Record: Starfall Cliff

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Event ended the 1/31/2024

Event period: 29 days

Obtainable costumes


New Year's Gunman

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Where To Start

Before getting into the meat of this event, here’s a list of things you should do and prioritize!:

  1. Clear all event quests on Normal / Hard / Very Hard / EX Hard once each.
  2. Navigate to the Event Exchange and purchase the Event Character(s) with your first  bronze clear Medals. If you do not have enough Medals yet, replay the highest difficulty quest you can clear until you have enough bronze Medals to buy the Character(s)
  3. Equip the newly acquired Event Weapon(s) granted from that Event Character purchase in a subslot on one of your active team’s characters, preferably a matching weapon type character if applicable (Optional: Level the weapon as high as you can to maintain your Force and complete limited time missions for gems)
  4. Begin referring to the Quest Farming section to farm the appropriate quest for more Medals to purchase additional copies of the Event Weapon(s) to Ascend the weapon(s) and increase your Medal Bonus.
  5. Begin referring to the Event Exchange Table to best prioritize which items you plan to clear from the Event Exchange. If you are stuck on what to work towards, just follow the table from left to right, top to bottom in order, as all event exchange items have already been ordered from highest to lowest priority.

Maximizing Event Progress

Ensuring any and all Event Weapons you acquire are equipped and ascend as high as possible is pivotal to event progression. Below is a table that outlines this event’s related weapons and the Medal Bonus they can provide at each Ascension Level.

Using saved Black Pearls to Ascend the Event Weapon early to hasten event progress isn’t necessarily recommended as this event only has a single redeemable weapon; it is recommended to only use the new Flexible Black Crystal material redeemable from the event for ascending the Event Weapon to acquire additional Medal Bonuses. Black Pearls could still be used on 4* gacha weapons (which provide larger Medal Bonuses) especially if you plan to use them beyond the event for other content.

Resonant Weapon

Medal Type

Ascension Level






Charm of the Dawn.webp
Charm of the Dawn (Event Exchange)
Dimos - Bronze Record Event Medal.png






Sleeve of the Forlorn.webp
Sleeve of the Forlorn (Gacha)
Dimos - Bronze Record Event Medal.png
Dimos - Silver Record Event Medal.png
Dimos - Gold Record Event Medal.png






Final Farewell.webp
Final Farewell (Gacha)
Karasu Tengu Mimic.webp
Karasu Tengu Mimic (Gacha)



Quest Farming

For quest difficulties below EX Hard:

General rule of thumb based on previous event medal drop rates:

+10 or fewer medal bonus: farm Very Hard Quest #9.

+16 or greater medal bonus: farm Normal Quest #3.


For quest difficulties at EX Hard:

At the EX Hard difficulty - stamina cost is the same for all quests, so it’s generally recommended to farm the highest force quest your loadout can consistently clear given that Silver and Gold Medal rewards gradually increase across higher force quests. Additionally, despite what resonant weapons you may have equipped, Silver Medals only begin to drop at Quest 2 and later, with Gold Medals only beginning to drop at Quest 4 and later. Take note that the Bronze Medal base drop rate remains consistent:

EX Hard Medal - Base Drop Rate

Quest (Suggested Force)

Dimos - Bronze Record Event Medal.png
Dimos - Silver Record Event Medal.png
Dimos - Gold Record Event Medal.png

Quest 1 (120k)

≈ 66



Quest 2 (150k)



Quest 3 (180k)



Quest 4 (220k)



Quest 5 (250k)



Event Exchange

Below is the full event exchange of all available items for this specific event. If you are stuck trying to figure out what is worth buying and what can be skipped, just follow each table (one for each Medal type) from left to right, top to bottom in order, as all event exchange items have already been ordered from highest to lowest priority!

Bronze Medal Exchange Items

New Year's Gunman.webp

Charm of the Dawn (w/ New Year's Gunman) x1

Cost: 200

Sturdy Black Crystal.webp

Sturdy Black Crystal x4

Cost: 400

Warfare Text - New Year's Gunman.webp

Warfare Text: New Year's Gunman (10) x4

Cost: 200

Awakening Stone - New Year's Gunman.webp

Awakening Stone: New Year's Gunman x5

Cost: 1000

Karma Stone - New Year's Gunman.webp

Karma Stone: New Year's Gunman (10) x3

Cost: 1000

Insignia of Skill x1

Cost: 800

Insignia of Quality x1

Cost: 800

Silver Awakening Stone

Silver Awakening Stone x5

Cost: 50

Premium Summon Ticket x3

Cost: 80


Adamant x20

Cost: 2000

Black Pearl.webp

Black Pearl x2

Cost: 2000

Karma Stone.webp

Karma Stone x5

Cost: 6000

Karma Stone.webp

Karma Stone x10

Cost: 6000

Verse of Truth.webp

Verse of Truth x1

Cost: 30000

Large Slab Fragment x50

Cost: 200

Medium Slab Fragment x200

Cost: 45

Small Slab Fragment x1000

Cost: 2


Ruby x50 ***

Cost: 80

Small Stamina Recovery x200

Cost: 2

XL Character Enhancement x3000

Cost: 3

Large Character Enhancement x300

Cost: 2

Large Character Enhancement x∞

Cost: 4

XL Weapon Enhancement x300 

Cost: 4

Large Weapon Enhancement x450 

Cost: 2

Large Weapon Enhancement x∞ ***

Cost: 3

Explorer’s Ticket x5

Cost: 40

Intermediate Handbook x10 ***

Cost: 200

Beginner’s Handbook x10 ***

Cost: 50

Natural Pearl x2 ***

Cost: 600

Pearl x2: ***

Cost: 120

Large Feather Duster.png

Large Feather Duster x100 ***

Cost: 12

Medium Feather Duster.png

Medium Feather Duster x100 ***

Cost: 6

Small Feather Duster.png

Small Feather Duster x100 ***

Cost: 3

Rare Enhancement Agent x30 ***

Cost: 40

Reinforced Glass x30 ***

Cost: 40

Pristine Coil x30 ***

Cost: 40

Enhancement Agent x90 ***

Cost: 10

Broken Glass x90 ***

Cost: 10

Rusty Coil x90 ***

Cost: 10

Angrite x20 ***

Cost: 50

Moldavite x20 ***

Cost: 50

Aubrite x20 ***

Cost: 50

Chondrite x20 ***

Cost: 50

Eucrite x20 ***

Cost: 50

Merlinite x20 ***

Cost: 50

Rhyolite x30 ***

Cost: 15

Granite x30 ***

Cost: 15

Amphibolite x30 ***

Cost: 15

Tuff x30 ***

Cost: 15

Basalt x30 ***

Cost: 15

Diorite x30 ***

Cost: 15

Gneiss x30 ***

Cost: 15

Gold Coin x100

Cost: 100

Silver Coin x100

Cost: 10

Bronze Coin x100

Cost: 5





Silver Medal Exchange Items

Karma Stone.webp

Karma Stone x3

Cost: 1800

Large Slab Fragment x250

Cost: 60

Medium Slab Fragment x500

Cost: 12

Insignia of Quality x2

Cost: 1500

Dimos - Bronze Record Event Medal (Exchange).png

Bronze Starfall Cliff Medal (3) x∞ ***

Cost: 1

Large Character Enhancement x∞ *** 

Cost: 3

Large Weapon Enhancement x∞ ***

Cost: 2



Gold Medal Exchange Items

Karma Stone.webp

Karma Stone x2

Cost: 750

Large Slab Fragment x500

Cost: 25

Medium Slab Fragment x800

Cost: 5

Insignia of Skill x2

Cost: 1000

Dimos - Silver Record Event Medal (Exchange).png

Silver Starfall Cliff Medal (2) x∞ ***

Cost: 1

XL Character Enhancement x∞ *** 

Cost: 3

XL Weapon Enhancement x∞ ***

Cost: 2


Note 1: Items marked with *** are at an equal level of priority and can be purchased according to your specific needs.

Note 2: The in-game exchange has a custom arrangement of items despite the type of Medal used to redeem a given item, and may not appear in the exact order as the tables listed above.

Event Missions

Event Mission


Clear Record: Starfall Cliff:

Normal (Quest 10):

Mama Points x10

EX Hard (Quest 5):

Mama Points x250
Times Cleared:


Mama Points x30


Mama Points x50


Mama Points x100

Free Gems & Other Rewards Available

Item Promo (Fire_DKS).webp

6,000 Total Gems:

1,800 - Normal

1,800 - Hard

1,800 - Very Hard

600 - EX Hard

Piece: Zenith’s Brilliance: 2 (1 per EX Hard 3 & EX Hard 4)

Dark Awakening Stone: 1 (EX Hard 5)

Dark Karma Stone: 10 (EX Hard 5)

Need additional help?

If you have any questions about this event or the game in general, there are lots of resources available on /r/NieRReincarnation/ as well as their respective Discord Server!


Any other feedback (regarding this guide, or anything on!), feel free to reach out on the Discord Server.