Variation: Blazing Mage

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Event ended the 9/19/2023

Event period: 18 days

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Where To Start

Before getting into the meat of this event, here’s a list of things you should do and prioritize!:

  1. Clear each event quest up until the final one is available (up to EX Hard difficulty.)
  2. NOTE: The 3 types of event Summons (Gold, Silver, and Bronze) have been consolidated into 1 type.
  3. Navigate to the Event tab on the Summons page and summon with all of your Event Tickets using your first clear Event Tickets. Due to summoning being random, you may not summon one of the Event Weapons right away, so replay the highest difficulty quest you can clear until you have enough Event Tickets to fully summon the limited rewards from the first stage.
  4. Equip the newly acquired Event Weapon(s) from those summons in a subslot on one of your active team’s characters, preferably a matching weapon type character if applicable (Optional: Level the weapon as high as you can to maintain your Force and complete limited time missions for rewards.) Continue farming the highest difficulty quest for more Bronze Event Tickets to summon additional copies of the Event Weapon(s) to Ascend the weapon(s) and increase your Ticket Bonus.
  5. Periodically return to the Event tab on the Summons page and summon with an appropriate amount of tickets to clear each stage of the Event Gacha. Once you raise the gacha to the next stage, you CANNOT return to a lower stage, so ensure that you have what you want/need before progressing the Event Gacha.
  6. Remember to ascend the event weapon(s) each time you summon one, since they will improve your Ticket Bonus and allow you to clear the Event Gacha more quickly.


Maximizing Event Progress

Ensuring any and all Event Weapons you acquire are equipped and ascended as high as possible is pivotal to event progression. Below is a table that outlines this event’s related weapons and the Ticket Bonus they can provide at each Ascension Level.

Note that you can utilize Natural Pearls to Ascend 3* Weapons to increase your Medal Bonus early; Black Pearls can be utilized as well but are only recommended to be used on 4* weapons that you plan to use past the event for other content.

Resonant Weapon
Summon Ticket Type

Ascension Level






Blackbeak Gun.webp
Blackbeak Gun (Event Gacha)
Blazing Mage Summons Ticket.webp+1+2+3+4+5
Si'F-01 (Gacha)
Umbrage (Gacha)
Martyr's Staff.webp
Martyr's Staff (Gacha)

Quest Farming (EX Hard)

EX Hard Summon Ticket - Base Drop Rate

Normal DifficultyEX Hard Difficulty

Quest (Suggested Force)

Blazing Mage Summons Ticket.webp

Quest (Suggested Force)

Blazing Mage Summons Ticket.webp

Quest 1 (5k)


Quest 1 (120k)


Quest 2 (10k)


Quest 2 (150k)


Quest 3 (30k)


Quest 3 (180k)


Quest 4 (50k)


Quest 4 (220k)


Quest 5 (70k)


Quest 5 (250k)



Featured Event Gacha

Below is the event gacha of all featured items at each stage for this specific event. Use the “i” button in the Event tab of the Summons page to view all available items at each stage (for each type of Event Ticket) for this specific event.

Ticket Summon Level

Featured Items

Lv. 1

Blackbeak Gun.webp
Blackbeak Gun
Sturdy Black Crystal.webp
Sturdy Black Crystal x4
Large Slab Fragment (20) x10
Gems (50) x5
Explorer's Ticket x4

Lv. 2

Large Slab Fragment (20) x10
Gems (50) x5
Ruby (10) x3
Advanced Handbook (10) x1
Natural Pearl x3

Lv. 3

Large Slab Fragment (20) x10
Advanced Handbook (10) x1
Black Pearl x1
Insignia of Quality x4
Adamant x10

Lv. 4

Large Slab Fragment (20) x10
Karma Stone.webp
Karma Stone x10
Insignia of Quality x4
Insignia of Skill x4
Ruby (5) x1

Lv. 5*

Small Stamina Recovery (5) x5
Gold (10000) x10

*Lv. 5 Bronze Ticket Summon prizes are replenishable upon completion.

Event Missions

Event Mission


Clear Variation: Blazing Mage:

Normal (Quest 1):

Mama Points x10

EX Hard (Quest 5):

Mama Points x250
Times Cleared:


Mama Points x30


Mama Points x50


Mama Points x100

Free Gems & Other Rewards Available

Item Promo (Fire).webp

900 Gems (Normal) + 600 Gems (EX Hard) + 500 Gems (Event Gacha)

2x Piece: Zenith's Brilliance (EX Hard 3 & 4)

1x Dark Awakening Stone (EX Hard 5)

Need additional help?

If you have any questions about this event or the game in general, there are lots of resources available on /r/NieRReincarnation/ as well as their respective Discord Server!


Any other feedback (regarding this guide, or anything on!), feel free to reach out on the Discord Server.