand, for she receives it daily. These things
protect her daily. And occasionally, the word feels...sweet.

She struggles the dictionary closed, places it back on the shelf,
and leaves the room. When next she opens this book—after she
has grown a touch—what impression will she get from the word?
Fabled Assassin thumbnail

Fabled Assassin


"What is justice to you?"

She would ask me, of all people? Me, the one who kills as ordered.
Regardless, she looks at me most earnestly and says,
"We both fight for our masters. I would like to hear your thoughts."

"If justice exists," I reply, "it is not my place to name it.
Still, perhaps fighting for another against evil is justice?"

"I see. Thank you. I think I understand you better now."
Fabled Weapon thumbnail

Fabled Weapon


(noun) Without contaminants. Ignorant of the world.

1. I don't know. Is that really the purest?
2. The purest gaze always hurts people's hearts.

 ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ 

"Why not wear red? It'll make those stains invisible!"

"I don't know... Can't I just wash it?"