Remnants: A Place Called Home image

All those little black birdies seemed like they were lost.

Yeah, it was pretty scary at first. Everywhere the birdies went
turned really dark, and scary stuff would always happen there...

But then I figured it out.
Those birdies didn't know how they ended up in The Cage and
weren't sure what to do. They must have been really anxious.

I think I get how they felt. I was the same, after all.
I had never even fought before, and then all of sudden Mama
asked me to protect The Cage. It was so much pressure.

But after doing a lot of walking in The Cage, I finally figured
out why I'm here. Back when I was at home, I never really knew
where I belonged. But now I know that no matter how many times
I lose sight of him, I'll always be able to find him again.
I need to tell the birdies where they belong.
For now, that's what I'm able to do.