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    Abyss Tower: Radiant Cell IV

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    Event ended the 2/13/2023

    Event period: 20 days
    Abyss Tower - Radiant Cell IV - Banner.webp

    Where to Start

    We're back with the fourth edition of installment of Radiant Cell; dark-affinity loadouts are the focus for this challenge. Before getting into it, here's a few general notes:

    • Radiant Cell is all about taking on light-affinity enemies, so it's generally recommended to use dark-affinity weapons exclusively for the best damage output/damage resistance.
    • This is a high-difficulty event, and the quests within will not be forgiving to new players with limited resources. Be warned!
    • This event's quests do not require you to grind quests many times over in order to receive the most valuable rewards. Stamina isn't much of a concern.
    • As the name implies, this is the fourth appearance of this particular Abyss Tower; if you played the previous ones, you may see that you have already completed some of the earlier quests, and perhaps gained some of the rewards already.

    Recommended Character Costumes

    Light Damage Resistance:

    Reborn Beast.webp
    Reborn Beast
    Reborn Convict.webp
    Reborn Convict
    Reborn Automaton.webp
    Reborn Automaton
    Frozen-Heart Revolutionary.webp
    Frozen-Heart Revolutionary
    Bloody Weapon.webp
    Bloody Weapon

    As with all dark memory character costumes having an affinity-based damage reduction passive, each of Reborn Monster, Reborn Convict, and Reborn Automaton have the Luminous Guard passive ability capable of negating up to 25% of received Light damage. This can be invaluable to have in the later quests within Radiant Cell, especially for the handful of quest missions that require to “clear while each of your party member's HP is at least over 80%.”

    • Reborn Beast is basically the all-star costume of all game modes, and the Abyss Tower is no exception. Reborn Beast (EX Levania) is an incredible DPS costume, and provides longevity with the aforementioned damage resistance.
    • Reborn Convict (EX 063y) provides solid DPS performance, however can come in clutch if his HP is in a critical state - and provide huge killing blows at critical moments.
    • Out of these current dark memory character costumes, Reborn Automaton (EX Dimos) is certainly the least popular; although light-damage resistance is about the only perk that's widely usable. His character skill is only useful for three-enemy waves, but not really that helpful against any bosses.
    • Outside of dark memory characters, we have a Recollections of Dusk entry: Frozen-Heart Revolutionary. Rion steps in with high DPS (especially for a Staff-user), and provides a high-damage character skill with dark-damage buffs and a high potential to blind the enemy.
    • One last entry sneaking in - Bloody Weapon. Noelle's usefulness here will mostly be found as a support/tank role. Don't expect any huge damage output, but don't underestimate her ability to stay in the battle with her damage-resistance.


    Celebratory Assassin.webp
    Celebratory Assassin
    Lacrima Girl.webp
    Lacrima Girl
    Yuletide Witch.webp
    Yuletide Witch
    Reborn Sorceress

    Support comes in many forms, whether its a healer, tank, or damage buffer; these few will likely do well depending on the enemy/boss combination at hand:

    • Celebratory Assassin is a popular support in PVP, but her dark-oriented buffs certainly help turn up the overall potential of a loadout for Radiant Cell. Pair her with a buff-providing main-hand weapon will help stack those buffs.
    • Another instant-character skill support - Lacrima Girl will help her party dish out some extra dark-damage, and also provides a buff to stats for everyone's dark-affinity weapons.
    • The recent addition of Yuletide Witch resides on the DPS side of support characters; her character skill provides multiple debuffs for the party to take advantage of, and she also provides attack bonus for the party's dark-affinity weapons.
    • Yet again… despite having an off-affinity damage reduction passive for this event, Reborn Sorceress (EX Saryu) is still one of the best tank/healers in the game currently. 40% HP party heal + 570% damage character skill + Bold Vigor passive + massive HP = more quest missions accomplished.

    General DPS:

    Yuletide Werebeast.webp
    Yuletide Werebeast
    Abyssal Hunter.webp
    Abyssal Hunter
    Celebratory Ruler

    The general amount of damage-dealers available essentially go unending, but there are a few recent costume additions that appear to excel specifically well for outputting wind damage:

    • If the Yuletide season was giving enough, one may have acquired the recent Yuletide Werebeast. Priyet's Vigor and Void Drive pushes her attack stats sky high, and using a dark-affinity weapon allows the “Snowman!” character skill to almost guarantee 7 million+ damage each time it's used.
    • The new Abyssal Hunter will have long weapon skill cooldowns, but her specialization remains with her fast development of the first utilization of her character skill. Essentially focuses on her own damage and not much else.
    • Celebratory Ruler (along with most other high-powered gun character costumes) remains a recommendation simply due to her high damage output; pairing her up with Treason's Reward as a main hand allows her to have a quick trigger for her character skill's bonus damage - another easy way to get 7 million+ damage combos against the toughest bosses.

    Recommended Weapons

    Lots of choices for weapons, but here’s a few highlights that may help you out:

    Recurring Sin IV.webp
    Recurring Sin (Dark Memory Weapon)
    Blackhorn Hate.webp
    Blackthorn Hate (Subjugation Weapon)
    Gravekeeper's Scales.webp
    Gravekeeper's Scales (Gacha - Shadowbound Exile)
    • Like any dark memory weapon, you'll likely get some extremely potent weapon skills - Recurring Sin comes with high attack stats, haste, dark-damage boosts along with high potential to blind enemies - the last of which could certainly prevent some deadly blows from hitting your party.
    • Blackthorn Hate is the dark-affinity subjugation-reward weapon; you'll receive light damage resistance/dark damage boon effects, dark-damage buffs for the party, and high attack stats. Highly recommended as a sub-weapon for any of those costumes that need a bit more defense against light enemies.
    • For your support cast characters, Gravekeeper's Scales has a simple purpose: raise your party's attack, and raise the dark-damage the enemy receives. Simple, yet effective.

    Mission Rewards

    Quest Missions ClearedRewardQuest Missions ClearedReward
    Small Fish.png
    Small Fish x200
    Tanzanite x20
    Medium Fish.png
    Medium Fish x150
    Tanzanite x30
    Large Fish.png
    Large Fish x100
    Insignia of Quality x1
    Advanced Handbook x5
    Insignia of Skill x2
    Advanced Handbook x5
    Zenith's Brilliance x1
    Premium Summon Ticket x10 (x1)
    Insignia of Quality x1
    Advanced Handbook x5
    Insignia of Skill x2
    Advanced Handbook x5
    Thursday Quests Drop Rate+.webp
    Thursday Quests Drop Rate+
    Insignia of Quality x1
    Insignia of Skill x2
    Advanced Handbook x5
    Zenith's Brilliance x1
    Advanced Handbook x5
    Thursday Quests Drop Rate++.webp
    Thursday Quests Drop Rate++
    Insignia of Quality x1
    Insignia of Skill x2
    Premium Summon Ticket x10 (x1)
    Advanced Handbook x5
    Zenith's Brilliance x1
    Advanced Handbook x5
    Badge - Radiant Accomplishment.webp
    Badge: Radiant Accomplishment

    Free Gems & Other Rewards Available

    Floors B1 - B20

    (Radiant Cell)

    2,800 Gems

    1x Insignia of Skill

    1x Insignia of Quality

    1x Black Pearl

    1x Badge: Radiant Cell Traversal

    Floors B21 - B30

    (Radiant Cell II)

    4,500 Gems

    1x Badge: Radiant Cell II Traversal

    Floors B31 - B40

    (Radiant Cell III)

    4,500 Gems

    1x Badge: Radiant Cell III Traversal

    Floors B41 - B50

    (Radiant Cell IV)

    4,500 Gems

    1x Badge: Radiant Cell IV Traversal

    Need additional help?

    If you have any questions about this event or the game in general, there are lots of resources available on /r/NieRReincarnation/ as well as their respective Discord Server!


    Any other feedback (regarding this guide, or anything on nierrein.guide!), feel free to reach out on the nierrein.guide Discord Server.