Artistic Paradise [The Ambitious Land]

All language pertaining to war and violence is suppressed
in this country. Any who speak of war or commit heinous
acts are secretly executed, their existences erased.
This is why conflict has vanished from this nation and
all manner of artistic culture has bloomed in its place.
But what value does art contain when it is born from a
foundation of false peace?

"A Burnt Indictment"

Violent Paradise [The Ambitious Land]

Violence is in the human instinct. That concept is eternal.
The idea of erasing violent expression from people is both
meaningless and naive.

Let me give you an example: I know of an artist who awoke
with a start today. She had dreamt of the act of beating
someone, and found great artistry in its bloodsplatter.
But the government will not stand for such. Instead,
they will execute her and vanish her art from existence.

"A Burnt Indictment"

False Paradise [The Ambitious Land]

Do you understand the word "violence"? How about "war"?

Unlikely, considering you were raised in this country.
But that's not because this country is peaceful—it's
because the state brainwashes its citizens so these
words vanish from their vocabulary. In doing so,
they have created for themselves a false paradise.

"A Burnt Indictment"

The Righteous Fool [The Ambitious Land]

When my country took up arms against an
enemy nation that prayed to heretical gods,
they named the conflict "The War of Justice."

Though part of a military research institute at the
time, I felt no passion for weapons development.

Indeed, the fact my work was being used to kill—
justified or no— caused me great anguish and
many sleepless nights.

"A Scientist's Confession"

The Holy Fool [The Ambitious Land]

What is justice? I agonized over this question,
and finally came to the conclusion that any
country which launches an endless war in the
name of justice must be evil.

This is why I used the gas to contaminate my
homeland and murder my fellows—that is my
justice. Because if my country had never started
this war, my brother would still be alive.

"A Scientist's Confession"

The Pure Fool [The Ambitious Land]

When my brother died in the war, I cast aside old
qualms and threw myself into my work—for he
was a valiant, dedicated soldier who did not
deserve such an end.

Eventually, I created an asphyxiating gas that
I knew would kill thousands. Millions. Perhaps
even entire countries. But as I told myself at
the time, sometimes justice requires sacrifice.

"A Scientist's Confession"

Dawn of Thought [The Ambitious Land]

It is my duty to spread our national ideology across the world,
but sadly, minds ingrained with prejudice and fallacy seemingly
cannot accept our brilliance.

Therefore, I believe our only choice is to educate from a very
young age. Oh, how I dream of a day when our ideology is
pervasive throughout all of humanity!

"The Account of a Philosopher"

Clouded Thought [The Ambitious Land]

In a troubling turn of events, many now hate us and have dedicated
their lives to revenge. How sad that they do not understand our ideals!

They should be thankful their children will grow up in such wonderful
environs. Still, I suppose words will never convince those who fail to
understand—which is why we cannot lose this war.

"The Account of a Philosopher"

Ray of Thought [The Ambitious Land]

Most countries conduct war for money, but we are different.
For us, war is a necessary sacrifice in order to lead humanity
along a proper path.

True, fighting demands sacrifice, but the end result is
everlasting peace. This is the eternal dream of all humanity,
and I know it to be true!

"The Account of a Philosopher"