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    Abyss Tower: Burning Prison IV

    Abyss Tower: Burning Prison IV thumbnail

    Event ended the 11/7/2022

    Event period: 17 days

    Where to Start

    The Abyss Tower has returned for a fourth round - Burning Prison IV; water-affinity loadouts are the focus for this challenge. Before getting into it, here's a few general notes:

    • Burning Prison is all about taking on fire-affinity enemies, so it's generally recommended to use water-affinity weapons exclusively for the best damage output/damage resistance.
    • This is a high-difficulty event, and the quests within will not be forgiving to new players with limited resources. Be warned!
    • This event's quests do not require you to grind quests many times over in order to receive the most valuable rewards. Stamina isn't much of a concern.
    • As the name implies, this is the fourth appearance of this particular Abyss Tower; if you've played the previous ones, you may see that you have already completed some of the earlier quests, and perhaps gained some of the rewards already.

    Recommended Character Costumes

    Below is a non-exhaustive list of recommended character costumes organized into a few different categories; this is meant to highlight ones that should provide easier paths to success across the quests you'll encounter, but many outside of this list will still see beneficial usage.

    Fire Damage Resistance:

    Reborn Sorceress
    Reborn Leader
    Reborn Adventurer
    Reborn Warlady
    Abstract Werebeast

    As with all dark memory character costumes having an affinity-based damage reduction passive, each of Reborn Adventurer, Reborn Warlady, Reborn Socceress, and Reborn Leader have the Blaze Guard passive ability capable of negating up to 25% of received Fire damage. This can be invaluable to have in the later quests within Burning Prison, especially for the handful of quest missions that require to “clear while each of your party member's HP is at least over 80%.”

    • If you’ve read the previous Abyss Tower guides here, you’ll know Reborn Sorceress (EX Saryu) has received high praise before, and that praise can’t be any higher during this event! Serving as an incredible healer already, providing some resistance to fire and maintaining a commendable damage output makes her practically a staple for your loadouts in this event.
    • One of the newest Dark Memory costumes, Reborn Leader (EX Yurie), provides great damage output, and her Edict: White character skill makes for a great defense reduction that lasts long enough to easily stack with other defense reduction character/weapon skills.
    • Reborn Adventurer (EX Argo) and Reborn Warlady (EX Noelle) are specced fairly similarly with high defense and high-damage character skills. It may be favorable to pair either (or both) of these costumes with a potent healer to tank against the enemy’s damage output.
    • As an honorable mention, once again we have a non-Dark Memory character costume show up with Blaze Guard - Abstract Werebeast (Priyet). While her base stats aren’t anything to be proud of, there’s still some utility to be found with the Contrarian character skill to provoke enemy damage while increasing her own defense. This one can probably help out in earlier floors, but maybe not so much for what’s been introduced in Burning Prison IV.


    Reborn Sorceress
    Bloody Witch
    Fractured Traveler

    Support comes in many forms, whether its a healer, tank, or damage buffer; these few will likely do well depending on the enemy/boss combination at hand:

    • As already mentioned - Reborn Sorceress (EX Saryu) makes for a great healer/tank - especially for this event!
    • Bloody Witch (Saryu) is okay at best by her own account, but her character skill and Icewater Leap ability will allow her allies to pile on plenty of water damage.
    • Fractured Adventurer (Argo) acts as a traditional high damage asset, but his low-fuel character skill sets up his allies for increased water damage against the enemy.

    General DPS:

    Abyssal Weapon
    Abyssal Prisoner
    Abyssal Gunman
    Celebratory Songstress

    There are so many damage-dealers available that none of the below suggestions are 100% needed, but there are a few recent costume additions that appear to excel specifically well for outputting water damage:

    • The first addition along with this event comes with Abyssal Weapon (Noelle); massive attack power, a character skill that can dip into Dark Memory costume damage territory, and more attack buffs on top of that are her main values.
    • Abyssal Prisoner (063y) steps in with an interesting setup; as with all Abyssal costumes, expect long cooldowns, but a long duration defense reduction character skill that doesn’t take much effort to develop allows for a quick and large burst of damage.
    • There seems to be a trend - Abyssal Gunman (Dimos) has ludicrously high attack stats that are further pronounced with his Liquid Acuity ability. Again, prepare for the downside of large cooldowns he’ll be hampered with.
    • Finally getting out of the “Abyssal” territory, Celebratory Songstress (Marie) acts as a lookalike to Celebratory Hunter, but brings in strong buffs to attack from water-affinity weapons, especially while her health remains high (Bold Vigor).

    Recommended Weapons

    Lots of choices for weapons, but here’s a few highlights that may help you out:

    Blackhorn Spite
    Courtly Devotion
    Four Seasons
    • Blackhorn Spite acts as a great utility to keep your character costumes alive if they don’t have their own natural method of reducing water damage received. It also has a modest water damage buff - plenty of other weapons provide larger Liquid Boons than this one, but being the only weapon in the game with a “Blaze Guard” ability still makes this one invaluable.
    • Those familiar with Subjugation Battles will know Courtly Devotion is one of the best support-class weapons. Putting aside the Liquid Boon, its weapon skills can keep a party’s attack and chain attack damage perpetually high.
    • Four Seasons (and its few iterations) provides a guaranteed poison debuff against all enemies - this becomes a great utility for defensive loadouts against high HP bosses. At its highest potential, a ten-turn poison debuff can wither away the toughest enemies with enough time.

    Mission Rewards

    Quest Missions ClearedRewardQuest Missions ClearedReward
    Small Battery x200
    Aquamarine x20
    Medium Battery x150
    Aquamarine x30
    Large Battery x100
    Insignia of Quality x1
    Advanced Handbook x5
    Insignia of Skill x2
    Advanced Handbook x5
    Zenith's Brilliance x1
    Premium Summon Ticket x10 (x1)
    Insignia of Quality x1
    Advanced Handbook x5
    Insignia of Skill x2
    Advanced Handbook x5
    Tuesday Quests Drop Rate+
    Insignia of Quality x1
    Insignia of Skill x2
    Advanced Handbook x5
    Zenith's Brilliance x1
    Advanced Handbook x5
    Tuesday Quests Drop Rate++
    Insignia of Quality x1
    Insignia of Skill x2
    Premium Summon Ticket x10 (x1)
    Advanced Handbook x5
    Zenith's Brilliance x1
    Advanced Handbook x5
    Badge: Burning Accomplishment

    Free Gems & Other Rewards Available

    Floors B1 - B20

    (Burning Prison)

    2,800 Gems

    1x Insignia of Skill

    1x Insignia of Quality

    1x Black Pearl

    1x Badge: Burning Prison Traversal

    Floors B21 - B30

    (Burning Prison II)

    4,500 Gems

    1x Badge: Burning Prison II Traversal

    Floors B31 - B40

    (Burning Prison III)

    4,500 Gems

    1x Badge: Burning Prison III Traversal

    Floors B41 - B50

    (Burning Prison IV)

    4,500 Gems

    1x Badge: Burning Prison IV Traversal


    No FAQs at the moment, check back later or contact us through our Discord server to ask any unanswered questions relating to this event. Your communication will help us improve this event’s page and future event pages, thanks!

    If you have any unanswered questions relating to this event, please contact us through our Discord server to ask them. Your communication will help us improve this event’s page and future event pages, thanks!