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    Abyss Tower: Shadowy Cave IV

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    Event ended the 12/5/2022

    Event period: 12 days

    Where to Start

    The Abyss Tower has returned for a fourth round - Shadowy Cave IV; light-affinity loadouts are the focus for this challenge. Before getting into it, here's a few general notes:

    • Shadowy Cave is all about taking on fire-affinity enemies, so it's generally recommended to use light-affinity weapons exclusively for the best damage output/damage resistance.
    • This is a high-difficulty event, and the quests within will not be forgiving to new players with limited resources. Be warned!
    • This event's quests do not require you to grind quests many times over in order to receive the most valuable rewards. Stamina isn't much of a concern.
    • As the name implies, this is the fourth appearance of this particular Abyss Tower; if you've played the previous ones, you may see that you have already completed some of the earlier quests, and perhaps gained some of the rewards already.

    Recommended Character Costumes

    Below is a non-exhaustive list of recommended character costumes organized into a few different categories; this is meant to highlight ones that should provide easier paths to success across the quests you'll encounter, but many outside of this list will still see beneficial usage.

    Dark Damage Resistance:

    Reborn Princess
    Reborn Revolutionary
    Reborn Inmate

    As with all dark memory character costumes having an affinity-based damage reduction passive, each of Reborn Princess, Reborn Revolutionary, and Reborn Inmate have the Void Guard passive ability capable of negating up to 25% of received Dark damage. This can be invaluable to have in the later quests within Shadowy Cave, especially for the handful of quest missions that require to “clear while each of your party member's HP is at least over 80%”, and even more so for the 2-character only missions.

    • As a whole, Reborn Princess (EX Fio) is probably worth the most out of the three for the effort of obtaining between the her weapon and the costume itself. Her character skill is certainly powerful, but will also self-heal for 50% HP; even without a dedicated healer, Fio will likely be the last to go down.
    • Reborn Revolutionary (EX Rion) serves as a great support and tank - while his healing and damage from his character skill isn't as potent as Reborn Sorceress (EX Saryu), his Void Guard will likely keep him in the battle for longer for this event.
    • Out of the three here, Reborn Inmate (EX F66x) will likely see the least utilization for Shadowy Cave. While her CS does decent damage, the stun won't be very useful for the bosses, as they're… ahem, immune to stuns. However, the value and effort it took to get this costume is more so found in her weapon - more on that further below.


    Abstract Captive
    Reborn Sorceress
    Yuletide Monster

    Support comes in many forms, whether its a healer, tank, or damage buffer; these few will likely do well depending on the enemy/boss combination at hand:

    • With the recent wave of costume adjustments, Abstract Captive just received more than a few buffs. While she still heals the party for 40% HP with her character skill, it takes less time to build and also provides a temporary defense buff (while using a light main weapon, which you should definitely be doing…) Her HP-Up passive now extends to the whole party as well!
    • Reborn Sorceress (EX Saryu) makes for a great healer/tank - while she excels mostly against fire-affinity enemies, her raw combination of HP, healing, and decent damage output for a support are still valuable.
    • Yuletide Monster is also the recipient of costume improvements - Levania's character skill now adds an attack buff along with the already implemented light-damage bonus, and his passive now offers a bit more attack for the whole party.

    General DPS:

    Abstract Ruler
    Abyssal Soldier

    There are so many damage-dealers available that none of the below suggestions are 100% needed, but there are a few recent costume additions that appear to excel specifically well for outputting light damage:

    • Yurie's Abstract Ruler costume brought in a rare combination - high attack, light-affinity, and a gun. Her Lucid Drive will bring her attack levels to incredible levels, and her character skill will certainly help pile on more with both a defense debuff and light-damage received debuff.
    • The new addition of Abyssal Soldier won't surprise many: long cooldowns with heavy attack. As long as the weapon skills can be utilized quickly enough to build his character skill. You'll likely see Lars hitting the damage cap multiple times over - a good way to finish off bosses without dealing with their desperation attacks.

    Recommended Weapons

    Lots of choices for weapons, but here’s a few highlights that may help you out:

    Cadeau Royal
    Blackhorn Mourning
    Blade of the Lost Seal
    • While Reborn Princess shows her own value, even a non-fully-evolved Cadeau Royal can serve as one of the best light-affinity DPS weapons, and finishing off a combo with a decent defense buff can keep your characters fending off multiple waves of damage.
    • A fully evolved BSE_TypeMW is arguably more valuable than the costume it makes accessible (EX F66x). Once fully evolved, having access to a 20% HP party-heal with only a 23-second cooldown (and even less than that with Haste also available) is a literal game-changer.
    • Blackhorn Mourning could be used as a main weapon, but it'll more than likely be found equipped as a sub-weapon to a character that doesn't have a Void Guard passive.
    • For those that like to “rip” through the enemy's attack power, you'll find the Blade of the Lost Seal has more than a few uses. Along with Bold Vigor and Lucid Boon passives, this weapon has the potential to keep perpetual stacks of lowered attack & defense on an enemy if multiple copies of it are within your grasp.

    Mission Rewards

    Quest Missions ClearedRewardQuest Missions ClearedReward
    Small Feather Duster x200
    Topaz x20
    Medium Feather Duster x150
    Topaz x30
    Large Feather Duster x100
    Insignia of Quality x1
    Advanced Handbook x5
    Insignia of Skill x2
    Advanced Handbook x5
    Zenith's Brilliance x1
    Premium Summon Ticket x10 (x1)
    Insignia of Quality x1
    Advanced Handbook x5
    Insignia of Skill x2
    Advanced Handbook x5
    Friday Quests Drop Rate+
    Insignia of Quality x1
    Insignia of Skill x2
    Advanced Handbook x5
    Zenith's Brilliance x1
    Advanced Handbook x5
    Friday Quests Drop Rate++
    Insignia of Quality x1
    Insignia of Skill x2
    Premium Summon Ticket x10 (x1)
    Advanced Handbook x5
    Zenith's Brilliance x1
    Advanced Handbook x5
    Badge: Shadowy Accomplishment

    Free Gems & Other Rewards Available

    Floors B1 - B20

    (Shadowy Cave)

    2,800 Gems

    1x Insignia of Skill

    1x Insignia of Quality

    1x Black Pearl

    1x Badge: Shadowy Cave Traversal

    Floors B21 - B30

    (Shadowy Cave II)

    4,500 Gems

    1x Badge: Shadowy Cave II Traversal

    Floors B31 - B40

    (Shadowy Cave III)

    4,500 Gems

    1x Badge: Shadowy Cave III Traversal

    Floors B41 - B50

    (Shadowy Cave IV)

    4,500 Gems

    1x Badge: Shadowy Cave IV Traversal


    No FAQs at the moment, check back later or contact us through our Discord server to ask any unanswered questions relating to this event. Your communication will help us improve this event’s page and future event pages, thanks!

    If you have any unanswered questions relating to this event, please contact us through our Discord server to ask them. Your communication will help us improve this event’s page and future event pages, thanks!