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    Mama's Intermediate Tips

    Boost Your Total Force Even More

    Enhance your companions!

    Have you equipped your companions already? You can boost your deck's total force by enhancing your companions.
    The materials you need to enhance your companions are mainly available from chapter summons and Main Quests on Very Hard difficulty.
    Fighting on Very Hard can be difficult, but you'll get some wonderful rewards for your efforts.

    Quests Possible Rewards Applicable Companion
    Main Quest Ch. 1: Very Hard FishBear
    Main Quest Ch. 2: Very Hard Battery Doll
    Main Quest Ch. 3: Very Hard Ink Tome
    Main Quest Ch. 4: Very Hard Feather Duster Spirit
    Main Quest Ch. 5: Very Hard Meat Hunk Dragon
    Main Quest Ch. 6: Very Hard Circuit Mech

    Enhance your characters' skills to hone their strength!

    When you enhance a character skill, its damage, recovery, and effect multiplier will increase.
    With better skills, you'll be able to take down even the strongest opponents!

    Plan Ascensions Wisely

    Sometimes you'll raise your force to the limit and still meet an enemy you can't defeat.
    When that happens, try doing some character or weapon ascensions.

    The materials you'll need for ascension mainly come from summons.
    You can also get some in events, but they are valuable, so think carefully before using them.

    - Character Ascension
    The character level limit, character skill limit, and character ability level will increase.
    Note: The first ascension for each character will unlock a new character ability.

    - Weapon Ascension
    The weapon level limit, weapon skill level limit, and weapon ability level limit will increase.

    Weapons can also evolve. Did you know that?

    If your total force isn't growing fast enough, I recommend evolving your weapons.
    You can make your weapon even stronger by using material you can get from daily quests and event medal exchanges.

    Weapon level limits and stats will increase, and some weapons will even get new weapon abilities!
    Oh, right—you'll also unlock weapon stories for each weapon.

    Enhance your weapon abilities too!

    It's easy to get distracted by weapon skills, but don't forget to enhance your weapon abilities!
    Weapon abilities also work when you equip secondary weapons.
    Don't go wasting your weapon abilities!

    Memoirs are strong too!

    How's your total force? Better? In that case, it's time to enhance your memoirs!
    I recommend that you enhance the memoirs with a higher rarity and better secondary abilities.
    Since enhancing memoirs requires a lot of gold, it might be best to sell the ones you don't need.

    - Primary Abilities
    The rarer a memoir is, the better its primary ability will be.

    - Secondary Abilities Every time a memoir reaches a certain level, a secondary ability will be randomly boosted or newly unlocked.
    If a memoir already has four secondary abilities before enhancement, increasing its level will only yield ability boosts.

    Phew... I guess that's it for now.
    I hope you'll remember this when you're stuck in battle or when your total force is falling behind.
    Well, try not to over do it and just keep at it!