FINAL FANTASY XIV Resurrected Crossover Commemoration "Aces of the Arena" On Now

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This is a message from the management team.

The FINAL FANTASY XIV Resurrected Crossover Commemoration "Aces of the Arena" and Arena Season 025 has begun as of Jun. 12 18:00 PST.

Aces of the Arena

The objective of the Aces of the Arena event is to defeat the special NPCs in each group and aim to fulfill the reward requirements.
Plus, after the event period is over, special badges will be awarded according to Arena Subjugation Showdown and Aces of the Arena Group rankings.


Jun. 12 18:00 - Jun. 18 22:59 PST

* Due to Aces of the Arena and Arena Season 025 being shorter than normal, the Season Ranking reward amounts will be adjusted. Check the Arena rewards in game during the event for more information.

Special NPCs and Reward Conditions

Each group has special NPCs. If you fulfill the reward conditions, you'll be gifted rewards at a later date.

Aces of the Arena Group

Reward Conditions: Have all the special NPCs at 15th place or lower.

NPC Names

Arena Season 025 Group

Reward Conditions: Have a special NPC at 2nd place or lower.

NPC Names

* If the designated NPC reaches the reward condition even once during the event, it counts as being fulfilled.
* Special NPC appearance is different from regular player matching.


Event Rewards

Have all Aces of the Arena Group special NPCs 15th place or lower
- Awakening Stone Exchange Medal x1

Have Arena Season 025 Group special NPC at 2nd place or lower
- Verse of Truth x1, Adamant x10, ★★★★ Premium Summon Ticket x1

* Regardless of the group you participate in, all players who created an account by the end of the event and have completed the conditions will receive rewards.

Aces of the Arena Group Ranking Rewards

- Badge: Arena Conqueror - FFXIV

- Badge: Arena Elite - FFXIV

- Badge: Arena Fighter - FFXIV

All Participants in Aces of the Arena
- Badge: Arena Warrior - FFXIV, Arena Coins x300, Piece: Zenith's Brilliance x2, ★★★★ Premium Summon Ticket x1, Premium Summon x10 Ticket x1, Small BP Recovery x50, Skip Ticket x100

* All players who participated in the Aces of the Arena Group will receive Badge: Arena Warrior - FFXIV as a gift. Other rewards will be gifted at a later date. * After the event ends, the special NPCs will be removed from the rankings and participating players will move up in rank.

Aces of the Arena Group Participation Requirements

- Start Arena Season 025 with a best force of 400,000 or higher by June 16 23:59 PST

* If you participate in the Aces of the Arena Group, you'll receive Badge: Arena Warrior - FFXIV as a gift in your gift box.
* All players who have reached the force requirement at least once are eligible, even if your current loadout does not meet the force requirement.
* Even if your best force exceeds 400,000, you will be assigned to the normal Arena Season 025 group if you access the top Arena screen June 17 PST or later.

Account Suspension

If at any time any abnormalities are detected in your Arena scores even outside of the Aces of the Arena period, it will be deemed to fall under the prohibited activities 2.9 Use of cheats or bots and 2.10 Use of bugs, etc., and will result in punitive action such as suspension of your account.

Please refrain from engaging in abusive behavior, such as using multiple accounts to manipulate score rankings, or colluding with other players to manipulate score rankings.
In addition to the cases listed above, we may take measures such as suspending your account if we deem your behavior to be problematic in any fashion.

If a problem occurs due to an error or unexpected app behavior, please contact our support via Menu > Information > Contact Us.


  • Stats, loadout, and other aspects of the special NPCs appearing in each group may change during the event.
  • We are currently investigating a bug that may prevent the game from progressing if a battle ends after the arena period has ended. However, please note that whether this error occurs or not, battles that end after the arena period closes will be deemed invalid. Arena Point gains and losses are based on battles completed during the event period.
  • Event periods and content are subject to change without notice.
  • Player names may be published on the official Twitter account, etc. for ranking announcements.
  • Announcements may be delayed if problems like invalid data are discovered during the score review by the management team.

Thank you very much for your ongoing support for NieR Re[in]carnation.