Roadside Flowers [Blighted Flowers]


Thank you for visiting the memorial gardens dedicated to the
souls lost in the XYZ war. Ruins from the front line of the
battle are preserved here, so please be careful not to step
on any of the flowers. These blossoms served to soothe the
soldiers' distress during the battle, and today they act as
a beloved symbol of our beautiful gardens.

"A Memorial Garden Management Group Pamphlet"

Cliffside Flowers [Blighted Flowers]

The Gardens' Symbol

While the gardens are now filled with beautiful blossoms,
the land once served as a most bloody battleground.
One soldier who left his family behind found a single flower
blooming in the burnt and desolate land. Seeing it made him
think of his own daughter, and he swore then and there to
fight for this land and safeguard it from harm.

"A Memorial Garden Management Group Pamphlet"

Celebratory Flowers [Blighted Flowers]

Now Accepting Donations!
(Please direct questions to management)

As the war drew near its conclusion, the soldier who fought
to protect the lone bloom perished. Strangely enough,
the flower began to spread its seeds around the corpse,
blooming all around him.

We have erected a commemorative monument on this spot,
but time and weather have damaged it, so we would very
much appreciate any support our visitors can give.

"A Memorial Garden Management Group Pamphlet"

Wild Rose [Blighted Flowers]

I was brought up by a young girl in an orphanage
on the front lines of the war. All of us orphans
respected her as an older sister, but some of
the townsfolk gossiped about how she was
accepting food and money in exchange for
raising child soldiers.

But we knew the truth: No one wanted peace
more than her, and she prayed for it morning
and night.

"A Nameless Volunteer Soldier's Diary"

Linden Tree [Blighted Flowers]

It turned out the rumors were spread by enemy
agents in an attempt to destabilize our town.
Filled with fury and a desire for revenge on behalf
of our dead friend, we orphans volunteered for the

The irony of this was not lost on any of us, for
despite how hard our guardian had prayed for peace,
the orphanage ended up becoming a place for raising
soldiers after all.

"A Nameless Volunteer Soldier's Diary

Cranesbill [Blighted Flowers]

With rumors of child soldiers and secret payments
running wild, the people of the town eventually
stormed the orphanage. The girl suffered heavy
wounds protecting us, and one orphan was so
outraged that he stood up to the thugs and
perished as a result.

But no matter how hard the people looked, they
didn't find a single misspent dollar or an ounce
of unaccounted-for food.

"A Nameless Volunteer Soldier's Diary"

Laurel [Blighted Flowers]

I fought for this country because I believed in our convictions.
But watching friends die around me tipped the scales, and
I lost myself.

And yes, I could have turned my back on the fighting and ran.
But that would have been its own kind of choice, and I couldn't
bear to lose anyone else. So I decided to keep fighting.

"A Soldier's Words"

Marigold [Blighted Flowers]

I can remember the color of the blood as it soaked into
the ground. The corpse, mouth and eyes open, stared back at me.

In my nightmares, I am that corpse. Blood flows from my mouth like
an opened spigot, and soldiers stand bewildered before me.

I never want to experience that again, but conflict never
ceases, so here I am again, gun in hand.

"A Soldier's Words"

Geranium [Blighted Flowers]

People who know nothing about war are always the first to ask for
stories about it. You want to know about war? Have someone try to
stab your face and get back to me.

I often wished I'd died in the war, but it gave me more than
pain—it also gave me trust in those who stand with me.
Now I fight to protect them.

"A Soldier's Words"