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    Changes to the "Important" Section of the "Rates" Page

    Hello, and thank you for playing NieR Re[in]carnation.
    This is a message from the management team.

    The wording for the "Important" section under the "Rates" page in Premium Summons was edited for clarity on July 29 02:00 PST.

    The edit to the wording was purely done for clarity, and neither the rates for Premium Summons nor the meaning of the "Important" section has changed.

    The changes made to the

    1. Bullet Point #3
    Depending on your internet connection it is possible that performance issues may occur during summoning sequences that cause them to display incorrectly in part or in full. Note that even in cases such as these characters and weapons obtained will be added to your account without issue, so please check your character and weapon lists should such a situation ever arise.

    Depending on your Internet environment, some or all of the summoning sequence may not be displayed correctly. Please note that even in such cases, the characters and weapons you have obtained will be added to your account without any problems, so please check your character and weapon lists.

    2. Bullet Point #6
    Draws for premium summons are performed on a per-summon basis per the corresponding appearance rates. It is not created so that performing a predetermined number of summons will invariably cause certain weapons to appear. There may be cases where multiple instances of the same weapon appear from premium summons.

    Premium summons will be drawn on a per-summon basis according to the respective appearance rate. It is not a system where a specific weapon will always appear if you summon it a set number of times. The same weapon may appear more than once in premium summons.

    3. Bullet Point #7
    You cannot own more than one of the same character, so when acquiring an additional copy of a weapon that comes with a character attached you will instead receive the weapon and materials that can be used to ascend the corresponding character. The number of character-specific ascension materials you obtain is determined by what rank of bonus you receive during the ensuing lottery. Please refer-to the above table titled "Rates for Character-Specific Ascension Materials Acquired When Obtaining Duplicate Characters" for more information.

    Each time you acquire a duplicate weapon character included, you will receive the weapon and duplicate character ascension materials depending on your prize level instead of a duplicate character. Additionally, prize level rates do not differ between weapons character included. (Please refer-to the above table titled "Rates for Character-Specific Ascension Materials Acquired When Obtaining Duplicate Characters" for more information.)

    4. Bullet Point #8
    The individual appearance rates displayed for weapons that can be acquired from summons will only contain up to five decimal places even if they contain six or more in reality. As a result, there may be cases where the sum of all displayed rates do not equal 100% when added together (per rarity or across all rarities). Note that decimal places not shown in the displayed rates are not being rounded up, rounded down, or otherwise rounded off in any way in the actual appearance rates.

    The individual appearance rate of weapons obtained from summons is only displayed to five decimal places, even if it is actually six or more decimal places. As a result, the sum of the displayed appearance rates (per rarity or sum of all rarities) may not add up to 100%. Please note that any numbers after the decimal places that are not shown in the displayed rate are not rounded up or down in the actual appearance rate.

    We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

    Thank you very much for your ongoing support for NieR Re[in]carnation.