New Defiance Effect

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The new battle effect Defiance was added on Aug. 17 18:00 PST.


The character skill for Festive Captain from this event applies the new Defiance status change.
While in the Defiance state, characters will evade all normal attacks, then launch a counterattack.
A counterattack will always happen after evading a normal attack.

The Arena has thus far been dominated by the Agility stat, but now players can experiment with evading and counterattacking normal attacks from faster opponents.

* Counterattacks are 1-hit attacks.
* Attacks used by certain special enemies, etc. cannot be evaded.

The Event Quest Record: Ritual of Reverie, with the event exclusive character Festive Captain, has begun as of Aug. 17 18:00 PST.
For more information, check the "Event Quest 'Record: Ritual of Reverie'" notice.


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