Recollections of Dusk


Written by Rondelle#9153

Updated over 1 year ago

Published 8/29/2022


Written by: Rondelle#9153 on Discord

Proofread by: Raon Miru#7516 | Black~Terror#0196

Translated by: Keziah#6631



"Recollections of Dusk Quest" is a new game mode that was introduced to the game on August 17, 2022 at 6:00 PM PST in conjunction with the game's 1.5 year anniversary.

Announced and presented as new, challenging content for the best players, it features new restrictions to diversify the player experience. 

This game mode is centered around one character each time and finishing the quests unlocks an original story centered on this character, as well as the weapon and the associated costume, and all the materials necessary for their Evolution, Ascension and Awakening.

This guide is not intended to be a step-by-step guide towards completing quests without difficulty, but rather to explain how it works and to give tips to make your life easier. 

As of writing, only Fio is available with Very Hard mode currently inaccessible: the final mode will be added later.


This game mode is accessible from the Subquests screen, right at the bottom of the list of available quests. You can then choose the character whose quests you want to do.

Each character's quests are divided into three modes: Normal, Hard and Very Hard. Only the Normal mode is available at the beginning, and successive modes are unlocked by completing the previous one.

Each mode has 4 sets of quests to complete, from Easy to Master. The quests are the same between the three modes and likewise increase in difficulty.

You can view a costume’s information and stats by clicking on “Info” at the bottom-left corner of the screen.

Once you have entered the desired set of quests, you can move freely to choose the order in which to do them. The rules are as follows:

  • Each set has 3 to 5 doors to be completed.
  • The middle door only becomes accessible when the other doors have been completed.
  • Apart from the middle door, the doors can be done in any order.
  • Each door aside from the middle one follows the same pattern: there are three waves of enemies in total, with either 2 waves of 3 enemies and a single boss wave, or 3 waves of a single boss.
  • The middle door just contains a single wave with the character in the featured costume (similar to a trial quest for EX characters)
  • Finishing a door on the side rewards 100 gems the first time and finishing the middle door gives the reward of the set of quests (So there are at least 1100 gems to collect per difficulty mode)
  • Each door has an element associated with it and a mandatory character to put in your loadout. These items/characters do not change regardless of the mode. Once the quest set has been completed, it is possible to redo the quests without the character restriction.
Quest elements and characters for Fio, table by Billy/Gwyn#5678 on Discord 

Restrictions and conditions:

In addition to requiring a certain character per loadout, there are two additional restrictions imposed in this game mode.

The first is that you cannot use the same costume and weapon twice on two different quests in the same set. For example, if you use Abstract Lars on the first door, you can't use him on the second door. It works the same way for weapons.

However, it works per costume and not per character: you can use Abstract Lars on the first door and Fractured Lars on the second.

This restriction does not affect companions, debris and memoirs. You may reuse the same ones on each loadout without worry!

The second is that each quest set puts a debuff on your entire team. For now, only Fio's are known:


Debilitating Bane, which reduces the damage your characters do by up to -90%.


Miasma of Indolence, which increases the loading time of your abilities up to 200%.  

To protect yourself from these effects, you must equip yourself with a weapon with a barrier against the debuff in question, as shown here:

Each weapon has a unique barrier against a specific skill: you will need to use different weapons between different quest sets to negate the effect of debuffs.

  • The 4 star weapons obtained by the gacha all have a rank of 4 for the barrier.
  • The "free" weapons (EX, Subjugation, Dusk, Event, etc...) and the 3 stars all have a rank 2 value for the barrier.

To completely negate the effects of a burden, you will need a total of 10 ranks.


A lot of the weapons in the game also presently don't have a barrier. Other types of debuff may arrive in the future in this game mode, in which these weapons will be used then.


To find out which weapons can be used to reduce a debuff effect, just go to the loadout creation from the quest in question and the weapons will appear directly with two red arrows for those giving the barrier, as visible on the screenshot below.

Finally, the barrier level of a character can be directly viewed on the Loadout page (ranging from 2 to Max/10) in the bottom left corner of each character, as shown in the screenshot below.


Some recommendations to make your life easier:

- Create in your normal PvE loadouts a loadout with the character needed for the main gate with the right attribute and costumes you want to take with it and make at least one more quest with it. This will make the game load it every time you go to do the last quest and you won't have to redo the same loadout twelve times (Be careful not to use the costumes on other decks, it could prevent your deck from loading and you will have to redo it)

- Since there are no restrictions on memoirs, create and save sets of memoirs, no matter if they are for your healers, DPS or support. That way they can be selected directly rather than be recreated every time.

- Feel free to abuse the same Companions and Debris as well. The most time consuming part of this content is creating the loadouts, so you might as well make your life easier by having little to think about. 

- Since you know the middle door, look at what each door requires in terms of elements/characters. Start with the one you think is the most difficult for you (maybe you lack a good costume for the character, or you lack weapons of a certain element, etc.)

- If you ever get stuck because of the costumes/weapons you put on a door, feel free to cancel this quest using the options at the bottom left of the map and do it again differently. 

- Don't hesitate to use healers/supports/tanks in your loadouts to save your biggest dps. If you lack DPS units, a team consisting of DPS/healer/tank or support works very well to clear 5 quests in a row.

- On quest sets where debuff reduces damage, you can completely ignore it for your heals/support/tank. Prioritize weapons with buff mitigation on DPS units first. 

- Since you need to reach a total of 10 barriers, you can use an EX or Subjugation weapon at 2 with 2 gacha weapons at 4. It is also possible to settle for barriers equivalent to 8 with two weapons at 2 or even one weapon at 0.

- You will need at least 15 different costumes and 45 different weapons to finish the final quest set. Take the time to read the abilities of your different characters/costumes to find the one that can help achieve victory. 2 and 3 stars costumes can be useful, especially when Awakened.

- The quests are permanent so feel free to pause and come back later to complete them, if you can't get through a set of quests.



There are a number of rewards associated with these quests. The quests give almost everything that is needed for the weapon and the costume. 

In Normal mode, you get:

  • The costume’s weapon by finishing the first set of quests (Easy)
  • The (unique) material to upgrade this weapon by finishing the second set of quests (Normal)
  • The costume by finishing the last set of quests (Master)

In Difficult mode, you get:

  • 1 ascension stone for the weapon by finishing the first quest set (Easy)
  • 3 ascension stones for the weapon by finishing the second set of quests (Normal)
  • 10 books of ascension for the costume by finishing the third set of quests (Hard)
  • 30 books of ascension for the costume by finishing the fourth set of quests (Master)

In Very Difficult mode, you get:

(To be announced, but most likely the awakening stones for the costume)


The weapon is unique (impossible to sell and has a specific location in the inventory) and works with the quest materials. So you have to finish the quest sets for full ascension and evolution. Nevertheless, its weapon abilities just require normal weapon materials, and you need 4 insignia of quality to have the abilities at 15/15. 

It has high stats and specific abilities including:

  • Its first active is a 50% weapon element boon for 15 sec (like an EX weapon) 
  • Its second passive is a reduction of the CS cooldown by 10% if the character holds the same element as a main weapon.

The costume also works like an EX. It can only be obtained through these quests and it is not possible to get copies. You can use the quest books or generic books for his Ascension. The Awakening is only done with the stones obtained by the quests and gains the same bonus to his stats as an EX (+20% on the fourth Awakening) 

The costume has very high stats, a CS with high damage and a 25% resistance to the opposite element.

The debris it gives is the same as EXs, but it gives 8% defense against an element instead of 5%.



Fio's costume + Debris


Fio's weapon