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    Ver. 2.13.0 Update

    Hello, and thank you for playing NieR Re[in]carnation.
    This is a message from the management team.

    The new version, ver. 2.13.0, will be released on Oct. 5 PST.


    Subquest UI Improvements and Preparation for the Release of New Quest Types

    For each dungeon and for certain other subquests, we will consolidate the display of everything into one tab.
    In addition, as new quest content, we will prepare to release the Once per Day Quests feature.
    This feature offers several quests that can be attempted only once a day, and completing all quests will earn you a completion reward.

    * After release, daily quests will be included in the Once per Day Quests.
    * The Once per Day Quests are planned to release on Oct. 18.

    Sort Filters Added: Abilities, etc.

    Changes will be made to various filters and sorting, including sorting abilities by character and weapon.

    New Daily Missions Release Prep

    New daily missions are being prepped for release.
    Get various rewards every day by completing the missions.

    * These missions are unlocked after completing Main Quest Ch. 8.
    * Planned for release on Oct. 19.

    Changes to Allow Loadouts from the Chambers of Dusk Screen

    Changes will be made to make loadouts accessible for each door from the Chambers of Dusk menu screen in Recollections of Dusk.
    Additionally, the layout of the quest screen will change and new EX Character Quests will be added. Dark Memories and Recollections of Dusk can be accessed from the EX Character Quests section.

    * Recollections of Dusk is unlocked after completing Main Quest Ch. 12.

    Changes to Barrier Skills Rank Display in the Recollections of Dusk Quest Loadout Screen

    Changes will be made to display icons on some screens to show the barrier skill rank.

    * Recollections of Dusk is unlocked after completing Main Quest Ch. 12.

    For details on the changes, please see the "Improvements to Recollections of Dusk" notice.

    Improved Functionality When Purchasing Items in the Shop

    Changes will be made to the Shop so that items can be purchased even if they exceed your inventory limit after purchase.
    * Items that go over the limit will be sent to your gift box.

    App Icon Change

    The app icon will be reverted to the original design.

    Bug Fixes

    When attacking with a series of blows during a battle, the HP gauge unintentionally decreases with each stage of the attack.

    Weapons and memories cannot be sold or used for Ascension under certain conditions in Recollections of Dusk.

    In addition to the above update, we will conduct quality of life improvements and minor bug fixes.


    • It may take some time for the new version of the app to show up in the store.
    • This version update requires a large amount of data. We recommend using Wi-Fi while updating.

    Thank you very much for your ongoing support for NieR Re[in]carnation.