The Big Hunt [Musings of a Hunter]

I wait under cloak of darkness. My quarry this time is special:
a beautiful, enormous stag known only as the Divine Beast.
I received a request to rid the woods of the creature so it
would not harm nearby settlements. With this being a poor,
remote area, the denizens can offer little in compensation,
but I did not accept this task for coin. No, I am here for a
higher purpose: to challenge myself against a being far
greater than I. For that is the purpose of a hunter.

"Diary Discovered in a Forest Hut"

The Divine Beast [Musings of a Hunter]

All five of an animal's senses are far superior to a human's,
and most are passingly clever, as well. I believe this hunt will
last for many a year. I have heard word of people who are
preparing to chop down the forest. Perhaps the stag is trying
to prevent that, trying to preserve the balance in life.
Though animal it may be, the name Divine Beast is well
and truly earned.

Perhaps I should observe for just a little longer...

"Diary Discovered in a Forest Hut"

The Great Forest's Will [Musings of a Hunter]

At last, I have slain the stag, yet I feel no sense of exaltation.
It seems the time I spent in the forest has dulled the hunter's
edge from my heart. And in the gaps where it had been,
the forest's will now resides. I realize the Divine Beast was
much the same—that is why the forest chose it to be its
guardian. One day, I, too, will be hunted like the stag, so that
hunter might take my place as protector of the forest.

For we are naught but replaceable pawns that hold fast the wood.

"Diary Discovered in a Forest Hut"

Wandering Hunter [Musings of a Hunter]

Day 3. Cloudy.
I'm lost in the woods. Everyone would laugh if they heard a
hunter got lost in the woods, but I'm too much of a novice to
call myself a hunter.

All I can rely on now are my own senses and experience.
Here it's life or death, eat or be eaten, weak versus strong.
Even a newcomer like me knows that much.

"Notes of a Novice Hunter in Distress"

Traveling Companion [Musings of a Hunter]

Day 8. Sunny.
Mama wolf was my first successful hunt, but her pup wailed sadly
after her death, so I decided to take him with me.

I'm going to protect this pup until he's just as strong as the other
animals. It's the least I can do considering how I stole his mother.

"Notes of a Novice Hunter in Distress"

Desperate Hunt [Musings of a Hunter]

Day 7. Cloudy, rainy.
I'm so hungry. My "skill" with a bow isn't landing any game,
so I've been living off nuts.

But God hasn't totally abandoned me—I found a sickly wolf pup
crouching in the grass earlier.

When I aimed at it, its mama leapt out with a howl. It was too late
to back off, so I pointed at her and let fly.

"Notes of a Novice Hunter in Distress"

Reoccurring Dream [Musings of a Hunter]

The sound of rain on the window paints a scene of my past: Lumber
and people alike crackling as a village transforms into a massive

I crawl in the dirt in search of my sister, but the dream ends when
I lift a piece of fiery debris.

Such images plague me nightly; it seems regret lives on in the
depths of my most secret heart.

"Recollections of a Lone Bounty Hunter"

The Kingdom's Fate [Musings of a Hunter]

Mechanical soldiers fetch a pretty penny. They're tough, sure,
but hate makes the price all that much sweeter.

See, the kingdom's clockwork men eventually went mad, rampaging
out of control and slaughtering the smallfolk. Most are long gone
now, but a few still remain—and my purpose is to hunt them down
and kill them all.

"Recollections of a Lone Bounty Hunter"

The Hunt Begins [Musings of a Hunter]

I stopped bemoaning my lot in life after learning of the outside
world. My experience was common. I accepted my past. So now
I live as a drifter, hunting prey with my new powers.

I believe my path will become an offering to all the things I couldn't
keep safe—and all the things I've lost.

"Recollections of a Lone Bounty Hunter"