The People and the World New Chapter Released

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The new chapter of The People and the World has been released as of Jan. 22 18:00 PST.
- In "The People and the World", the characters from "The Girl and the Monster" and "The Sun and the Moon" will gather in The Cage.
We hope you will enjoy this new storyline, which will reveal the truth about The Cage along with new developments for each of the characters.

The new chapter is unlocked by clearing Quest 10 of "Overture IV: Amber" of "The People and the World" on Normal difficulty.

Earn gems from the new chapter's first-time clear rewards and quest mission rewards.
Character enhancement, skill enhancement, and companion enhancement materials will drop from Hard and Very Hard quests of the new chapter.

New Character


The new character 10H can be earned by completing the new quests. 10H's character quests and Dark Memory quests have also been added.

The People and the World New Chapter Campaign

The People and the World New Chapter Campaign is available in conjunction with the release of the new chapter.
For details, see the "The People and the World New Chapter Campaign On Now" notice.

Social Media Posting for the New Chapter

In order for everyone to enjoy "The People and the World", we ask that you refrain from posting anything on social media that could include spoilers until Jan. 25, 17:59 PST.


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