Mama's Beginner Tips

How to Play

Let's start with the Main Quest!

There are lots of things you can do here at the Cage.
First, the basics. Go straight down the path and proceed with the Main Quest.
Once you have the basics down, you can do so many things!
For example, you can use new characters and all kinds of different features.

Try running quests many times to build up your strength!

As you proceed through the Main Quest, the enemies will keep getting stronger.
When that happens, go on quests so you can get stronger, too.

- Guerrilla Quests
These quests appear only at set times each day and can earn you weapon enhancements.

- Daily Quests
These quests will give you weapon skill enhancement materials. The rewards change each day of the week.

- Main Quests
These quests can earn you character enhancements and chapter summons tickets.

What if I run out of stamina?

Oh, dear, did you use up all of your stamina playing quests?
Don't worry! There are lots of ways to get your stamina back.

- Exploration
This is a mini-game that can be played at regular intervals. You'll earn stamina based on your score.
Note: Exploration is unlocked after reaching the 4th chapter of the Main Quest.

- Item Shop
You can purchase stamina recoveries by spending gold.

- Daily Missions
You'll get stamina recoveries for every day you log in.

- Sending Support to Friends
Once a day, you can earn stamina by sending support to your friends.

Want to increase your total deck force?

Use the best-suited weapons!

Each character has their own proficient weapon. Did you know that?
If you equip a character with their proficient weapon, their stats will increase and you'll be able to attack more often.

Utilize your characters' strengths. It's a simple but very important lesson.

How to Get Various Enhancements

As you know, you need enhancements to strengthen your weapons and characters.
There are actually a few more types of enhancements, but for now, I've put together a list of where you can get them. Be sure to take a look.

Weapon Enhancements Guerrilla Quests, Exchange
Materials for Weapon Evolvement Daily Quests, Exchange
Weapon Skill Enhancement Materials Daily Quests, Exchange
Weapon Ascension Materials Exchange
Character Enhancements Main Quests, Chapter Summons, Exchange
Character Ascension Materials Exchange
Character Skill Ascension Materials Chapter Summons

In need of gold?

You might need a lot of gold if you want to increase your overall force.
I'll put together a list of ways to collect gold, but make sure to use it wisely, okay?

- Selling Weapons
You can get gold by selling your weapons. Sell ★★ and ★★★ weapons if you don't need them.

- Selling Items
You can get a lot of gold by selling bronze, silver, and gold coins.

- Missions
There are missions that you can complete to earn gold. Make the most of them!

Welcome to the Exchange

Did you know? I actually really like collecting treasures!
If you bring some to the Exchange, I'll trade you all sorts of items for them!

The Exchange can be accessed from the Item Shop icon in the upper right corner of the Mama Menu. Be sure to come check it out!

- Medal Exchange
You can exchange the medals obtained from ★★/★★★ weapons for items.

- Rare Medal Exchange
You can exchange the rare medals obtained from ★★★★ weapons for items.

- Arena Coin Exchange
You can exchange the Arena Coins obtainable from the Arena for items.

The Beginner's Guide to Battles

Get the advantage with affinities!

There are five affinities in NieR Re[in]carnation.
Affinities have an elemental relationship, and depending on how they match up, damage dealt and damage taken can vary greatly.
Make sure to pay attention to affinities when you load out for quests.

Note: Fighting with an advantageous affinities increases the damage you deal and decreases the damage you receive.

Note: The light and dark affinities increase damage dealt and decrease damage taken while on quests, but will increase damage dealt between both teams in the Arena.

Lock on to enemies!

During battle, you can tap an enemy to lock on to it.
With this, you can focus your attacks on one enemy at a time, so don't hesitate to use it!

Do more damage with skill combos!

During battle, if you use skills in succession, you'll start up a combo.
The bigger the combo, the more damage you'll deal to your enemies!

Keep a good watch on your skills so that you can use them in succession.
The key to winning battles against powerful enemies is to work together with your friends!

Note: Skill combos will be broken when an action other than an ally's skill occurs, such an enemy's normal attack.

Join forces with your companions!

You can find companions by going through the Main Quest. They make wonderful allies!
If you get one, be sure to add it to your deck so it can support you in battle.
Don't forget to use companion skills in battle, too!

- Companion Abilities
Similar to weapon abilities, these are skills that are active throughout the entire battle if a companion is in your deck.

Companion Skills
These are companion-only skills that can be used during battle.

The Intermediate Guide to Battles

Watch Out for Status Ailments

Some enemies' attacks will inflict status ailments like poison or blind.
Take good note of which status ailments your enemies can use and try to outsmart them!

Poison Continuously take damage.
Stun Combat actions are blocked for certain number of attempts. Note: Affects normal attacks, character skills, and weapon skills.
Blind Attacks will more easily miss.
Burn Continuously take damage.

The Power of Memoirs

Memoirs are equipment that can mainly be obtained in dungeons (sub-quest menu).

You can get various effects by equipping memoirs, so don't forget to check when you get them.
Each memoir has its own strength and characteristics. Maybe you'll discover new ways of fighting.

- How to Get Memoirs
They can be obtained as first-time clear rewards for the Main Quest or as dungeon rewards.

- Primary Ability
Memoirs come with one primary ability when you acquire them. The ability's effect increases with each level.

- Secondary Abilities
Memoirs will gain these abilities when they are upgraded, up to four secondary abilities total.

- Set Bonus
Equipping multiple memoirs from the same set will enhance the strength of the memoirs.

- Enhancing Memoirs
You can enhance memoirs with gold.

Well, I think that's about as much advice as I can give you for now.
There's no need to remember everything right away. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, right?
Take as much time as you need.