Mama Point Missions Update

Hello, and thank you for playing NieR Re[in]carnation.
This is a message from the management team.

The Mama Point Missions have updated on Nov. 1 0:00 PST.
Mission rewards that have been cleared but not yet claimed when Mama Point Missions are updated will not be available after the update. Please claim rewards before then.

How to Play Mama Point Missions

Mama Points are special points that can be earned by completing missions.
Save up Mama Points to trade in for Remnants, Premium Summons Ticket x10, and other items.
Excluding Remnants, the items at the Exchange will refresh every 1st of the month at 0:00 PST.
More Remnants will be added to the Exchange at a later date.

About Remnants

Acquiring Remnants will raise the stats of the corresponding character.
While they come at a high cost, Remnant boosts apply to all your acquired costumes for one character.

* View your acquired Remnants on the Important tab in View List/Sell or in Extra Stories in the Library.
* You can acquire up to 3,500 Mama Points per month. For this reason, you may not be able to trade for all the items at the Exchange.
* Mama Point Missions will take the place of previously held Mama Medal Marathons.

Mama Point Missions

Mama Points can be earned by completing missions related to the Arena, Subjugation Battles, events, and more. Event-related missions will be added when each event opens.
* Please check the Special tab on the Missions page for details.


  • Duration and content are subject to change without notice.
  • Some of the items in the Exchange will refresh the 1st of every month at 0:00 PST.
  • Mama Points will not expire and can be used during any month.

  • Thank you very much for your ongoing support for NieR Re[in]carnation.