Abyss Tower: Flooded Dungeon III

Abyss Tower: Flooded Dungeon III thumbnail

Event ended the 10/11/2022

Event period: 18 days

Where to Start

The last “III” Abyss Tower has arrived - Flooded Dungeon III; wind-affinity loadouts are the focus for this challenge. Before getting into it, here's a few general notes:

  • Flooded Dungeon is all about taking on water-affinity enemies, so it's generally recommended to use wind-affinity weapons exclusively for the best damage output/damage resistance.
  • This is a high-difficulty event, and the quests within will not be forgiving to new players with limited resources. Be warned!
  • This event's quests do not require you to grind quests many times over in order to receive the most valuable rewards. Stamina isn't much of a concern.
  • As the name implies, this is the third appearance of this particular Abyss Tower; if you played the previous ones, you may see that you have already completed some of the earlier quests, and perhaps gained some of the rewards already.

Recommended Character Costumes

Water Damage Resistance:

Reborn Contractor
Reborn Has-Been
Reborn Fiend
Frozen-Heart Princess

As with all dark memory character costumes having an affinity-based damage reduction passive, each of Reborn Contractor, Reborn Has-Been, and Reborn Fiend have the Icewater Guard passive ability capable of negating up to 25% of received Water damage. This can be invaluable to have in the later quests within Flooded Dungeon, especially for the handful of quest missions that require to “clear while each of your party member's HP is at least over 80%.”

  • Although usually utilized for agility-rush tactics in Arena, Reborn Contractor (EX Gayle) is a great DPS, and provides longevity with the aforementioned damage resistance.
  • Reborn Has-Been (EX Griff) finishes off combos with his high powered character skill - obviously best used at the end of a combo chain.
  • Out of these current dark memory character costumes, Reborn Fiend (EX Priyet) is probably the least popular, but not for any great reason for this event. Priyet's Training will allot plenty of normal 5-chain attacks, especially when paired with her associated Voidgleam Fists.
  • Wait a sec… Frozen-Heart Princess isn't a dark memory character! Even so, this recent Recollections of Dusk addition provides yet another source of reducing Water damage. Considering that along with the combo-count dependent character skill, Fio's form here is practically a fist-weapon version of Reborn Has-Been with better base-attack stats.


Bloody Captive
Reborn Sorceress
Lacrima Monster

Support comes in many forms, whether its a healer, tank, or damage buffer; these few will likely do well depending on the enemy/boss combination at hand:

  • Bloody Captive is one of the best healers in the game, but also happens to be boosting her own wind-affinity weapon stats as a plus.
  • Once again: despite having an off-affinity damage reduction passive for this event, Reborn Sorceress (EX Saryu) is still one of the best tank/healers in the game currently. The 40% HP party heal + 570% damage character skill efficiently outclasses Abstract Captive, and in a few situations can be surprisingly powerful if HP is maintained at 100% due to her Bold Vigor passive.
  • The recent addition of Lacrima Monster provides great enemy-defense reduction (and in two forms), but still has great base-attack stats to serve as a decent DPS character.

General DPS:

Abyssal Assassin
Celebratory Ruler

The general amount of damage-dealers available essentially go unending, but there are a few recent costume additions that appear to excel specifically well for outputting wind damage:

  • Just in time for this event - Akeha takes the stage as the next Abyssal costume. As like all Abyssal characters, Abyssal Assassin will have long weapon skill cooldowns, but her specializations in wind-affinity weapons are quite threatening. Additionally, it doesn't take long to build her character skill which also boosts attack for the whole party.
  • Celebratory Ruler (along with most other high-powered gun character costumes) remains a recommendation here due to the subjugation gun weapon being wind-affinity based. With fire-affinity weapons equipped as secondaries, Yurie will provide incredible damage output.