Coin of Another [Desert Tales]

I saw the lonely thief on patrol again today. Merchants
have been reporting his thievery on an almost daily basis,
so he's been our prime target for a while now.

Recently, I hear he's been focusing on tourists who are
entranced by his good looks, so I should remind everyone
to remain alert. Hell, this is the same guy who stole the
gold right out of my pocket, after all!

"A Guard Captain's Patrol Diary"

Unfermented Alcohol [Desert Tales]

Quiet night tonight. Can't stop thinking about the thief.
I mean, he's practically a child! I can't imagine how hard
it must be to survive on your own like that.

How did someone so young take up thievery, anyway?
Does he have some secret past? Almost wish I could bump into
him at the tavern and hear his tale, but I bet he's still into juice.

In other news, the wife's started sneaking my booze when I'm
on patrol. Guess I've got another thief to worry about now!

"A Guard Captain's Patrol Diary"

Hooked Fish [Desert Tales]

I saw the thief fishing on the coast at the outskirts of the
kingdom. He's got the skills to steal food, so maybe he had
a change of heart? Anyway, while I don't approve of his
crimes, I almost wanted to cheer when I saw how determined
he was to reel something in.

Speaking of, the fish in this area are deliciously fatty.
Maybe I'll go catch a couple for myself!

"A Guard Captain's Patrol Diary"