Exposition [Dreams of Colchis]

All I've ever wanted is to be a good actress.

No. Not good—extraordinary. The kind of actress
who sticks in people's minds and leaves her mark on history.
But I am no fool, and I know that without the best scripts
in the world, I couldn't put on the best performances.
So I followed what connections I had, found the greatest
playwright in the world, and convinced him to give me the
lead role in his latest work.

"Novel: The Life of an Actress"

Climax [Dreams of Colchis]

It is a rare thing to take part in such a lovely performance,
which was why I decided to take his life when it was over.
As the show came to a close, so would his life, and he
would be forever remembered as a prodigious playwright.

You see, presenting the play as the final work of a genius
who left this world too soon would only deepen the
empathy of those who came into contact with it.

"Novel: The Life of an Actress"

Rising Action [Dreams of Colchis]

The playwright said he wanted to show me the costumes we'd
be using on stage. Every outfit was splendid—any of them
would accent my beauty. "Magnificent," I murmured.
When he took my hand and offered me words of encouragement,
I knew he was mine. I had tamed him, and he was going to
write me the perfect script.

"Novel: The Life of an Actress"

Final Act [Dreams of Colchis]

I met another wonderful actress. As she gazed upon my costumes,
she remarked how splendid they were. I grasped her hand and
encouraged her, knowing she would be just as splendid as the rest.
I hoped she might also understand my story and perform in a way
that would make my soul shiver. And with opening night only a day
away, I am certain she will put on a brilliant performance!

"The Diary of a Genius Playwright"

Opening Act [Dreams of Colchis]

I am a playwright, and the people of this world call me a genius.
My stories have been seen by thousands, and all have praised me.
But I believe the true geniuses are the actors and actresses who
express the author's intent to the greatest possible extent. One
woman in particular—the lead—understood my story and put on a
performance that surpassed anything I had imagined. Ah, but she
was exquisite.

"The Diary of a Genius Playwright"

Intermission [Dreams of Colchis]

I wanted to save the performance of the actress, so on closing night
I wrapped my hands around her neck as she was still in costume.
That makes four—four costumes. Yes, I killed the actresses who
brought my stories to life and hung their costumes on my wall. How
perfect they are! And now, they will remain the heroines of my
stories alone for the rest of my days.

"The Diary of a Genius Playwright"

Hubris [Dreams of Colchis]

I'm a big, blunt guy, which means people often think I'm stupid—
but adventurers need a good grasp on all sorts of things.

Take language, for example. Can't read letters?
Can't read books. Can't read books?
Can't prepare for a new journey.
See, like this book here says... Ummm...

Well, even books you can't read make for great kindling!

"The Brawny Adventurer's Travelogue"

Mythos [Dreams of Colchis]

My fellow travelers tell a tale of a "snow woman" who lives deep in
the mountains. She's gorgeous, and if you find her, she'll grant
your every wish!

Apparently there's also a weathered shrine at the peak where they
used to sacrifice folk in the old days. That's likely where the rumors
come from, 'cause no one can actually grant wishes.


"The Brawny Adventurer's Travelogue"

Alpha [Dreams of Colchis]

I lived like an animal as a kid: Stole what I needed, slept on the
ground and in alleys, and turned away everyone who tried to help.

But there was one man who saw past all that and took me in—an
adventurer. He had a lot of dreams that may or may not have been
possible, but I wanted to try and see them all the same.

"The Brawny Adventurer's Travelogue"