A Morning of Surprise [Seafaring Cradle Tales]

To my great surprise, the dyes I brought with me sold like
wildfire. I was invited to the palace, and the person who
guided me around was none other than the queen herself!
There was a rough, but cheery atmosphere to the place,
one unique to a land that now thrives against all odds.

As I walked the halls, I recalled what the fortune teller
said. Perhaps it was her words that led me to accomplish
this most greatest of feats.

"A Braggart Merchant's Autobiography"

An Afternoon of Ambition [Seafaring Cradle Tales]

On the way home from the palace, I caught sight of a woman
in a corner of the courtyard. The retainer guiding me said
she was the princess, and while I couldn't see her face,
the way she moved instantly captured my eye.

I think I'll find the fortune teller again and have her
divine my future anew. Now that I have more money
than I'll ever be able to spend, I'll ask how I can find
a woman as wonderful as that princess.

"A Braggart Merchant's Autobiography"

A Night of Meetings [Seafaring Cradle Tales]

My work eventually took me to this kingdom. As I strolled
the nighttime city, I came across a wandering fortune teller.
Even in the dark, I could see she was beautiful, and she
proceeded to divine all things for me, from love to work.

Her fortune was this: You will bite off more than you
can chew, and lead a life well beyond your person.

Just a silly fortune, of course. I know I shouldn't take it
as gospel, and yet I can't stop thinking about it.

"A Braggart Merchant's Autobiography"