Regarding The Cage's Repair image

ANONYMOUS @ All Things Occult
??/??/20?? (Tuesday) 02:31:41.75

Well, this is strange. I was just walking down a corridor in the hospital, and the next thing I know, I'm in this It seems to be an ancient temple of some kind, or maybe a tower? Either way, I'm trapped in an old, rundown stone structure, and all I want to know is why?

ANONYMOUS @ All Things Occult
??/??/20?? (Tuesday) 10:16:20.15

So I walked around for a bit and learned there's quite a few of these towers around here. Most are old, but some appear almost new—and the old ones eventually become new if you stare at them long enough. It's like a flesh wound repairing itself, and it freaks me the hell out. This place is NOT normal, and I am very much ready to go home now.

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