Spell of Lamentation [Magical Pharmacology]

No one is certain what the boy was thinking or feeling—
or what he did in the days that followed. All that is known
for sure is that he engaged in forbidden spells once again,
sacrificing his own life to bring back his little brother.
In this way did the young mage quietly exit the world.

It was a warm afternoon in early spring. The snow had just
begun to melt. I still remember the smile on his face as he
faded away into nothingness.

"Reports on the Dark Arts (No. 2006)"

Spell of Love and Hate [Magical Pharmacology]

This is the story of a boy born to a famed mage household.
Raised with all the freedom in the world, he led the
brightest life—one he created wholly for himself. But then,
on the day of the season's first snowfall, he was blessed
with a younger brother who could pass for his own twin.

The wise younger brother quickly established himself,
threatening the boy's place in life. The elder child spent
long nights scouring grimoires, casting spells until his
hands went raw, but could not reclaim his parents' love.

"Reports on the Dark Arts (No. 2006)"

Spell of Sorrow [Magical Pharmacology]

While the two brothers were once close, the eyes and words
of those around them soon caused a rift. The boy used to be
proud of his younger brother, but soon his accomplishments
only served to spur the elder's misery. He had lost himself
utterly, like a hiker swallowed by a snowstorm.

At his wits' end, the elder brother turned to the forbidden
arts. A stream of tears rolled down his face as he watched
his brother vanish before his eyes.

"Reports on the Dark Arts (No. 2006)"

Love Potion [Magical Pharmacology]

I. Take a lock of hair from the one you love.
II. Obtain the ashes of something treasured by the one you love.
III. Take a teardrop from the one you love.
IV. Mix all items in a bowl.
You have no right to be with this person. Just give up.

"A Great Witch's Guide to Potions"

Knowledge Potion [Magical Pharmacology]

I. Make the Magickal Enhancement Potion detailed on page 13.
II. Make the Infatuation Potion detailed on page 628.
III. Make the Eternal Youth Potion detailed on page 2574.
IV. Mix all items together at midnight in the library.
Oh, if only you'd put this much effort into your studies.

"A Great Witch's Guide to Potions"

Beauty Potion [Magical Pharmacology]

I. Boil 3 enchanted toad warts in a pot.
II. Add 3 rotted mucus mushrooms.
III. Add donkey snot and simmer until thick.
IV. Lift your head and look into the mirror.
You are more beautiful than whatever's in the pot.

"A Great Witch's Guide to Potions"