Story 1 image

Images of outlandish scenery race through my mind. Where am I? Why am I here?
I can't remember anything. My memory has abandoned me. I had something I needed to do, right?
I definitely had something I needed to do. I find it difficult to gather my thoughts. Suddenly, a
voice appears in my consciousness.

"I'm afraid this all comes at a cost. You're going to lose your voice, your senses, your—"
"Are you certain?" A voice...

That's right. I lost it all. My will. My speech. My hope. Everything. This girl in white...
Pain constricts my chest. Stirs my empty memory. I know that girl. She was... She was my...
Argh, I can't remember! Who am I, anyway!?

Story 2 image

These hands. These legs. This body. Am I... human? No. I'm not human. I wasn't human.
I got this body when I accomplished my objective. In this bleak world, I ate the dreams of people
and desired to become human above all else.... But why is it so damn painful? I'm finally the
human I wished to be, so why?

"You need to collect more dreams, dear."
That voice echoes in my head again.Now that I'm human, why do I have to do this? Fragments of
memories pierce my heart like thorns. An impatience I don't understand drives me forward. The
girl in white. Me, a human. I have to do something. Otherwise there's no turning back. That's
all I know.

Story 3 image

I want to be human. I want to be human. I want to be human. That should have been
my only goal in life. But now that I've accomplished it, not only am I not happy... I don't even
understand these feelings of guilt roiling inside me. I wander the darkness with no destination.
I have no way to tell what happened to my face. But this slender physique... This fluffy hair...
The collar and manacles that clamp down on me... Oh, yes. I know exactly who I am. The girl in
white—I can't get her out of my head. Who is she? Why do I look like her? What did I do to her?
What did she do to me? I hear the sound of water splashing in the darkness.

"Hey, Mr. Monster?"
"When you become human, will you still be my friend?"

I know she said... Yes! She did say something! My scattered fragments of memories
slowly come together...

Story 4 image

How long have I been asleep? I sit up in discomfort and stand on the cold stone floor.
I dreamt of the girl over and over again. What precious times we spent together. All my memories
came back in my long sleep. Once again, I stand in The Cage. I need to go back to her as soon
as I can; I need to give back what I have stolen.

"Well! Look who's finally up."
An odd object floats up and speaks to me, pretending it has no idea what's happening.
I can't imagine anything more audacious, but I will have to rely on the thing for now. I've lost
so much—so much—but at least I have my memories. I retrace my steps through The Cage in
order to save her. Once she's back to normal, I will reply to the question I had left unanswered.
And I will say.. .Yes. I will be your friend.