Event Quest "Fate Board: Ternary" Quests Added

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The Event Quest Fate Board: Ternary opened and had a new stage added on Oct. 26 18:00 PST.


Oct. 26 18:00 - Oct. 9 17:59 PST

How to Play Event Quests

Fate Board: Ternary is a high-difficulty event quest centered around creating affinity-based loadouts.
The five quests, organized as a single stage, feature Fire, Water, and Wind enemies.
In each quest, there are Loadout Bonus that further enhance stats when equipping weapons of certain affinities in your loadout. Make use of the effects to gain the upper hand.
Since the enemies have high HP and use powerful attacks, use your allies' recovery skills to your advantage in battle.
Rewards include items needed to Exalt your characters or Refine your weapons.

* This event quest will be unlocked upon completing Main Quest Ch. 2.
* This event is scheduled to reappear in the future, at which time the clear status will be carried over.

Putting weapons of a specific affinity for each quest as the primary or secondary weapons in your loadout will create a Loadout Bonus which enhances the target weapons' stats during the quest.

* The Loadout Bonus will only apply during quests. The parameters displayed in the loadout screen are the values before the Loadout Bonus is applied.

In addition to the quest clear rewards, there are also period achievement rewards, quest mission rewards, and stage clear rewards.

Period achievement rewards are rewards for quests completed up to a point that can be obtained by logging in after the availability period, either in The Cage or on the main screen of the event.
Rewards can be claimed during the event of the same name.
* Rewards will vary depending on the quest reached at the end of each event.

You can only get the quest mission rewards once. They are earned based on the total number of quest missions completed for each stage.

You can only claim stage clear rewards once, from a treasure chest that appears upon clearing each stage.
* Rewards from a treasure chest are not sent to your gift box and are added directly to your inventory.

* You may not be able to claim period achievement rewards if you have not opened the event's main screen even once during the event period.


  • Duration and content are subject to change without notice.
  • Illustrations shown in notices, etc. may differ from those in-game.
  • You cannot have more than one character with the same name in the same deck.
  • Note: Force Bonus is not available for Fate Boards quests.

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