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Stratocratic Fortune thumbnail
Stratocratic Fortune thumbnail
Stratocratic Fortune thumbnail

Stratocratic Fortune

Once, a belligerent king started a war that took the lives of a
young man's parents. But the man had always been strong,
and he vowed to one day crack the
king's skull wide with his own fists.
The young man became a soldier so he
could get close to the king; if he found success in battle,
the regent would request an audience.
So he honed his vengeful fists as he served his country.
The man punched countless enemy
faces until they were beyond recognition.
Eventually, his efforts were recognized,
and he received the right to have an audience with the king.
Alas, the night before, he was attacked and killed in his sleep.
The attackers were children of soldiers he'd killed in battle,
and none who saw his corpse
could recognize his mangled face.
Visitor's Pistol thumbnail
Visitor's Pistol thumbnail
Visitor's Pistol thumbnail

Visitor's Pistol

Mommy and Daddy,
Married life is great! Thank you for finding
me such a wonderful partner. My husband barely talks to me,
but I still think things are going well.
Mommy and Daddy,
I've been trying Mommy's recipes lately.
I'm good at making soup, but my husband
will only eat it once it's cooled completely.
Mommy and Daddy,
It's winter. My husband is always sleeping.
I think he'll wake when the snow melts, so
I'll collect nuts and herbs instead of making soup.
Mommy and Daddy,
Wonderful news: I'm going to be a mother!
I wonder what sort of child I'll have?
You'll love your grandchild no matter what they look like, right?
Orphan's Tears thumbnail
Orphan's Tears thumbnail
Orphan's Tears thumbnail

Orphan's Tears

It used to be Mom, Dad, and me.
I prayed for victory on peaceful mornings,
and prayed for the end of the war during gunshot-filled nights.
I was so happy then. I still didn't know what it meant to hate.
Dad yelled. Mom s■■■■med.
I saw the ■■■■■■ying ■■■■ of a soldier
through a gap in the door. I was so scared. I held my ■■■■■■,
waiting for the ■■■■■■ to pass.
The house was ■■■■■ as the ■■■■ as
I stepped on the ■■■■■-soaked ■■■■■.
A black bird sat on ■■■ and ■■■'s cold ■■■■■■.
Its ■■■■■■■ eyes ■■■■■■■ turned to me, staring.
S■■■. Don't ■■■■ at me.
I didn't ab■■■■■ my ■■■■■■■. I d■■n't s■■vive
because I ■■■■■■ to. I'm g■■■■ ■■ ■■■■ him.
That's ■■■ only ■■■son I ke■p ■■■■■■■■■.
Great Sword of Justice thumbnail
Great Sword of Justice thumbnail
Great Sword of Justice thumbnail

Great Sword of Justice

In a distant past, a princess came to an army on the verge
of annihilation and brought them victory after victory.
She became an object of worship, but was then
crucified as a criminal after a defeat.
In a distant place, a girl made a living slaughtering
evil rulers so she might avenge the weak.
But one fell day, the daughter of a lord did the same for her.
In a distant future, a nurse will be admired as the white angel,
freeing countless numbers from their pain.
But when she goes against the morals of her world,
she will be assassinated.
In a distant storybook world,
a girl prayed for her master to recover, caring
not if it cost her innocent life. She paid no heed to how
her justice warped and sickened in the process.
Gun of Incineration thumbnail
Gun of Incineration thumbnail
Gun of Incineration thumbnail

Gun of Incineration

In the midst of war, a man found a
gun created with lost technology. Though its relentless
flames engulfed the user, he man was happy,
for now he could finally protect his beloved wife.
The arms he used to embrace his wife hurt at the slightest breeze.
His throat burned, preventing speech.
Burns scarred every inch of his body.
But his wife still recognized him, so he was happy.
His vision weakening, he now acted on his compatriots' orders.
No matter how burned and scarred he became,
he used his power to protect his country
and wife, believing he could end the war.
The man never knew the ones giving orders
had turned their coats to the enemy,
so he was happy until the end. After all,
he'd lost his hearing by the time he burned his dear wife alive.
Thorn of Brutality thumbnail
Thorn of Brutality thumbnail
Thorn of Brutality thumbnail

Thorn of Brutality

Little Red Riding Hood was born of various stories,
including Swedish folk tales and Tales of Mother Goose
by Charles Perrault. Most notable, however, was story #26 in
Grimms' Fairy Tales.
Little Red Riding Hood evolved with each iteration of the story.
After many revisions, the Grimms'
version ended with her and her grandmother
bursting out of the wolf's stomach.
Wilhelm Grimm edited and revised the fairy
tales to be more child-friendly.
All references to sexuality were removed,
but any retaliation against evildoers retained its cruelty.
It is unclear whether Little Red Riding Hood's lack of morality in
SINoALICE is a result of the writer's design,
or simply what modern readers
want to see as a result of societal change.
Staff of Bondage thumbnail
Staff of Bondage thumbnail
Staff of Bondage thumbnail

Staff of Bondage

I had a weird dream. I couldn't walk anymore,
so I had to crawl on the ground like a baby.
The girls came to me and screamed that I was a monster,
then stabbed me with a shovel.
I had a strange dream. I was grown up and wearing new clothes.
My tummy was poking out. I felt sick and my head hurt.
When I started crying,
a worried-looking man I didn't know started rubbing my back.
I had a scary dream. The man was gone.
When I finally found him at the top of the tower, he was a monster.
He begged me to kill him, but I didn't know what to do.
Then the monster jumped.
Another bad dream? It's okay, I'm here,
said Mr. Carroll as he touched my forehead.
I've been having so many odd dreams lately,
but if he says it's okay, I'm sure it is. We will be happy forever.
Ocarina thumbnail
Ocarina thumbnail
Ocarina thumbnail


Once upon a time there was a very hungry spirit.
The spirit begged for food from passers-by,
but no one ever stopped. Just as she was at her wits end,
a kindly boy approached and gave her some bread.
The spirit thanked the boy by giving
him a bird that shone a brilliant gold.
The boy raised it with care instead of selling it for coin.
But one day, another grew envious of the bird and stole it.
The spirit then gave the sad boy great wealth.
Also, a mysterious power helped him whenever he was in trouble.
This power let him marry a princess,
become a prince, and live happily ever after.
Altered-Wing Staff thumbnail
Altered-Wing Staff thumbnail
Altered-Wing Staff thumbnail

Altered-Wing Staff

Our squad was shot down while on patrol,
and only I and four others survived.
We crash-landed on an island under enemy control,
where we're going to have to fight to survive.
I modified parts from fallen units and made weapons for everyone.
They would have been in serious trouble
without a superior mechanic like me around!
I sure hope they're grateful.
The fight's going well thanks to my weapons,
and we've almost broken out of the enemy's territory.
And sure, the captain died, but that's not my responsibility.
We're so close. Let's keep going.
There's just a few more meters to safety, so why can't I move?
Also, why am I so low to the ground?
Also, where did my lower half go?
Buried Villa thumbnail
Buried Villa thumbnail
Buried Villa thumbnail

Buried Villa

A lone man gazes over a heated city from atop his tower,
then unfolds himself onto the ground and begins to sing.
He loves the sight before him,
for he is the young king of this fine land.
When the hair of manhood is upon him, foreign soldiers attack.
The king does not know war, so he cradles his baby and flees.
His beloved subjects spill blood, ready to fight to the death.
The king learns people cannot be saved by love alone. Tearfully,
he leaves his country and crosses the sea to seek his fortune,
his surviving daughter is all he has left in the world.
When the king's back is bent from age,
he finds himself surrounded by loved ones:
a new wife, a new country,
new subjects. But his beloved daughter is nowhere to be found.
Devoted Corpse thumbnail
Devoted Corpse thumbnail
Devoted Corpse thumbnail

Devoted Corpse

I grew up in a dump of a city.
Did anything to survive—theft, blackmail, dangerous deals.
But I was happy because I had my sister. She was pure.
Beautiful. And I wanted to protect her forever.
One day, I came home and found she'd been taken
by a band of thieves notorious for their brutality.
A little imp like me didn't stand a chance against them,
but I still had to save her. I had to try.
I nearly died sneaking into their fort,
and eventually found her lounging on a chaise.
"Go home," she said. "I like my new life."
As I stood in shock, the thieves' leader jumped me from behind.
But my sister leapt up with an old sword and said,
"I hated how I always needed you to protect me.
Now you're free." After she and the thief killed each other,
I closed her innocent eyes for the last time.
Anamnesis of Dawn thumbnail
Anamnesis of Dawn thumbnail
Anamnesis of Dawn thumbnail

Anamnesis of Dawn

The path home is coated in rust. A choice. A wheeze that scrapes
the throat. Forms. Numbers. Isolated light. Even the scent of
spilled blood is as a distant memory.
Unacceptable footwear. A boast. A murmur. The wind that grazes
my cheek and light that enter my eyes are rough comfort for an
ailing heart. A voice without a face. Curtains. Upside-down
footsteps. Darkness.
I turn my back to the shadow knocking
on my door and venture down a passage unknown,
casting myself into the void. A boundary.
A buzzing sound. A light trap. It is as wondrous as it is comforting.
Words. My name. My senses. Blurry scenery.
To me, perhaps it was all nothing but a convenient sham.
But even so, I will face my mistakes, embrace my pain,
and dream a dream that soars to the sun.
Type-3 Fists thumbnail
Type-3 Fists thumbnail
Type-3 Fists thumbnail

Type-3 Fists

A crying boy beats another who thanks him. Bones shatter.
Blood flies. But it does not stop.
Finally, the boy giving the beating
sees an eyeball on the ground and realizes he is done.
The two boys hailed from the same land.
Best friends from a young age,
they grew up experiencing the same things.
But the pair used to be a trio—
until one summer changed everything.
As the trio's bodies and minds moved toward adulthood,
things changed,
and the first boy uncontrollably lusted after the second.
The third, unaware of this,
panicked over their changing relationship.
When the third boy learned the truth,
he was angry he failed to see
it and so beat the first boy to death.
But the first boy was simply happy to be free
from the pain of losing his friend.
Evocative Bonfire thumbnail
Evocative Bonfire thumbnail
Evocative Bonfire thumbnail

Evocative Bonfire

Memories sometimes come back to me;
flavors of food we never ate together,
scenes from places to which we never ventured.
Each time, my heart aches from the nostalgia and sadness.
Where are these mem■■■■■ coming from?
They shouldn't exist.
Books ■■ read at ■■■■ ■■■■■?
Movies ■■ watched at ■■■■ ■■■■■?
What do ■■■ think of them?
The days pass ■■■■■■■ an ■■■■■■.
I know nothing will ■■■■ from any of this.
We d■nce in a world someone ■■■■
has created in prede■■rmin■d ch■■■■graphy.
Dreams ■■■ reality ■■■■ ■■■■■■er.
Value's meaning van■■■■■.
Per■■■■ ■■ was ■■■ the black birds' dr■■■s.
But w■■■■■■r it is,
we ■■■■ no choice ■■■ ■■ accept the truth.
Silversnow Shadow thumbnail
Silversnow Shadow thumbnail
Silversnow Shadow thumbnail

Silversnow Shadow

Explosion kills the silence.
We hate noise, and so this weapon is heresy itself.
Heat kills the snowcaps.
Frigid land abhors the heat, and so this weapon is evil itself.
Light kills the snow.
The mountains detest brilliance,
and so this weapon is an omen itself.
Wolves kill our compatriots.
Thus we make this gun a tool of execution,
a manifestation of both purity and sin.
Si'F-06cracked thumbnail
Si'F-06cracked thumbnail
Si'F-06cracked thumbnail


I felt a sense of unease the moment the black bird's caw woke me.
I reached up to ease the pressure on my head,
lending my weight to the wall as I stood.
It was then I noticed something.
I had al■ my fingers, though they should have been c■t off.
No scars, either, as though the ■■■■■■ had never happened.
My palms were ■■■■■ed with blood,
yet my fingers were unnaturally cl■■n.
I have been re■■■■.
That was the ■■■■■ thought that ■■■■ to me,
and it reminded me of ■■■■■■■■■ ■■■■.
There was a ■■■■■ mark on m■ t■■■h.
It h■■ ■■■■■hed lo■■ a■o.
May■■, b■■■re ■ ■■■ come to...
I ■■■■■ not have ■■■■ back ■■ ho■ I ■■■ before,
even with my ■■■■■■ healed.
It ■■■ as tho■■h ■■■■■■■■■ had ch■■■ed ■■.
Ceremonial Scimitar thumbnail
Ceremonial Scimitar thumbnail
Ceremonial Scimitar thumbnail

Ceremonial Scimitar

In a desert kingdom filled with goods from far-off
lands and the scent of exotic spices,
a young thief spins a false tale of adventure to the kingdom's
greatest treasure: their princess.
The thief has finally begun to stir the princess's heart,
the passing sun and moon the sole witnesses to their rendezvous.
And when he receives an omen of death, he dismisses it as folly.
He spins the tale of what made him a thief.
Of the girl he couldn't save. Then a slave,
he vowed he would never be stolen from again.
It moves the princess greatly, and the two make a secret vow.
Having stolen the princess,
the thief runs through the city beneath the moonlight.
They are so close to the sea—so close to freedom.
Yet multiple omens of death pierce the thief's body at last.
Gravekeeper's Scales thumbnail
Gravekeeper's Scales thumbnail
Gravekeeper's Scales thumbnail

Gravekeeper's Scales

A dying town sits in the middle of a wasteland.
A kind boy is lost in thought,
cradling the corpse of a girl—his friend.
As a final favor, he decides to bury her in her favorite spot.
The adults have forgotten how to mourn the dead,
but are still touched by the boy's kindness.
They decide to visit the nearby graves once
in a while to ensure their deceased's peaceful rest.
But soon, incidents of grave-robbing and animal attacks
begin to rise,
so the boy asks them to place all the graves in a single
spot where he can ensure the dead remain undisturbed.
In time, people avoid the graves,
for the curses of the gravekeeper keep them away.
The boy, now an old man,
tries to think of a way to bring them back,
but dies without an answer. There is no funeral.
Ironcore Greatsword thumbnail
Ironcore Greatsword thumbnail
Ironcore Greatsword thumbnail

Ironcore Greatsword

A man with a massive sword showed up in town not long ago.
The look in his eyes isn't...normal. Is he a powerful mercenary?
A fugitive? Either way,
he's clearly a bad dude we should stay far away from.
Every day, the bad dude nurses a drink in the tavern.
He's quiet, but he'll say a word here and there if you talk to him.
He once told me that each scar on his body is a victory in battle.
I learned why the bad dude is scary:
He's been in over a hundred battles!
He cuts down enemies in one blow, and is nicknamed the Iron
Reaper. He's like the protagonist of some grand tale.
The bad dude was a total fraud! The battle scars?
He was actually run over by a carriage. The sword?
He took it from a dead mercenary—no idea how to even swing it.
Talk about disappointing!
Darkweave Zweihander thumbnail
Darkweave Zweihander thumbnail
Darkweave Zweihander thumbnail

Darkweave Zweihander

There is a plant that continues to grow in chaos.
My job is to keep it pruned,
and my sweat serves as proof that I live.
But people also grow in chaos,
which means I must prune them as well.
Once again, I shower in sprays of blood.
This sword has cut down both plant and man.
This blade has embraced my gentle and evanescent self.
This thin piece of steel is the only noble life in this place.
As an era came to an end, a greatsword was unearthed
—one wrapped in a bloody garment and a tangle of vines.
The black bird that perched beside it
stared at the dull glint of the blade.
Goldfeather: Tarsus thumbnail
Goldfeather: Tarsus thumbnail
Goldfeather: Tarsus thumbnail

Goldfeather: Tarsus

A lone traveler came to an empire—an erudite
fellow said to have explored the world.
But now,he walked to the palace in a daze.
His odd behavior caught the guards' attention,
and they took him in for questioning.
They found the brand of an enemy nation on his body,
and quickly detained him as a spy.
They tied him up and dragged him before the emperor.
But as the guards began to deliver their findings,
the emperor cut them off and ordered the man freed.
The traveler knelt before the emperor—for he was not a spy,
but a double agent who fed the enemy false information.
Once the guards learned that secret,
they were immediately beheaded.
Fairy-Tale Staff thumbnail
Fairy-Tale Staff thumbnail
Fairy-Tale Staff thumbnail

Fairy-Tale Staff

The fairies gossip:
"A fairy who eats the first sprout
can become a spirit!"
The fairies gossip:
"A spirit who melts their eyes looking
at the sun on the hottest of days can become human!"
The fairies gossip:
"A human who paints all the yellow leaves in the forest red
with the blood of their friends can become a demon!"
The fairies gossip:
"A demon who does all that and then buries an entire
country in an avalanche can become an angel!
Um, but what's an angel?"
Core Fists thumbnail
Core Fists thumbnail
Core Fists thumbnail

Core Fists

Once there was a country where
the rich few abused the poor masses.
One man who lived there had borrowed from many moneylenders.
Unable to repay his debts, he soon found himself on the run.
Finally, a collector caught him. The man thought it was the end,
but the collector proposed an idea:
Go sightseeing in a nearby country and I'll clear your debt.
The man agreed at once.
Upon arriving, the man found a sturdy gate
and a guard armed with a massive spear.
"Let me in!" cried the man. "I'm in debt up to my eyeballs!"
With that, he tried to push past the guard.
My stomach feels warm.
Was I stabbed? Why? I just wanted to live.
It hurts. I want to live. It hurts. I want to live. It hurts.
I want to live. It hurts it hurts it hur ts i t h uuuuur t s
Fortune's Ivory thumbnail
Fortune's Ivory thumbnail
Fortune's Ivory thumbnail

Fortune's Ivory

There was once a thriving and peaceful country
ruled by a young king.
They had more resources and more funds
than any surrounding nations,
and the people all united under their king's charisma.
But other nations wanted the country's riches for themselves.
One sent a fire-breathing dragon to attack the young king.
Another a tiger with sharp fangs. Another a massive whale.
Fighting alone, the young king fended off the monsters.
His people venerated him as they watched, and spirits were raised.
The other countries relented, and peace reigned for an age.
Finally, someone said,
"The people should protect the country!" Six months later,
other nations attacked again, and the country was razed to
the ground before the council could make a decision.
Mondschein thumbnail
Mondschein thumbnail
Mondschein thumbnail


The city glitters like stars on a starless night.
People yearn for light that shines ever brighter.
The sun sets. The curtain of night falls. Alas,
they lack the confidence to preserve the city's brilliance.
Absolute light illuminates skyscrapers.
Moonlight accompanies the stars.
This is what lights the people's path.
People worship the moon that hangs in the sky,
incomplete. But soon it will be full,
and become as new once more.
Sublime Concealment thumbnail
Sublime Concealment thumbnail
Sublime Concealment thumbnail

Sublime Concealment

There once was a strong young man born to a family of samurai.
His house was the wealthiest in the village, and
combined with his physical prowess,
he was greatly revered among the villagers.
Since the young man's house was very wealthy,
he was able to obtain anything he desired. He was given an
expensive spear and suit of armor, and fed very well.
Anyone would envy his way of life.
One day, the young man was entered in a tournament.
He already was confident in his strength, but sought to
grow stronger for the occasion, training intensely and
eating foods high in nutrition in order to build up his body.
The young man won the tournament. He has nothing to
complain about. His family fortune was all gone, his parents
committed suicide, and his lover left him, but he has
nothing to complain about. Nothing to complain about.
Distorted Corpse thumbnail
Distorted Corpse thumbnail
Distorted Corpse thumbnail

Distorted Corpse

My Dearest, I'm writing this letter to you on the train to
the frontline. It saddens me greatly to have to leave you so
soon after our marriage. Going to war frightens be greatly,
but I must do this, to protect my country, and to protect you.
My Dearest, something miraculous happened on
the battlefield today. I had spent all my ammunition,
and thought I was done for... but then, I found a strange gun.
My fears disappear when I hold this gun, allowing me to fight on.
My Dearest, I killed many enemies today. I used to be a timid
coward, but not any more. The battlefield is where I belong now.
My comrades call me a hero, yet the way
they gaze at me... There is fear in their eyes.
My husband no longer writes to me. He is still alive,
the newspapers worship him as a hero. Yet, the kind hearted man
I once loved is no longer there. My husband has fallen in love
with war. He no longer remembers his country or me.
Penumbra's Scar thumbnail
Penumbra's Scar thumbnail
Penumbra's Scar thumbnail

Penumbra's Scar

A mound of corpses rises from a sea of blood.
This is where I belong—where I have been told
I belong. I step onto my lonely road and lose
myself in dreams I have no right to know.
I kn■■ in my h■■rt I could ■■■■■ escape.
I wish I could have lost ■■■■■■ in a time spent
with another who had the same ■■■■ as me.
But it was my mis■■■■■■■■■■■■■—her ■■■■■ were
not blood-stained like ■■■■. M■■e ■■■ demonic,
■■■■■■■■ to ghos■■. How fool■■■ of me to
think I could protect ■■■■■■■■.
I had go■■■■ it all wr■■■. I am a fool.
■■■■ ■ stand yet ■■■■■.
V■■■■s that ■■■ all ■■■ fami■■■■ in ■■■■■■,
the ■■■■ ■■ the black birds welcoming m■ re■■■n.
Lumina Saber thumbnail
Lumina Saber thumbnail
Lumina Saber thumbnail

Lumina Saber

Hmmm. This record might be a bit difficult to work.
Let's see how much data we can get... "No need to worry.
I'll handle this. I need to prove my worth to you, after all."
...Er, that wasn't me. That was the record's owner.
Okay, so we put this here, and then... Owww... Oh!
I thiiink it's working? Yes! I've got it! "I promise to surpass
even such lofty hopes as those." Oh my... Well, this fellow
seems quite dependable. Like me, don't you think?
"Well then, let us begin." Oh, he sounds really relaxed!
Context suggests he's about to fight someone,
so let's dive deeper!
"Take them down, Robin Hood!" What a sudden change in
personality! Sadly, there isn't much to be gleaned from
the records, so we're left with many unknowns...
I don't think we'll get much data out of this.
Rebel Knife thumbnail
Rebel Knife thumbnail
Rebel Knife thumbnail

Rebel Knife

Let's look at this knife's record, shall we? "This is
truly an unjust game... Your chances of winning
are almost none." Hmm! The owner was a boy
in a real tight spot.
"Death awaits him if you do nothing." "Very well...
I have heeded your resolve. Vow to me and form
a contract." Someone's come to help! But what's
this "contract" about?
Oh, look! The wielder's unlocked a new power!
"I am thou, thou art I... Thou who art willing to
perform sacrilegious acts for thine own justice!
Call upon my name and release thy rage!"
"I am the pillager of twilight—Arsène!" Pillager?
Does he represent justice, or...? Well, I'll worry
about this later. Sadly, the record seems to cut
off here! What a bummer.
Brass Knuckles thumbnail
Brass Knuckles thumbnail
Brass Knuckles thumbnail

Brass Knuckles

I'll go over the records in this weapon in a second,
so just hold tight, okay? "Have you decided to tread
the path of strife? Very well. Let us proceed with
our contract at once."
"You have finally found your own justice. Please...
Never lose sight of it again." It seems this weapon's
owner found something to believe in—as well as a
strong will.
"This marks your graduation from your false self."
Graduation? How bittersweet! There's no end to this
work, so I sometimes wish I could move on to other
things. ...Er, not that I'm dissatisfied with my work!
"I will not lose heart again, ever. I will go full speed,
non-stop! Right, Johanna!?" ...And that's it. Guess
I'd best buckle down too!
Katana thumbnail
Katana thumbnail
Katana thumbnail


"Have you finally come to your senses? How foolishly
you averted your eyes from the truth. A deplorable
imitation indeed." Gee, this katana really has some
strange powers!
Now a boy with powerful resolve...gains new strength?
"I am thou, thou art I... The world is full of both beauty
and vice.... It is time you teach people which is which!"
The owner speaks in a rather poetic manner—I bet
he's as lovely as the words he uses! Hee hee!
"Come forth, Goemon! A breathtaking sight... Imitations
they may be, but together, they make a fine spectacle..."
He speaks like he's from the past... So elegant! "Though
the flowers of evil blossom, be it known...Abominations are
fated to perish! No matter what it takes... I will bring you
to justice!" Gosh, how exciting! I need a break.
Covetous Corpse thumbnail
Covetous Corpse thumbnail
Covetous Corpse thumbnail

Covetous Corpse

My son is in line for the throne, but still young and weak. I lack
the strength to back him as his mother, and cannot keep up with
palace intrigue. All I can do is pray at the temple each night.
My son fell off a horse, then got food poisoning. Oh, and there's a
rumor of a consort plotting to kill him. I don't know the truth, but
I'm willing to become a villain if it will keep him safe.
"God or demon, lend me your strength," I pray. When I open my
eyes, I find a staff at my feet. I use it to beat the consort who
plotted to kill my son to death, then slay all my remaining
My dirty hands mean nothing against my child's happiness. Yet
when he takes the throne as emperor, will he regard me with
sad eyes? Or will he lock me up in the temple along with
the staff?
M. Phosphorescence thumbnail
M. Phosphorescence thumbnail
M. Phosphorescence thumbnail

M. Phosphorescence

The city lacked stars, and was dark as the deepest midnight.
But the people still ventured along dark roads without fear,
for the light which emanated from the monster's body showed
the way.
The monster was terrifically ugly, but the people loved him all
the same. Touched by the kindness he showed in lighting the
way, they were bothered not by his grim appearance.
Eventually, the monster stopped lighting the roads because he
fell in love with a girl. But how could a thing so ugly ever have
love returned? With that thought, he hid himself in the dark of
The people came together and searched for the missing monster
—including the girl he loved. Atop a distant mountain, the
monster heard her call for him, and pictured himself shining his
light upon her.
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Darkweave Dagger

Once, children were being kidnapped from a small cliffside
village. One would disappear each week before the dawn; no
matter how alert the adults were, the children slipped through
their fingers.
One day, not long after a city scholar set out on a search, he
found the kidnapped children by the waterfall. All of them were
smiling, but there were daggers driven deep into every chest.
A boy emerged from the waterfall before the upset scholar.
He looked fondly at the children on the ground and smiled.
"They feed on young blood," he said, before plunging a
dagger into his own chest.
The black birds flocked out of nowhere, lapping up their
delicious meal of blood. The boy looked on in satisfaction and
vanished, while the dumbfounded scholar stood still,
illuminated by the rising sun.
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Sublime Bloodline thumbnail

Sublime Bloodline

There was once a powerful woman. Though not always strong,
she changed after the temple priest gave her holy water to
drink when ill. Soon, she was mighty enough to easily lift heavy
rice bags.
But in exchange, she sometimes lost her memory. She draw
water from the well only to find herself outside her own house
covered in mud—and one day, she found herself coated in
Alas, her family and children lay in pieces in the field. She
had a vague memory of doing the deed, but the reason was lost.
After crying all night, she threw herself into the depths of the
village well.
Once, there was village of powerful people who lost their
memories in exchange for strength. When they found themselves
covered in mud, they went to the well to try and recall what