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  • (March 2023) Billy/Gwyn has taken over the maintenance of the datamining tool onepiecefreak3 made. NieR-Rein-Guide/nier-rein-apps

  • (April 2022) Datamined data is now coming from the dump tool created by onepiecefreak3: NieR-Rein-Guide/nier-rein-apps

  • (Aug/Sept 2021) Mayge#1207 worked on a Python script that could export usable .json data from Bivi's tool

  • (August 2021) Bivi#2020 worked on 190nm/rein-kuro/ that allowed us to use datamined data.

  • (August 2021) Tark#0857 provided us a static .json

  • (18 August 2021) The project was started by Keziah