Record: Path of Longing

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Event ended the 11/18/2021

Event period: 9 days

Obtainable costumes


Guardian Weapon

Where To Start?

Before getting into the meat of this event, here’s a list of things you should do and prioritize!:

  1. Clear all event quests on Normal / Hard / Very Hard once each
  2. Navigate to the Event Shop and purchase the Event Character(s) with your first clear Medals. If you do not have enough Medals yet, replay the highest difficulty quest you can clear until you have enough Medals to buy the Character(s)
  3. Equip the newly acquired Event Weapon(s) granted from that Event Character purchase in a subslot on one of your active team’s characters, preferably a matching weapon type character if applicable (Optional: Level the weapon as high as you can to maintain your Force and complete limited time missions for gems)
  4. Begin referring to the Quest Farming Table to farm the appropriate quest for more Medals to purchase additional copies of the Event Weapon(s) to Ascend the weapon(s) and increase your Medal Bonus (Optional: Use saved Natural Pearls to Ascend an Event Weapon early to hasten event progress and have an extra Event Weapon for additional Medal Bonus)
  5. Begin referring to the Event Shop Table to best prioritize which items you plan to clear from the Event Shop. If you are stuck on what to work towards, just follow the table from left to right, top to bottom in order, as all event shop items have already been ordered from highest to lowest priority

Maximizing Event Progress

Ensuring any and all Event Weapons you acquire are equipped and ascended as high as possible is pivotal to event progression. Below is a table that outlines this event’s related weapons and the Medal Bonus they can provide at each Ascension Level.

Note that you can utilize Natural Pearls to Ascend 3* Weapons to increase your Medal Bonus early, allowing you to keep an extra copy of the event weapon for an additional +1 or higher bonus. Black Pearls can be utilized as well but are only recommended to be used on 4* weapons that you plan to use past the event for other content.

Resonant Weapon


Ascension Level






Trial Shearing Pike: WR0a (Event Shop)
Si'F-16 (Gacha)
Woundcloak Gun (Gacha)
Chaste Spear (Gacha)

Quest Farming

Below is a table that displays the most efficient stages to farm Medals according to your total Medal Bonus. To correctly use this table, first locate your current “Medals/Stamina” Bonus, then follow that bonus down the table until you find the highest ratio out of the options. The quest stage that matches that number will be the most effective one to farm until you increase your Medal Bonus further. Ratios that are marked green are safe, community tested breakpoints.

Sheet done by Syrion#4059 (Complete sheet here)

Event Shop

Below is the full event shop of all available items for this specific event. If you are stuck trying to figure out what is worth buying and what can be skipped, just follow the table from left to right, top to bottom in order, as all event shop items have already been ordered from highest to lowest priority!

Event Shop

Noelle [Guardian Weapon] (w/ Pike) x1
Trial Shearing Pike: WR0a x4
Battle Text: Guardian Weapon x4
Insignia of Skill x1
Insignia of Quality x1
Premium Summon Ticket x3
1-2021-11 Term Mama Medal x300
Explorer's Ticket x5
Small Stamina Recovery x200
Natural Pearl x2
Ruby x50
Large Fish x100 ***
Medium Fish x100 ***
Small Fish x100 ***
Intermediate Handbook x10
Angrite x20 ***
Moldavite x20 ***
Aubrite x20 ***
Chondrite x20 ***
Eucrite x20 ***
Merlinite x20 ***
High Quality Elongator x30
Stainless Steel Bolt x30 ***
Flawless Timber x30 ***
XL Character Enhancement x300
Large Character Enhancement x300
XL Weapon Enhancement x300
Large Weapon Enhancement x300
Elongator x90
Generic Bolt x90 ***
Young Timber x90 ***
Gold Coin x100
Silver Coin x100
Bronze Coin x100
Rhyolite x30 ***
Granite x30 ***
Amphibolite x30 ***
Tuff x30 ***
Basalt x30 ***
Diorite x30 ***
Gneiss x30 ***
Beginner's Handbook x10
Pearl x2

Note: Items marked with *** are at an equal level of priority and can be purchased according to your specific needs

Event Missions



Clear Record: Path of Longing on:

Normal (50 Gems)

Hard (50 Gems)

Very Hard (50 Gems)

Times Cleared:

10 (50 Gems)

30 (50 Gems)

60 (50 Gems)

100 (50 Gems)

200 (50 Gems)

Level Noelle (Guardian Weapon):

10 (50 Gems)

20 (50 Gems)

40 (50 Gems)

60 (50 Gems)

80 (50 Gems)

Enhance Noelle's (Guardian Weapon) Skills:

4 Times (50 Gems)

8 Times (50 Gems)

Ascend Noelle (Guardian Weapon):

1 Time (50 Gems)

2 Times (50 Gems)

3 Times (50 Gems)

4 Times (50 Gems)

Level Trial Shearing Pike: WR0a:

10 (50 Gems)

30 (50 Gems)

50 (50 Gems)

70 (50 Gems)

Enhance Trial Shearing Pike: WR0a's Skills:

1 Time (50 Gems)

3 Times (50 Gems)

10 Times (50 Gems)

Ascend Trial Shearing Pike: WR0a:

1 Time (50 Gems)

2 Times (50 Gems)

3 Times (50 Gems)

4 Times (50 Gems)


Free Gems Available

Up to 6,900 total gems

(Up to 5400 from Event Quests, Up to 1500 from Event Missions)


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