Healer & Support ★★★★ Guaranteed Summons On Now

Hello, and thank you for playing NieR Re[in]carnation.
This is a message from the management team.

The Healer & Support ★★★★ Guaranteed Summons is available as of May 21 18:00 PST.

The Healer and Support ★★★★ Guaranteed Summons is split into two banners based on attribute: Fire, Water, Wind Healer & Support ★★★★ Guaranteed Summons and Light, Dark Healer & Support ★★★★ Guaranteed Summons. The ★★★★ weapon lineups consist of select weapons and characters with Healer or support skills.

The summons can be used only once a day each, with at least one ★★★★ weapon guaranteed to appear.

The Healer & Support Summon Medal Exchange has also begun.
Healer & Support Summon Medals can be earned from either of these summons, and 100 medals can be collected to exchange for a ★★★★ weapon that appears in this summons.

* Check Rates for a list of selected ★★★★ weapons that appear in this summons.
* No new characters or weapons will appear in this summons.



May 21 18:00 - Aug. 17 23:59 PST

Summon Details

Type Required Gems Healer & Support Summon Medals Received
x10 summon 3,000 10

This is a x10 summon that can only be used once a day.
The x10 summon will have at least one ★★★★ weapon guaranteed.
★★★★ weapons that appear are guaranteed to be from the Healer & support lineup.
* Check Rates on the summons screen for a list of selected ★★★★ weapons that appear in this summons.

Healer & Support Summon Medal Exchange

Exchange Duration

May 21 18:00 PST -

You will receive Healer & Support Summon Medals each time you use this summons.
You can exchange 100 summon medals at the Healer & Support Summon Medal Exchange and choose from a selection of eligible ★★★★ weapons.
Please check the Healer & Support Summon Medal Exchange for eligible ★★★★ weapons that can be exchanged.

Healer & Support Summon Medals will continue to be available from summons of the same name to be held in the future, and the number of medals you have will be carried over.

* There is no end date for the Healer & Support Summon Medals Exchange. If the exchange needs to be closed for any reason, we will announce it in a new notice.
* Once the exchange period ends, each remaining medal will be converted into a bookmark when you visit the summons screen.
* If you exchange for a character weapon you already own, you will earn 10 ascension materials and 1 Awakening Stone for the character in addition to the weapon.


  • Event periods and content are subject to change without notice.
  • Illustrations shown in notices, etc. may differ from those in-game.
  • The rarity, stats, skills, and abilities of characters and weapons displayed on the summons screen and on the official Twitter account are shown at maximum levels.
  • You cannot have more than one character with the same name in the same deck.
  • Refer to Rates to confirm which characters and weapons can appear in this summons.
  • For more information about rates, please check the Rates button on the summon page.
  • No characters or weapons will have featured rates.
  • If this summon series ends, the Healer & Support Summon Medals Exchange will also be closed after a certain period of time.

Thank you very much for your ongoing support for NieR Re[in]carnation.