The Disturbance [A Future Retrospective]

When the Flowers appeared, one user remembered what
the prophet said, dug up the post, and shared it far and wide.
It soon became the largest trending topic in history, considering
that everything he prophesized was gradually coming true.

And yes, some meanings had to be twisted or given forced
interpretations, but everyone now believed he was a true
prophet, and even governments began searching for him.

"Records of Century's End"

The Prophet [A Future Retrospective]

Just before the Flowers came, a man claiming to be
a prophet appeared online and made this post:

The world will be covered in brilliant flowers,
after which humanity will cease to fight.

It was an excessively peaceful statement for a prophet,
and since everyone else's predictions were wild and
nonsensical, no one took much notice of him. Soon,
his words vanished into an online sea of information.

"Records of Century's End"

The Collapse [A Future Retrospective]

Finally, the man confessed that his post was merely clickbait.
Some denounced him. Some worshipped him. Anyone with
an opinion began harassing anyone with a differing opinion.
In response, the so-called prophet held a live stream and said:

Humanity is in danger, yet you continue to fight. No wonder
you idiots turned my meaningless posts into "prophecy."

With that, the Internet went down for the last time,
marking the moment humanity lost its civilization.

"Records of Century's End"

A Kind Voice [A Future Retrospective]

He speaks to me every day.

I love his voice.

Every day, as the news reports on the giant
Flowers that attack people,
he tells me I'll be safe in this room.

All my worries vanish whenever I'm with him.

"Records of Hidden Voice"

An Angry Voice [A Future Retrospective]

His voice grows weaker by the day.
Food has run low, and we are reaching
our limit of how long we can stay this room.

We argue now, and he says things like
"I'm telling you, we're safe as long as
we're in this room!"

I wish he would never raise his voice like that.

"Records of Hidden Voices"

A Repeated Voice [A Future Retrospective]

He left the room with a woman. I am alone.

I will never hear his voice in the flesh again.
He will never turn on the power or play music again.

I have abandoned taking proper care of this room
and now replay all the recordings I secretly took
of his voice, over and over and over again.

"Records of Hidden Voices"

The Way of Death [A Future Retrospective]

I saw this phrase in one of our salvaged human
records: "The nature of death is what makes us what we are."

While we cannot understand death, the experience of loss changes
us irrevocably; this truth contains a special power all its own.

"Management Office Log"

Shopping Malls [A Future Retrospective]

Today we salvaged records of large complexes known as
"shopping malls." There, couples would select clothing appropriate
for the opposite sex, which was considered to be an act of
great intimacy.

Though it hardly needs to be said, this is very different from our
culture of today.

"Management Office Log"

Life in Ages Past [A Future Retrospective]

Our job is to recover lost records of the past. The record salvaged
today was about a way of life from a certain era, when humans
existed in small groups known as "families."

These families lived in structures called "houses," and owned
transport called "cars." I wonder if this is at all similar to our
way of life now?

"Management Office Log"