Weekly Summons schedule for January

Hello, and thank you for playing NieR Re[in]carnation.
This is a message from the management team.

The Weekly Summons schedule for January will be announced.

About Weekly Summons

-The characters featured by these summons change every Sunday at 18:00 PST.

-Only 1 character of variant costumes will be featured specifically in each summon.

-The rates for ★★★★ weapons will be 1.5x greater than the Weekly Summons that were held until July 10, 2022 PST.

-There is no 5th prize for costume-exclusive ascension materials when obtaining duplicate characters, and the rates of 4th prize materials or higher have increased.

-The same character paired with weapon that appears in the summon can be exchanged with 150 Summon Shards for each designated Shard Exchange.

Weekly Summons in January

Featured Characters Shards Duration
Start End
Saryu Shard (Weekly Summons A) Jan. 1 18:00 PST Jan. 8 17:59 PST
Rion Shard (Weekly Summons B)
Dimos Shard (Weekly Summons C)
Gayle Shard (Weekly Summons D) Jan. 8 18:00 PST Jan. 15 17:59 PST
Akeha Shard (Weekly Summons E)
Argo Shard (Weekly Summons F) Jan. 15 18:00 PST Jan. 22 17:59 PST
Noelle Shard (Weekly Summons G)
Fio Shard (Weekly Summons H) Jan. 22 18:00 PST Jan. 29 17:59 PST
Levania Shard (Weekly Summons I)
063y Shard (Weekly Summons J) Jan. 29 18:00 PST Feb. 5 17:59 PST
F66x Shard (Weekly Summons K)

Costume Bonuses

When each costume reaches a certain level, costume bonuses are unlocked, increasing the stats of all costumes of that character.
For details, please see "New Feature: Costume Bonuses".

Summons Details

Type Required Gems Obtainable Shards
1x 300 1
10x 3000 10

The rates for ★★★★ weapons will be 1.5x greater than the Weekly Summons that were held until July 10, 2022 PST.

At least one ★★★ or higher weapon is guaranteed in each 10x summon.
Note: You will also earn the appropriate number of shards for summons performed using premium summon tickets (including 10x summon tickets).
Note: Shards received in Weekly Summons are different for each summons!

Duplicate Character Ascension Materials Rates Up

The rates of 4th prize or higher costume-exclusive ascension materials when receiving duplicate characters are greater than those of the regular summons due to the elimination of 5th prize materials.

Regular Rates Weekly Summons Rates Material Received
1st Prize3.00000% 10.00000%x20
2nd Prize8.00000% 20.00000%x16
3rd Prize14.00000% 30.00000%x14
4th Prize30.00000% 40.00000%x12
5th Prize45.00000% Nonex10

Note: The ascension material prize rates are the same for both ★★★ and ★★★★ character weapons.
Note: Costume-exclusive ascension materials refer to materials that can only be used for a specific character's ascension, such as Peaceful Text: Sickly Exile.

About Shards

When you use the Weekly Summons, you will get shards.
You can exchange shards at their respective Shard Exchange for a featured character weapon.

Note: The shards you get from each Weekly Summons will be different.
Note: The Exchange is only available for a limited time. Once the exchange period ends, you will be unable to exchange shards.
Note: Once the exchange period ends, each remaining shard will be converted into a bookmark.
Note: If you exchange for a character weapon you already own, you will earn 10 ascension materials and 1 Awakening Stone for the character in addition to the weapon.
Note: The shards you get in each Weekly Summons are specific to that week. They cannot be used in subsequent exchanges.
Note: You will also earn shards for summons performed using premium summon tickets (including 10x summon tickets).


  • Event duration and content are subject to change without notice.
  • Illustrations shown in notices, etc. may differ from those in-game.
  • The rarity, stats, skills, and abilities of characters and weapons displayed on the summons screen and on the official Twitter account are shown at maximum levels.
  • No new characters or weapons will appear in this summons.
  • No characters or weapons will have featured rates.
  • You cannot have more than one character with the same name in the same deck.
  • For more information about rates, please check the Rates button on the summons page.
  • If you perform a summons using the 10x summon button, a ★★★ or higher weapon will always appear on the 10th summon, regardless of the results of the first 9 summons.
  • Shards earned from the Weekly Summons expire at the same time as their respective Shard Exchange and cannot be carried over to the next week.

Thank you very much for your ongoing support for NieR Re[in]carnation.