Hidden Stories Added

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New Hidden Stories have been added.
Check them from the Map screen.

Chapters with New Hidden Stories

Date Added Chapter
Nov. 5 PST The Sun and the Moon "The Sun V: Noontide", "The Moon V: Eventide"
The Sun and the Moon "The Sun III: Twilight", "The Sun VI: Twilight"

Hidden Stories

Hidden Stories will appear in The Cage for chapters you've already completed

If you use the map to revisit The Cage for a chapter you have completed, you may discover a Hidden Story.
Missions will appear upon access, and by clearing all of them, you will receive Hidden Stories for each character.
Note: The map will be unlocked after you complete Quest 1 of Main Quest Ch. 3: Hard Sand.
Note: Some missions cannot be completed using skip tickets.

The location of Hidden Stories can be found on the Map screen

Hidden Stories are marked with icons and notifications on the Map screen.

Reread Hidden Stories in the Library

You can read the Hidden Stories you've acquired in The Cage via the Hidden Stories option in the Extra Stories section of the Library.
Note: Not all Hidden Stories that appear in the Library are currently available. More will be added in future updates.


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