New Recollections of Dusk Area Burdens Coming Soon

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This is a message from the management team.

New Recollections of Dusk quests will be available Dec. 8 18:00 PST.
New Area Burdens and Barrier Skills will be added in conjunction with the release.

Details on Area Burdens, Barrier Skills, and Quests can be found below.

Burden: Curtain of Darkness

Added the new Area Burden, Burden: Curtain of Darkness, under which your characters have a change of being inflicted with the Blind status ailment upon action.
Corresponding Barrier Skills will be added to certain weapons on Dec. 8 around 18:00 PST.

About the New Recollections of Dusk Area Burdens

Area Burden Details Effect Range Opposing Barrier Skills
Burden: Curtain of Darkness Has a 100% chance to inflict Blind for 1 turn upon action. Allies Barrier: Curtain of Darkness

* An "action" is defined as a normal attack, character skill, or weapon skill. Companion skills are not included.

Quest Details

Barrier Skills in Loadout

Having Barrier Skills in your loadout is key to conquering Recollections of Dusk.
Check the Prioritize Barrier Skills box during weapon loadout and select weapons with Barrier Skill marks.
The higher the total Rank of your Barrier Skills, the more effective they will be against the Area Burden.
Try aiming for Rank 8 or higher.

Required Characters

The quests will have Required Characters to be placed in your loadout when attempting them.
Additionally, once a character is used to clear a quest in the Chamber of Dusk, they will be unavailable to use in other quests.
Take the other quests into consideration when selecting your loadout to formulate the most effective strategy.


  • Duration and content are subject to change without notice.
  • Illustrations shown in notices, etc. may differ from those in-game.
  • The difficulty of Recollections of Dusk quests may be adjusted in the future.

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