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    New Map Feature and Various Changes

    Hello, and thank you for playing NieR Re[in]carnation.
    This is a message from the management team.

    The new Map feature has been added as of Dec. 23 2:00 PST.
    We would like to introduce the new Map feature and some of its functions, as well as name changes due to its release.

    Feature Changes

    Select Exploration From the Quests Screen

    The Exploration option displayed at the bottom of the menu will be moved to the Quests section.
    The Exploration icon displayed in the Mama Menu will now lead to the new Map function.

    Main Quests Changed to Story Quests

    The Main Quests option in the Quests screen will be renamed to Story Quests.
    In the Story Quests screen, you will still be able to challenge quests as before, but you will not be able to move to The Cage.
    If you uncheck the Battle Only box in a quest marked with a story symbol, you will begin the quest with a weapon memory.
    The Cage can be accessed from the new Map feature.

    New Map Feature

    Revisit The Cage

    From the Map, you can return to certain locations that you have already visited in The Cage.
    Open the Map screen from the Mama Menu and tap a Point icon to go to the selected location.
    Note: The Map will be unlocked after you complete Quest 1 of Ch. 3: Hard Sand.

    Items on the Road

    As you walk around The Cage on a revisit, you can find Lost Items and Fickle Black Birds.
    Tapping them will earn you items.

    - Lost Items
    You may find them scattered throughout The Cage.
    The items within The Cage will increase over time, up to a certain limit.

    - Fickle Black Birds
    These birds may be in different places from your first visit to The Cage.
    Tap to clear them away and get items.
    After a certain amount of time, they will fly away from the area.
    Once they fly away, they may return after a certain period of time or appear in a different location.

    Check The Cage Status on the Map Screen

    Icons and notifications will appear on the Map screen to show you what's happening on each map.
    After viewing your notifications, you can check them again from the icon in the upper left corner of a map.

    Replay Rewards & 0 Stamina Cost

    If you revisit The Cage from the Map and complete a quest again, you can receive Replay Rewards.
    Additionally, the stamina cost will be zero for all quests revisited via the Map.

    Skip and Progress

    When moving through The Cage via the Map, you will sometimes see a Skip button in the upper right corner of the screen.
    Tap the Skip button to skip certain parts you have already played and move ahead.


    • This content is subject to change without notice.

    Thank you very much for your ongoing support for NieR Re[in]carnation.