Karma Added to More Costumes

Added Karma to certain costumes on Sep. 27 PST.

Affected Costumes

・Marie(Reborn Pillar)
・Sarafa(Reborn Monopolist)
・Saryu(Reborn Sorceress)
・Yurie(Reborn Leader)
・Priyet(Reborn Fiend)
・Yudil(Reborn Usurper)
・Rion(Reborn Revolutionary)
・Fio(Reborn Princess)
・Hina(Reborn Prodigy)
・Yuzuki(Reborn Reject)
・Rion(Abyssal Exile)
・Yudil(Abyssal Boor)
・Dimos(Abyssal Gunman)
・063y(Abyssal Prisoner)
・Noelle(Abyssal Weapon)
・Sarafa(Abyssal Belle)
・Akeha(Abyssal Assassin)
・F66x(Abyssal Captive)
・Fio(Abyssal Girl)
・Lars(Abyssal Soldier)
・Griff(Abyssal Captain)
・Levania(Abyssal Monster)
・Gayle(Abyssal Hunter)
・Yurie(Abyssal Ruler)

Thank you very much for your ongoing support for NieR Re[in]carnation.