One Man's Resolve [A Chance for Conflict]

The sweep unit said they'd save you. Instead, they scorched
the earth in an attempt to eradicate the plants. And they're
so damn smug about it! "We will put our experience fighting
the dangerous flora to the test," they said. "We'll lead the
war efforts so we might save the entire world." What a joke.
You wanna fight those things, go ahead—but the wall that
protects the border isn't perfect. They can get through even
the smallest crack, and once they do, we're all going to
know what hell is really like.

"A Pollen-Covered Recording"

One Man's Vow [A Chance for Conflict]

We've started working with neighboring countries to
strengthen our defenses. Long-lasting conflicts have now
been laid to rest in the face of this new, terrifying enemy.
Ironic, huh? But because of it, the allied sweep unit is
heading for your country. The unmanned drone scouting
showed there were handful of survivors, and I'm praying
with all my heart that you're one of them.

"A Pollen-Covered Recording"

One Man's Soliloquy [A Chance for Conflict]

We were so close to restoring diplomatic relations. We could
have been together again. I think about this every moment of
every day. But the government issued a travel ban the moment
those massive plants appeared, then started building a huge
wall along the border to prevent them from getting in.
It's been three days since I last spoke to you, and I wish
more than anything I could come save you right now.

"A Pollen-Covered Recording"

Forest of Hope [A Chance for Conflict]

Though they managed to flee the city,
the survivors could not escape the enemy threat.
They could only run, hoping against hope to find
a place where their pursuers could not follow.

Finally, they stumbled upon a ray of hope in a deep,
dark forest—a place where there was no sign of
the enemy.

"Records of the 18th Experiment"

City of Lament [A Chance for Conflict]

As the peaceful city descended into pandemonium,
it became clear that the alien enemy was targeting
places with manmade structures—in essence,
places of gathering. But as most people cried,
screamed, and died, others did all they could
to escape.

"Records of the 18th Experiment"

Land of Surrender [A Chance for Conflict]

Though they seemed to be in a place of respite,
it was short-lived—for the enemy moved with
extraordinary speed, and no matter how safe
their land might be now, they had no way
to escape if they were ever discovered.

Overwhelmed by despair, the survivors all
sat down as one and waited for death.

"Records of the 18th Experiment"

An Offering of Flowers [A Chance for Conflict]


Attacks from foreign enemies are spreading across our great nation,
their motives and goals yet a mystery.

Hundreds of residents lost their lives in the most recent attack, and
survivors gathered at the scene with flowers in hand to mourn the
youngest victims.

"Malkuth Society Interweb Newsflash"

Division and Strife [A Chance for Conflict]


As experts continue researching countermeasures for the attacks
spreading across our great nation, criticism mounts toward the
current administration over their weapon-development policy.

In related news, radical protestors have caught the attention of
both citizens and police.

"Malkuth Society Interweb Newsflash"

The Rallying Beacon [A Chance for Conflict]


Testing has begun for our great nation's counterweapons.
As damage from agitators spreads and our country fades, we pray
these weapons will save us from danger.

Brave volunteers are now being accepted for the first tests!

"Malkuth Society Interweb Newsflash"