Hallowed Winter's Night Summons On Now

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This is a message from the management team.

The Hallowed Winter's Night Summons is now available as of Dec. 23 18:00 PST.

* The Summon Shards that can be obtained in the Paid-Only Hallowed Winter's Night Summons are different from the shards that can be obtained in this summons.

Summons Duration

The summons are scheduled as follows. Paid Only summons will be available at the same time.

Duration Yuletide Summons Paid-Only Multi-Step Summons
Summons Shard Summons Shard
Nov. 29 18:00 - Dec. 7 17:59 PST Yuletide Weapon Yuletide Paid Only Yuletide Weapon Multi-Step Yuletide - Paid
Dec. 7 18:00 - Dec. 14 17:59 PST Yuletide Soldier Paid Only Yuletide Soldier Multi-Step
Dec. 14 18:00 - Dec. 21 17:59 PST Yuletide Songstress Paid Only Yuletide Songstress Multi-Step
Dec. 21 18:00 - Dec. 28 17:59 PST Yuletide Ruler Paid Only Yuletide Ruler Multi-Step Summon
Dec. 23 18:00 - Dec. 31 23:59 PST Hallowed Winter's Night Summons Hallowed Winter's Night Paid-Only Hallowed Winter's Night Multi-Step Summons Hallowed Winter's Night - Paid

Summon shard summons and exchange periods are as follows.

Summon Shard (Yuletide) & Summon Shard (Yuletide - Paid) Exchanges

Nov. 29 18:00 - Dec. 30 17:59 PST

・ Summon Shards (Yuletide) can be obtained from Yuletide Weapon Summons, Yuletide Soldier Summons, Yuletide Songstress Summons, and Yuletide Ruler Summons.
・ Summon Shards (Yuletide - Paid) can be obtained from Paid-Only Yuletide Weapon Multi-Step Summons, Paid-Only Yuletide Soldier Multi-Step Summons, Paid-Only Yuletide Songstress Multi-Step Summons, and Paid-Only Yuletide Ruler Multi-Step Summons.
・ Exchangeable weapons will be added as each summons period begins.

Summon Shard (Hallowed Winter's Night) & Summon Shard (Hallowed Winter's Night - Paid) Exchanges

Dec. 23 18:00 - Jan. 2 23:59 PST

・ Summon Shards (Hallowed Winter's Night) can be obtained from Hallowed Winter's Night Summons.
・ Summon Shards (Hallowed Winter's Night - Paid) can be obtained from Paid Only Hallowed Winter's Night Multi-Step Summons.

Exclusive Characters & Weapons

In this summons, the following exclusive characters have featured rates.
Information on stats, skills, and abilities can be found on the summons screen.

Exclusive Characters

Noelle (Yuletide Weapon)
* You can get this character by acquiring the Si'F-12 weapon.

Lars (Yuletide Soldier)
* You can get this character by acquiring the Yuletide Blade weapon.

Marie (Yuletide Songstress)
* You can get this character by acquiring the Piece of Cake weapon.

Yurie (Yuletide Ruler)
* You can get this character by acquiring the Spun Salute weapon.

Exclusive Weapons


Yuletide Blade

Piece of Cake

Spun Salute

Summons Details

Type Required Gems Obtainable Shards (Hallowed Winter's Night)
1x summons 300 1
10x summons 3,000 10

At least one ★★★ or higher weapon is guaranteed in each 10x summon.
* You will also earn the appropriate number of shards (Hallowed Winter's Night) for summons performed using premium summon tickets (including 10x summon tickets).

Summon Shards (Hallowed Winter's Night)

Summon Shards (Hallowed Winter's Night) can be obtained from the Hallowed Winter's Night Summons.
Collect 150 Summon Shards and trade them at the Summon Shard (Hallowed Winter's Night) Exchange for exclusive characters.
* The Exchange is only available for a limited time. Once the exchange period ends, you will be unable to exchange shards.
* Once the exchange period ends, each remaining shard will be converted into a bookmark upon entering the summons screen.
* If you exchange for a character weapon you already own, you will earn 10 ascension materials and 1 Awakening Stone for the character in addition to the weapon.
* Summon Shards can only be used at the exchange of the same name.
* The Summon Shards that can be obtained in the Paid Only Hallowed Winter's Night Multi-Step Summon are different from the shards that can be obtained in this summons.


  • Event duration and content are subject to change without notice.
  • Illustrations shown in notices, etc. may differ from those in-game.
  • The rarity, stats, skills, and abilities of characters and weapons displayed on the summons screen and on the official X account are shown at maximum levels.
  • "Increased rates" means that the character's appearance rate is higher than that of other characters of the same rarity.
  • You cannot have more than one character with the same name in the same deck.
  • For more information about rates, please check the Rates button on the summons page.
  • If you perform a summons using the 10x summon button, a ★★★ or higher weapon will always appear on the 10th summon, regardless of the results of the first 9 summons.
  • The video clip that plays when pressing the Skill button was recorded in a development environment.
  • The skill introduction video shows the character at level 20 equipped with only a primary weapon at level 1 and all skill levels at level 1.

Thank you very much for your ongoing support for NieR Re[in]carnation.