Confidentiality [The Wanted Man]

Once the family got their revenge, their name was spoken
across the underworld of society. But a few days later,
a young man holding a bloody wanted poster showed up at one
of the family meetings. He claimed to be the son of the man
on the poster, and said he wanted to settle the score.
He then pulled out a secret letter said to have been left
behind by his father—a letter ordering the first father's
assassination. Everyone could see it was clearly signed by
the man who had become the second father..

"A Family History (Account from an Underworld Gossip)"

Investigation [The Wanted Man]

A wanted poster started making the rounds for a guy who
killed the "father" of this one family. I guess the guy
moonlighted as a crazy powerful assassin or something?
Anyway, the second "father" who took over for the first
was crazy angry, so the family went around with the wanted
poster asking everyone if they'd seen the guy. Weird thing
is, no one knew how the family figured out who the killer
was, or how they got their hands on the poster.

"A Family History (Account from a Local Youth)"

Retaliation [The Wanted Man]

We eventually caught the man from the wanted poster. As our
second father ordered, we broke his limbs, gagged him, and
brought him before our father. All of us wanted to torture
him until he told us who ordered the hit on our first father,
but the moment our second father saw him, he drew
his sword and cut him in half. It all happened so fast,
but one look at the demonic expression on his face told
all of us just how furious he was.

"A Family History
(Account from the Second Father's Sworn Brothers)"

Benevolence [The Wanted Man]

I know I shouldn't judge a book by its cover. But once ya crack it
open, it just comes back to bother ya anyway. You know why they
suspected us? 'Cause that bastard stole money and food from the
high and mighty and started handing it out! People died 'cause of
him, ya know? Shoulda trusted my gut from the beginning—
I thought he was a bad guy, and sure enough, he was.

"Regarding a Criminal's Acts (A Citizen's Complaint)"

Roaming [The Wanted Man]

That guy? Yeah, I saw him. Thought he was angry at first, but then
I realized he was just in a nervous hurry—like a kid who ran away
from home after his parents yelled at him, yeah? Or maybe I just saw
it like that 'cause that's how it was for me. Folks always seem ill at
ease when they got no place to belong to.

"Regarding a Criminal's Acts (A Soldier's Testimony)"

Deliberation [The Wanted Man]

It seems this criminal commits the same acts over and over wherever
he goes. Once his crimes are known and he is chased from his
current location, he moves to a new country with a different ruler
and seeks out new targets to save.

While this can be seen as a testament to the ubiquitousness of the
exploited masses, this criminal is essentially a parasite. But what
spurred him to action first: a need to provide salvation, or exile?

"Regarding a Criminal's Acts (A Prison Guard's Note)"

Prey [The Wanted Man]

I know him. I saw the whole thing! A streetside killer moved to
attack the guy right as some poor woman was passing by.
But before I could even call for help, the woman had gone and
cut the killer down!

She saved that man, sure as I'm standing here.

"Regarding a Death (A Young Woman's Testimony)"

Meetings [The Wanted Man]

Him? Aye, I remember this well—that's the day that lady
came 'round. Been raining for days, so it had, but he was clearly
enchanted by her 'cause he started callin' out. 'Course she paid
him no mind.

I tell ya, I've been runnin' this shop for an age, but I ain't never seen
a lady who was so damn beautiful in all my days!

"Regarding a Death (A Shopkeeper's Testimony)"

Destiny [The Wanted Man]

This is fate—I'm sure of it! She MUST have been attracted to me
when we met at the shop that day! I mean, why else would she
expose herself to danger and save me from that terrible thug?

Well, that's it. I'm going back to the shop to wait.
I just know I'll see her again soon!

"Regarding a Death (The Dead Man's Diary Entry)"