Regarding Aces of the Arena Achievement Reward Conditions

Hello, and thank you for playing NieR Re[in]carnation.
This is a message from the management team.

Regarding the Aces of the Arena event, ongoing since Jun. 12 18:00, we have confirmed that all the conditions for acquiring special NPC rewards have been met.
Please wait for the rewards, which will be gifted at a later date.

We had hoped that players would be able to fight and enjoy the event for a little longer, but the reward conditions have been met less than halfway through the scheduled event period.
We thank you all for taking on this challenge with all of your might.
On the other hand, we recognize that this may not be satisfying for many players.
We have therefore added a new special NPC for those who wish to test their skills in a way that does not affect Arena rankings.
We hope you will take on the challenge.

Special NPCs to be added

Aces of the Arena Group

NPC Name

*b4st10n99 is not affected by the event reward achievement requirements.
*There is no special reward for defeating b4st10n99.


  • Stats, loadout, and other aspects of the special NPCs appearing in each group may change during the event.
  • We are currently investigating a bug that may prevent the game from progressing if a battle ends after the arena period has ended. However, please note that whether this error occurs or not, battles that end after the arena period closes will be deemed invalid. Arena Point gains and losses are based on battles completed during the event period.
  • Event periods and content are subject to change without notice.
  • Player names may be published on the official Twitter account, etc. for ranking announcements.
  • Announcements may be delayed if problems like invalid data are discovered during the score review by the management team.

Thank you very much for your ongoing support for NieR Re[in]carnation.