Karma Added to More Costumes

Hello, and thank you for playing NieR Re[in]carnation.
This is a message from the management team.

Added Karma to certain costumes on Mar. 2 PST.

Affected Costumes

・Dimos (Bloody Gunman)
・Saryu (Bloody Witch)
・Lars (Bloody Soldier)
・Gayle (Bloody Hunter)
・F66x (Bloody Captive)
・Argo (Bloody Traveler)
・Akeha (Bloody Assassin)
・Griff (Bloody Captain)
・Noelle (Bloody Weapon)
・Levania (Bloody Monster)
・063y (Fractured Prisoner)
・Akeha (Fractured Assassin)
・Argo (Fractured Traveler)
・Lars (Fractured Soldier)
・Dimos (Fractured Gunman)
・Noelle (Fractured Weapon)
・Gayle (Fractured Hunter)
・Griff (Fractured Captain)
・Marie (Fractured Songstress)

Thank you very much for your ongoing support for NieR Re[in]carnation.