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    EX Daily Missions

    Hello, and thank you for playing NieR Re[in]carnation.
    This is a message from the management team.

    EX Daily Missions will be available from Oct. 18 0:00 PST.

    About EX Daily Missions

    EX Daily Missions

    EX Daily Missions can be challenged after clearing Ch. 8 of the main story.
    Check below for information on the missions and rewards.

    Missions Rewards
    Clear subquests 5 times Small Stamina Recovery x25
    Clear Dark Memory Quests 5 times Dark Coin x200
    Play Subjugation Battles 5 times Bronze Subjugation Battle Coin x50
    Play the Arena once Arena Coins x20
    Clear all EX daily missions Skip Ticket x20


    • This content is subject to change without notice.
    • Each mission can only be completed once per day and resets at 00:00 daily.

    Thank you very much for your ongoing support for NieR Re[in]carnation.