Old Friends & Ambition [Of Kings and Soldiers]

Politics, economics, sociology... He was a bookworm, and he
never let his poverty prevent him from learning—which is why
I was shocked when he entered the military academy to become
a soldier. But he said it was the only way a poor person like
him could change the country, and I was so proud of that,
I decided to do the same so I could support him.

"A Kingdom Soldier's Diary"

Kings & Aspiration [Of Kings and Soldiers]

When he rose to the rank of officer, he took up arms against
the royal family and their tyranny—and now he sits on the
throne as our king. And while the riches he looted from
other countries feeds our people, we have no freedoms.
Anyone who defies him is executed. I don't want riches or
honor anymore; I just want to go back to a time where we
shared laughter, no matter how poor we were.

"A Kingdom Soldier's Diary"

Poverty & Hope [Of Kings and Soldiers]

In those days, we suffered poverty under the royal family's
tyranny. Our energy was spent trying to fill our bellies.
There was no time to dream, and everyone walked around
with dead eyes, not knowing what to do.

But he was different. The destitution didn't crush him.
He collected and studied books from the noble quarter's
trash, and his eyes burned as he preached patriotism.

"A Kingdom Soldier's Diary"

War and Strife [Of Kings and Soldiers]

Last night, I saw a dream about my husband who died in the civil war.
Hm? That's right, long ago, a civil war happened right here in our
country. Upset with the king's ways, the people revolted, and my
husband was among them. He was in his 30s then, and we had just
married. Goodness, has it really been over fifty years since then?
How old I've grown...

I had hoped he would always remember me as I was when I was
young, but he appeared to me in my dream and said, "You're every bit
as beautiful now as you've always been."

"Dream Diary of an Old Woman in the Kingdom"

Revolution and Dreams [Of Kings and Soldiers]

I saw yet another dream about my late husband who I lost in the civil
war. In the dream, he had won against the country. His coup d'état a
success, he had killed the kingdom's soldiers and its king alike.
Seeing his victory, I felt like I was freed from a never-ending suffering.

He turned to me and said,
"I've finally brought peace to your homeland." My dear, is it not time
you finally come to take me with you?

"Dream Diary of an Old Woman in the Kingdom"

Revolt and Mob Justice [Of Kings and Soldiers]

I saw another dream about my late husband who I lost in the civil war.
Oh, have I not talked about this before? He was killed by soldiers of
the kingdom during the war. He spoke out against the kingdom on
behalf of the common people, who were fatigued after so many wars.
That put a target on his back, and he was the first person whose life
they claimed.

In my dream he said to me,
"I wanted to be your hero." How silly... I would have much rather had
him alive and here by my side.

"Dream Diary of an Old Woman in the Kingdom"

A King and His People [Of Kings and Soldiers]

Today that fool of a king declared war once again.
He never thinks of the soldiers when he does this—and trust me,
there can be no war without soldiers.

But more importantly, what of the people?

Do the royals understand how we suffer because of
their selfishness?

"Diary of an Old Man in the Kingdom"

Heart to Heart [Of Kings and Soldiers]

The war is finally over, but it's only a matter of time before our
king begins a new one.

There's a rumor floating about that he tossed a soldier who didn't
prove useful into the castle storehouse. What awful treatment!
They risked their life for him, and he responds with abandonment?

Sometimes I wonder if a heart even beats in his chest.

"Diary of an Old Man in the Kingdom"

Soldiers and Weapons [Of Kings and Soldiers]

The king is scheming something for the start of this war. Rumor has
it he's gathering soldiers that will obey his every command.
Does he really think such people exist?

We've already lost so many to these endless wars; any left to fight
are not humans, but mere weapons.

Oh, what a mad fool our king is!

"Diary of an Old Man in the Kingdom"