About the New Karma Feature

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The new Karma feature will be introduced after the Aug. 17 PST maintenance.

New Feature: Karma


Karma is a feature that allows players to use certain items to further strengthen costumes.
Unlock Karma slots with Karma stone, which can be obtained in once-per-day Karma quests.
Perform Karma Flux on unlocked Karma slots to unlock new abilities and increase costume stats.

* Each costume has three Karma slots: Karma: I, Karma: II, and Karma: III.
* Karma Stone quests will be added to Subquests Aug. 17 18:00 PST.
* Karma will only be available for costumes released after (and including) 063y (Divine Prisoner). It will be added to past costumes in time.

Karma Flux

Use gold, character enhancement materials, and weapon enhancement materials to perform Karma Flux.

Performing Karma Flux will unlock abilities and grant random stat bonuses. The obtainable effects vary by costume.
You can see which effects are granted with Karma Flux on the Karma effect list in a costume's details.
Karma Flux can be performed any number of times for each Karma slot.

Battle Entry Animations

Costumes with three unlocked Karma slots will have a different animation when entering battle.

Missions Added

With the release of the Karma feature, missions based on your total number of Karma and Karma Flux have been added.


  • Some Karma display features will be added in the optional update on Aug. 16 PST, but Karma itself will not be available until the mandatory update on Aug. 17 PST.
  • This content is subject to change without notice.

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