Proficient Affinity Added to Character Stats

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Proficient Affinity will be added to character stats with the mandatory update on Mar. 27 PST.

About Proficient Affinity

Proficient Affinity

Each costume will have the new Proficient Affinity stat.
Primary weapons whose affinity matches a costume's Proficient Affinity provide +5,000 HP, and matching secondary weapons provide +2,500 HP, for a maximum increase of +10,000 HP.

* Proficient Affinity, including HP boost effects, will added with the mandatory update around Mar. 27 17:30 PST.


  • Due to the optional update on Mar. 26 PST, some of the displays related to Proficient Affinity may not show properly. Please wait for the mandatory update on Mar. 27 PST.
  • This content is subject to change without notice.

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