Anecdote: Doll (Resurrected)

Anecdote: Doll (Resurrected) thumbnail

Event ended the 5/8/2023

Event period: 37 days

Sheet 1:

Update Profile:

XL Character Enhancement x2180

Tap Mama 10 Times:

XL Weapon Enhancement x2180

Clear guerrilla quests 10 times:

Small Slab Fragment x 100

Clear guerrilla quests 30 times:

Medium Slab Fragment x200

Clear Quest 10 of Main Quest, Chapter 2 (Normal):

Mech: Pod 042

Defeat 10 bosses:

Small Cursed-God Antler Bit x300

Defeat 30 bosses:

Medium Cursed-God Antler Bit x200

Buy 20 items in the Item Shop (Any item is possible):

Small Circuit x100

Play Exploration 5 times:

Medium Circuit x80

Complete Sheet 1:

Gems x300

She fights. She channels quiet will into her blade, destroying endless nightmares. It is her task done for humanity so that they may walk the earth anew. It is the never-ending cycle of death for the lifeless. It is the never-ending tale of the dolls' fight.

Sheet 2:

Use 100 stamina:

XL Character Enhancement x2180

Use 300 stamina:

XL Weapon Enhancement x2180

Win 1 Arena match:

Medium Slab Fragment x200

Win 3 Arena matches:

Medium Cursed-God Antler Bit x200

Set a favorite character:

Skip Ticket x100

Win 5 Arena matches:

Large Slab Fragment x20

Win 10 Arena matches:

Large Cursed-God Antler Bit x20

Clear a daily quest 10 times:

Large Circuit x 60

Clear a daily quest 30 times:

XL Circuit x50

Complete Sheet 2:

Gems x300

She fights. She keeps her doubts in her heart. To whom does she point her blade? To what does she direct this will? There is no end to the nightmares that sharpen her sense of self. It is a display of life by the lifeless. An endless tale of the dolls' trials.