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    Director's Desk: October 2022

    Hi, and thank you for your ongoing patronage of NieR Re[in]carnation
    This is Director Daichi Matsukawa

    The P5R crossover which started in September, recently ended, and we were very happy to see many new users come to our game.
    I was interested a crossover with P5R and had started considering it before NieR Re[in]carnation's release, so I was very happy to see it actually happen and be so successful.

    We are considering other crossovers in the future as well, and are working hard to make them happen, so please look forward to them!

    Although this will be a brief letter, I would like to introduce and explain our roadmap for NieR Re[in]carnation from October and onward.

    Regarding the Oct. 2022 Roadmap

    Here is our roadmap for NieR Re[in]carnation from October and onward.

    In October, we improved various features such as the sort and filter functions. As the number of features continue to increase, we will continuously update existing features to make them easier to use. Our priority here is the most frequently used features, such as the aforementioned sorting and filter functions.
    In addition, the much awaited new chapter of The Sun and the Moon was added in October. In addition to the new chapter, a new character was added to Recollections of Dusk as well.

    We have prepared a special event for November.
    Information on this event will be coming soon, so hang on just a little longer.
    Announcements will be made via our official Twitter account and other means.

    Various existing features will be updated in December.
    One of these will be the 3D Viewer, in which facial expressions settings will be added.
    With this, players will be able to change characters' facial expressions, allowing for a greater variety of pictures to be taken.
    As a side note, it brings us great joy to see all the wonderful pictures on social media that our players have taken using the 3D Viewer. We hope you will continue to enjoy this feature, as we update and improve it.

    -January and Onward
    As for January 2023 and onward, we can't disclose any specifics yet, but we will be releasing a special new chapter.
    Further information will be coming soon, and we hope you will look forward to it.

    Next, let me go into some items on the roadmap with greater detail.

    Regarding Recollections of Dusk

    A second character will be added to Recollections of Dusk this month.
    We released the first character alongside the 1.5-year anniversary on August 17, and plan to add new characters at 1.5 to 2 month intervals.
    The characters that will be added to Recollections of Dusk and their details will be announced as they near release.
    In addition, we recently updated Recollections of Dusk to improve the interface around selecting loadouts. We will continue to add new characters to give veteran players a greater challenge, while making quality of life improvements for better accessibility.

    Subquest UI Update and New Quests

    We updated the subquest UI in October.
    We have also released new quest content in October.
    These new quests consist of three types of quests that can only be completed once a day each, with a reward for completing all three of them.

    We decided to add these quests so new players who began playing because of crossovers will be able to easily increase their total force through acquiring various materials.
    The discrepancy between the total force of verteren players and newcomers has been widening, so we decided to add these quests to help newer players catch up.
    We also have rewards planned for long-time players as well, and will announce them in the future.

    Regarding the New Chapter

    The latest chapter of The Sun and the Moon was released on October 17.
    The next chapter will release in January 2023. We will be releasing more information on the next chapter as January comes near, so please keep an eye out.

    No new Dark Memories will be added for chapter five.
    As many of you may have noticed, characters in The Sun and the Moon are always come in pairs, so when a chapter with an even number is released, the Dark Memories for both characters are added.
    Therefore, we will be adding two new Dark Memories when the new chapter is added in January.

    In Conclusion

    In August 2022, NieR Re[in]carnation celebrated its 1.5-year anniversary, and in September we successfully launched the P5R crossover.
    It's thanks to all of your support that we were able to make these landmarks, and I can't thank everyone enough.

    We haven't disclosed any details on the roadmap, but a new type of event will be coming in November, so look forward to it!

    That's all for this time.
    I hope you continue to enjoy NieR Re[in]carnation.

    NieR Re[in]carnation
    Daichi Matsukawa